So much to say, BUT SO LITTLE TIME ....

Corporate Canada is exacting it's revenge on me for what was a pretty good week last week. Trying to get 8 days of workload out of me in the one day actually supplied, apparently seems reasonable to some around here.

A quick thanks to Astin, who was kind enough to "ship it" this direction.

Da-da-daa-da-da... GO-PACK-GO !

The first 240 seconds of that game, definately added fresh grey hair to all of the die-hard Packer-Backers like me. One fumble all year and then 2 in that first 4 minutes of play! Yikes !

Other than Kat's game on Friday and one measley SnG, I took a weekend off of poker. Pebbles went on a mini-tear at the SnG's while I watched Football this weekend. She was on a roll and cashed, (or won!) most that she sat down at. She has increased her bankroll a fair bit, which is nice to see. The TuckFards did not take a break this weekend. I have heard a few preliminary reports of a WIN(?) for darling Suzy_Q and a runner up finish for the lovely Y. Nice job ladies! Represent !!!
I'm hoping someone that was there will give a report on the action for me. If I understand things correctly, the ladies were not the only Tucks representing. Did I hear of multiple TuckFard sitings at the final table..... again ??

Let's get those stories rolling folks !

One side note on how incredibly out of hand "The Hammer" is really getting.
Read The Iraqi Hammer !

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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