Here we come, the boy's in the tan brown Mazda....

So it's BASH time! Which naturally means, it's time for everything drunken Lemur! Before I head out, there's a few things I should probably clear up.

Although I've met the vast majority of BASH participants attending this year, I know there will be some that I have not had the opportunity or pleasure of running into at previous blogger get togethers. Trust me I'm not shy, and since my picture has been plastered all over the intertubes for the last few years anyhow, here's a shot of Myself, brudder Carson and DonKaaa, (in that order) you can use, to seek me out this weekend.

AND YES, thank you very much for noticing! I have lost a couple of pounds around the middle!

Excitement around here for the BASH, started to peak back in December of '07. It was Vegas and the WBPT Winter gathering at the Sports Book Bar of the Venetian, when I told Al, "there is NO WAY I'm missing it this year." It seems though that it took until yesterday for the Blogger ku-myoo-ni-tee to really get amped up for this weekend. As the screen in front of me was just jammed with I/M's and e-mails and discussions of plans and teams and of course, who would be the first to buy me a Scotch. The prop for this first drink thing, is really getting out of hand by the way. I say settle it like bloggers for cripes sake! You'll all get your turn dammit! HELL! After BadBlood weighs in at 175.6 on Friday morning, you may have to wait until Saturday to get to buy me a drink! Of course there are some out there, that have a huge edge in this little wager. I don't like to name names though, so I won't. Let's just say that one of you out there, has a leg up on the competition early on, as your significant other suffers a crappy 24 hr. delay.

Now on to much less important things than buying me a drink! I see Al and Otis have drafted up the 2008 Publympic teams and I have to admit, our competition looks formidable. But with the leadership of our great Captain Otis, I think we'll make up for what we lack in actual event talent, with skill and lack of dexterity. Well.... once we get to the falling down part of the competition at least!

My team consists of :

Captain Otis (of falling down and Keno Crayon fame)
Astin (ALWAYS better to be lucky, than good)
The Bracelet (he is myTGOD after all)
CK ( uh herro! We have a C.A.L.!)
The DOC ( Can you say, Military Precision!)
FALSTAFF ( A man in a skirt! Need I say any more?)
SPACEMAN ( Gravity at the Pub, will NOT be an issue!)
Bam-Bam (there IS drinking involved here!)
My darling Wife, Pebbles ( 0.09 in her last Irish Car Bomb relay!)

and last but very far from least,THE "A" lister of ALL "A" listers, Bike Mike
(no need to say anymore!)

And what are we up against :

Al ( Hippies do NOT scare us! )
BadBlood ( OK... there are the guns! Oh wait! Make that "GUN")
Brudder Carson ( one event wonder! After darts, he's so done!)
DonKaaa ( I think the name speaks for itself, don't you?)
Drizz ( The cheesehead will certainly slow him down )
EVY ( Top two will serve as a great distraction to her teamates)
The Rooster ( This kid has potential, but it's not a home game!)
Landow ( jury's still out on this one!)
Riggstad ( Lemur's do scare us! But NOT the way you think!)
VinNay ( Can't even get into Canada for Pete's sake!)

So I think you can understand my lack of concern over our esteemed opponents. There's really not much to see is there?

And I for one........ CAN'T FRIGGIN' WAIT NOT TO SEE THEM !

Time to hang the shingle up on the old front door.
'Cause this kids.......


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Friends, the game & Jessica's cleavage....

First off, a Fred update. It was a pretty tough weekend all around. Lot's of progress made, which was very good. But the progression appears to be pretty painful. To keep Fred comfortable, an epidural was used. That has since been removed and the actual discomfort from the surgery, has been allowed to let it's presence be known. Fred's a pretty tough guy, for 1,000,076. But it was clear he was feeling the effects of the operation. Tough to bear witness too, to be honest. But on the bright side, solid food is once again on the menu for him. Now it's Hospital food of course! But the family can and will be making special deliveries of actual edible dishes for him, as we all work on building up his strength.


Due to the time at the Hospital last night, I knew I'd have to miss the TuckFard game at 7:00pm. When I got home, I stopped by to see how the game was going and who was left to fight it out. They were still going at it 6 strong. So I got myself over to the TuckFard HORSE game, to see what kind of stack I had left after getting back home so late. It ended up that SHOCKERKITTEN won the first game, with MemphisMojo taking 2nd. and DonKaaa making it into the final money spot. I see Queen_K was the money bubble baby on the night. She's had a pretty good run these last few weeks. I hope it wasn't her hubby that busted the bubble on her! ;)

So I get myself to the HORSE game, to find out I still had a respectable 1,130 in my stack. Yes I have some work to do, but it's not as bad as I thought it would've been. I then realize, there's 18 runners in the damn thing! NICE ! I do my thing and "run" around the tables to say hello and thanks to everyone for making the show. It's then I realize who it is I'm talking to. There was a special guest appearance by one of my favorite "Okies," ( only "one of," 'cause I met his Mrs.! ;) ) GCox ! What a pleasant surprise indeed! Of course cem and muhc made the show. ( I expect nothing less from our honourary Tucks!) but then I realized that PUSH had also made an appearance after a little time away from all things TuckFard. I also noticed several of the league players from Sunday's in Bedrock had managed to come out for the donkery. Very cool crowd indeed! Made me really smile, when I had a lot of other crap on the brain. Much appreciated everyone! Thanks!

I just couldn't get anything going in the HORSE game. I mean nothing! It was just one of those nights where cards were hard to find, cards found were hard to hit and, making a move meant, my opponent would hit the mortal nutz. If they didn't hit, two players would be interested and one of them would at least be showing a hand that had me most likely killed. The big one came against DonKaaa and Val. We were in STUD and I was dealt the 8h-10h down, with the 9h for my door. It was easy to get into this hand, so I went for the ride. Then the tease, I get dealt the Jh. Open ended straight flush draw. Hmmmmm..... It cost me a few chips to stay in the hand, but the strength of it if it hits, is still only looking like a possible flush draw. The next card was the 10c. Now the appearance of my hand strength just weakened down to a straight. DonKaaa did have a pair of king's showing at that point, but it was Val's hand that had me the most confused right then and there. Despite being a bit junk'ish looking of a board, I've played enough that look like that, to know some of the dangers to look out for. I was then dealt a raggedy Ace and I did not improve. I had to check and I hated it. DonKaaa's board now showed two pair, and Val was betting into him! YIKES !!! I had to turn tale and run away. The vast majority of my stack was in the middle of the table, and I really felt like I was drawing to one of only two cards in the deck. I don't typically get into those situations too often, but combining the short stack I started with from being so late to the game, and the comparison of promise in my hand to what was already showing for my opponents, let's just say it brought a little greed out of me at the wrong time.

That left me the old, "pick a hand and go with it" approach, as my only way to get back in the game. I actually ended up picking the right hand! I just didn't have enough chips to push the eventual runner-up D-O-C-D away by 6th. st. When it came down to the 7th. I only had 25 chips left to throw at the pot. His two pair lower than the two I was holding, improved to a boat on 7th. and I was out. I stuck around to rail for quite a bit, as one by one the players dropped off the screen. Apparently it was initial night at HORSE, as cgc came home with the victory, and D-O-C-D like I said, finished in the 2nd. spot. I see Brudder Carson made a return to the +$ side of a TuckFard game, always nice!

I do have a question for those out there in the know. I've always liked the view from this angle.

But can you tell me where did all this cleavage come from? Is that what happens when a Girl goes Country?

I may just have to get an old Hound dog, run the Pick Up outta' Gas and change my name to Hank!

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Friends let friends, drink and win....

Yup...... I won the home game Friday night! I can only assume that some type of sympathy card was being played. There's just no way skill had anything to do with it! Now of course, the deck did smack me in the face for most of the night. :)

What a blast we had Friday night! Can't say thanks enough to everyone for coming over and creating about 8 hours of total distraction and hilarious laughter. We had a scream as is always the case, when the group of us get together. DonKaaa, Queen_K, Suzy_Q, Carson and Y......... You're all the best and we both love that you're always there for us.

It was mostly a Hospital weekend for us, so I didn't get to watch all of the Ryder cup Golf that I wanted to. But for what I did see, all I can say is HOLY CRAP ! It's been a very long time since anyone in Golf has seen that many fantastic shots, under such extreme pressure to make them. From the back-to-back hole-outs from the bunkers by Jiminez and Weekly, to Paul Casey answering Hunter Mahan's stuffed shot on the 208 yd. Par 3 11th. hole, some of the shots were just un-believable. For those that just don't get watching Golf on T.V., it's really too bad. That was some of the most incredibly competitive Golf I think I've ever seen.

Saturday night, I wanted to play a little but knew I wasn't really at my best. So I fired up a few $1 and $2 HORSE games and did my best not to Donk it up too much. I ran into muhc for a few minutes, as he mini-railed me while waiting for his own game to start. I'm not sure which one of us was the drunker, but as long we were both in the "proper" shape to read the garbled crap we were writing, it really didn't matter. :) Good to see you there muhc! There's been a real streak of me pulling Quad's lately in HORSE games. It continued with three different Quad hands in two games on Saturday. Here's the 1st. Quad's of the weekend. The best part of this hand was, we'd just switched over to STUD from RAZZ, where I'd just gone to the wheel in 5 cards. I was dealt A-2-5 with the 3 and 4 coming on 4th. and 5th. streets. I was very fortunate that another player had hit to a 6 on the same hand.

I didn't win a lot on Saturday night, but considering the state of sobriety, (or lack thereof!) I was in, I'll take the two wins and a 2nd. place finish in the three games I did play.

With Peb's heading down to Atlantic City Tuesday, we'll be back at Fred's side tonight, so I'm pretty sure I'll have to sit out The TuckFard Open NLHE game at 7:00pm on FullTilt. (P/W as always is Donkey) I am registered for the TuckFard HORSE game at 8:00pm though, (same site, same P/W) so hopefully I can make it back in time to see who I blind out to. If you can make it out, it sure would be great to see you there. I was thrilled to see the honourary Tucks, cem and muhc had beaten me to registration. That'll help motivate me to get there for the game!

Oh yeah, and my BASH plans are all complete, as DonKaaa, brudder Carson and myself will be starting our journey into insanity come Thursday morning. The three of us should be making our grand entrance into The Pub for cocktails, sometime Thursday evening. Pebbles should be getting into town Friday evening, as her stint down in A/C will be over around 4:00pm. I just need to work out the details to get here there now.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....