Trying to keep it 1/2 full ....

Trying to be as upbeat and “Glass is ½ full™” as I can, last night was a little rough around the edges. I busted out early in The TuckFard Open because I decided to play the crap I was being dealt. Rather than sit there and fold out like I’ve been forced to do by the complete and utter card-deaded-ness that has seemingly gone on forever, I played the crap. Guess what? Nothing hit. Not even once. So I bust out and move on to my SnG challenge.

In the first one, I bubbled when I ran 10-10 with a board of 3-10-3 into A-A. I checked and was bet into for $1200. I raised it up to $3300 and was then put all in by my opponent. I am not laying the hand down and so I called. We see a blank on the turn and the A hits the river just like any good what? 8% chance should. I tell myself that I got in with the best of it and move on to the next one. (That’s the new and improved Bam-Bam)

The second game I am once again down to three-handed play when I get dealt pocket A-A in my BB. Button limps and the SB checks. The chip counts are;

Bam-Bam = 5,750 + 400 BB
Donkey = 2,000 + 200 SB
Doofus = 250 + 400 limp

I make a raise to isolate the committed Button player and make it 1,200 to go. Why I was surprised I don’t really know, but to my amazement, the both push all in. Easy call here. A three way pot of 9,000 and I hold the nuts. Cards ;

Bam-Bam = Ad-Ah
Donkey = As-Kc
Doofus = 9c-10c

I go into it at what, 70% or 71% to win? Here’s a flop for you !

Jc-Qs-2c…… Argh ! Followed by the turn of the Kh …… Aaaaargh ! And the river Ks.

One guy triples up, the other doubles up. Not exactly my night. I did manage to take down second place cash after they ran A-A into K-K about 4 hands later. (and yes! The King’s cracked the Aces)

I went out after making a substantial move that was called. I hit nothing but my bottom pair 4 on the board, but made a continuation bet to get the lay down. He called and I know I’m in deep crap now. I checked the turn and so did he. I took a stab at the harmless looking river card and was only called to my surprise. The 5 on the river was my un-doing, as he played the A-5 off-suit just as it should be done. Nothing but air the whole way to the river.

The third game was the same scenario, down to three-handed fairly quickly. I hit a good flop that was checked to my BB while holding the 7h-8h. The flop came 6h-9c-5h. Check-check-check. (‘cause I’m a sneaky little bugger) Turn was the Ks and after a check from the SB, I put out a pot-sized bet. I get one caller from the button and we see a river of the 4h. (Yahtzee !) I fire another bet of about ½ the pot. There is tank time taken. ALL OF IT. Right at the 1.0 second mark, he pushed all in. Weeeeeee !

Head’s up was three hands. The guy pushed the first hand and I quickly called with Ad-Kd. It miraculously held up against Ac-3h. The next hand I was dealt pocket 7-7. I limped and he let me. I hit a set on the turn after he let me check the flop. I couldn’t get all of his ships there and I knew it. I took max. value from the hand though when he called with a flopped TP weak kicker. He pushed his last 250 in and I was calling with ATC ! He-He-He……. These ATC just happened to be “The Bammer.” I hit both the 9 and the 3 on the flop. Nothing but air the rest of the way and I win one game, cash one game and played good enough to win the other two but didn’t.

The glass is definitely ½ full !

Don't forget Chad's Skills game tonight at 9:30 on FullTilt. It's DOUBLE-STACK RAZZ tonight !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


Anonymous said...

I'm not mentioned in this post, so I'm not commenting.

BamBam said...

A S S !

I've taken it upon myself to do a count of Carson's / post and also a count of Carson's vs. Carson comments.

You are....

a) by far the most mentioned person, (getting damn near "peopley.")

b) way behind here.

A S S ! I'm glad Hoy pwns you !

But you are still my favorite brudder who lives where you do!

Instant Tragedy said...


I thought Carson wasn't commenting.

Varience my friend. Nothing but varience.

You'll get those 7% hands soon also.

Keep smiling and laughin my friend!