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I had a customer call today at about 11:15. This guy is one of the few out there, that I would give my right arm, (metaphorically speaking, of course) to help out no matter what. WHY? Because he's not "people." This guy is a person of the best kind! He's the type that would find an issue with the product I produce, figure out a solution and then, ask me how I can prevent it in the future. He's the type that will call me on a Thursday before EH-Vegas and say, "Hey Bam? isn't this your weekend to run wild with those, (and yes I quote verbatum) "degenerate blogger type, poker folk?"

You've read this far right? Don't you just want to make everything right in this guy's world?

Well, I knew from the second that I answered, "yes" that this would be a fairly lengthy conversation. How lengthy you ask? How about lunch at noon and I just got home recently! You see, "Bud," (name changed to protect the guilty) realized that I've been working way too much for my own good. He knew that a little get-away the day before, would ease the pain and suffering of this kid, and let me slip away into EH-Vegas mode just a little sooner than corporate Canada wanted me to. So a 2 1/2 hour lunch seemed in order for Bud! UP HERE IN BEDROCK !


Anywho.... I don't have a ton to say today, ( and since I'll be as far from sober as humanly possible and hopefully still, semi-upright this weekend ) except,

If you're not looking forward to ..............


You just don't know what you're missing!

I'll do my best to keep up(right) with the man all weekend long in EH-Vegas. But if nothing else, I promise to thank him profusely for putting these games all together, on behalf of all of us that enjoy the ride!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The EH-fternoon shift....

Put to task, a Bam-Bam can be a formidable opponent.
(or proponent! Dependant on your view)

When put to the test of entertaining Sir Al, RIGGS et'all, on a lovely
Saturday afternoon, I needed to come up with something that could please the mildest and the wildest of the crowd looking for fun. I also had the task of entertaining everyone interested, before the greatest meal in the history of blogger.... well.....HISTORY!

Well folks.... I give you the EH-fternoon shift.

Expensive drinks, good friends, great times and naked woman. (Ooooooops! Must have had Blogger link "issues" there! ) If you can't have fun with that, you're probably in with the wrong crowd! We might even develop the "EH-procedure" as we go. Who knows? What I do know is, a few Monday or Tuesday morning posts will have some Meagher snippets of actual and semi-factual happenings on the day.

But until that time, we'll enjoy each others company, tell tall tales and enjoy the moment, (or whatever else is) at hand together.

I for one can't wait!

So T-Spot EH-fternoon shift, here we come! I'm certain you'll never be the same. Al and I are currently accepting applications for the judging panel for the 2008, EH-Vegas "Avis" Award. This will be awarded to the one EH-fternoon shift employee we deem as the "try's harder" candidate of the day.

Award donations would be greatly appreciated by both the judging panel, and "Avis" I'm sure.

Let the judging begin!

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Getting called out .....

I got called out for bad play and by someone well, that really surprised me. Which is actually quite funny when I think about something in the game this day and age, surprising me.

Here's a hand history that was posted about my horrific play. The entire histories and the comments input by the author, are all in original state. I give you my word!

I've added the 'Bam-Bam' perspective to the hand because it's my friggin' site. LOL.

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to PirateLawyer [As 9s]
Dealt to BamBamCan [Kd Qc]
itsgotmetoo folds
emptyman folds
FishyMcDonK folds
Astin folds
PirateLawyer raises to 160 - "simple opening raise"
BamBamCan raises to 240 - This "playa" has shown a few uh, 'different' starting hands.
PirateLawyer calls 80 - Funny enough, I see this as "pattern recognition."
*** FLOP *** [4c 6h 5s]
PirateLawyer checks -
BamBamCan bets 80 - to entice the raise if behind, (pattern) or call if ahead.(pattern)
PirateLawyer calls 80
*** TURN *** [4c 6h 5s] [4h]
PirateLawyer checks
BamBamCan bets 160 - I see myself making a move here to end the hand.
PirateLawyer calls 160
*** RIVER *** [4c 6h 5s 4h] [Jh]
PirateLawyer checks
BamBamCan bets 160 - There is no way based on the history of play, that this helps and it's all I can bet.
PirateLawyer calls 160
*** SHOW DOWN ***
BamBamCan shows [Kd Qc] a pair of Fours
PirateLawyer shows [As 9s] a pair of Fours
PirateLawyer wins the pot (1,280) with a pair of Fours

And my favorite part,
"At some point you have to give up with king-high."

But apparently Ace high is obviously known gold as the hand was played. But then again, I lost. What the hell do I know about real poker?

Funny shit really! I mean give it some thought. If this is how I am to be deemed one of the worst players on the planet, I think I can live with it.

Here's a beauty from about two or three hands later.

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to PirateLawyer [9c Jc]
Dealt to BamBamCan [8c Ac]
itsgotmetoo folds
emptyman folds
FishyMcDonK folds
Astin folds
PirateLawyer calls 40
BamBamCan raises to 160 - Some would call this a "simple opening raise"
PirateLawyer calls 80
*** FLOP *** [8d Jh Qh]
PirateLawyer checks
BamBamCan checks
*** TURN *** [8d Jh Qh] [Js] - nice turn card for me, certainly
PirateLawyer bets 160 - time to lead out, certainly
BamBamCan raises to 320 - now he raises!?
PirateLawyer raises to 480 - easy 3-bet
BamBamCan calls 160
*** RIVER *** [8d Jh Qh Js] [Qd]
PirateLawyer bets 160 - I don't like this card but have to bet
BamBamCan calls 160 - what can he possibly be calling with?
*** SHOW DOWN ***
PirateLawyer shows [9c Jc] a full house, Jacks full of Queens
BamBamCan mucks
PirateLawyer wins the pot (1,600) with a full house, Jacks full of Queens
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 1,600 | Rake 0
Board: [8d Jh Qh Js Qd]
Seat 1: PirateLawyer (small blind) showed [9c Jc] and won (1,600) with a full house, Jacks full of Queens
Seat 2: BamBamCan (big blind) mucked [8c Ac] - two pair, Queens and Jacks

And the comment that I deserve,
"I have no idea how anyone could figure that an eight was good here. No idea."

My response was simple. I'm a Donkey! Let's face facts here. I was beat once by a great player with Ace high, why not see if I can repay the favour? And hell man, I had a great time seeing if I was right. Just imagine if it read this way,

Dealt to BamBamCan [Qc Qs] I know one thing, it never crossed anyone elses mind.

And that my friends is why winning with Ace high is genious and losing with it, is just another Donkey play.

I'm totally OK with both.

Not once mentioned in there, (and that's a shame) was the following;

BamBamCan : <--- likes PL
PirateLaywer : I guess so

I watched a man figure out that Aces were no good last night. Hell, I folded pocket Aces myself once last night. Sometimes you have to consider what else might be out there. That's where bad beat stories come from in the first place! But when you win that hand, I don't know that 'Donkey' is always in order. I'm sure that in my case, it probably is. Lord knows I'm the only one in poker that's ever got a read wrong or just said 'fawkit' and went the whole way.

LMFAO....Lord I love this game of Poker!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by.... oh.... AND HEE-HAW !


So you wanna' roll like Bam-Bam huh....

So I sit down in one of my new favorite toy's, a $1.25, 90 player SnG Tourney as a way to kill time. I took it down in 84 minutes. Cards coming out my ass. I play 7-8 spades, flop comes 6-9-10...all spades. I play K-K, flop comes A-K-K. I check my BB with the mighty 10-2, flop 10-10-2.

Later, I final table a 45 player game and bust out in 3rd. by having A-A cracked by K-K. (meh)

I change ID's and head to "the office." I go up about $64 at a STUD table and realize, I should make dinner for Peb's, the poor girl had to work today. If you're not Astin, skip down below right now. (sorry, no pics) I put together a really nice dish of pork and mushroom stuffed giant pasta shells with a great garlic and peppery cheese sauce.
All baked to make Mama proud. YUM !

After a great meal, it came time for some poker I actually cared about. (well, in a fun way) I switch back to Bam-Bam and head over to "Tilt." It's the TuckFard Open @ 7:00 and the TuckFard II H.O.R.S.E. game @ 8:00. They had a good showing with special guest stars including Riggs, Al,, PurrRRrrs, EVY,( who took down the 7:00pm game, by the way, wo00ot! ) Donkette and many more.

In the 7:00 pm game of NLHE, I took down 10 pots total. TEN ! Five of them were with "The Bammer" 'cause I was sick of seeing the stupid thing and I didn't give a shit. There you go folks! 9-3 off leads to world domination. Somehow, I still managed to beat 2/3 of the field. WTF?

Then in the HORSE game, I posted a final table appearance out of 18 runners. ( I think? ) Do not even think of asking me how that happened. It's a bloody mystery to me. An 8th. place finish and here's the Bam-Bam HORSE game definition in a nutshell.

H = 9-3 off
O = 2d-6c-10h-Ks
R = (please see below)
S = 2s-6h-Kd ( yes! All of the other King's would be exposed!)
E = 6h-8c-Qc ( and yes! At least 2 Queen's would be looking back at me going :p )

I have about 36 screen cap's from the two TuckFard games last night, but I scrapped 35 of them. I think this one say's it all. As you can see, I just had to bet it out.

To quote the master himself, yes! I do plan to "Rathole this one 365." When you live it, you get to brag! (heh)

You wanna' roll like me in a blogger event? Strap in, hold on and prepare for it to get a little bumpy. Nothing can truly prepare you for what you are about to receive!

I railed Al all the way to second in the TuckFards II. All it took was a few "BAM-BAM-BAM's" to get him the chips he needed early. Then he ran into the card catching machine from hell. I thought I was good in the earlier events? Papa cracked A-A, K-K and Q-Q-9-9 and all on obvious boards. It was sick!

You wanna' roll like me?

In almost everything in life, I wish you were so lucky. But if you intend to try and copy my fantastic luckboxery in a blogger event on-line, I hope you have a strong stomach! (and even stronger booze!) It's no wonder I don't get any sleep!

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Just go.....

Just go here......

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A rather interesting development in live poker this weekend! Probably only my perspective to be honest, but to call it all a coincidence seems....
Well, rather coincidental I guess.

I couldn't get paid on a single hand in two games. At first, I figured it was a "tell" or something that I may be giving off. I first assumed this, because Saturday was a TuckFard game. These players know me rather well and I certainly wouldn't put it past them to develop a plan that leads me to blind to death in the game. You know, if 'Bam's' in the pot, let him win small and walk away. That's exactly what happened too. If I reached for chips, for the most part everyone folded out of my way. The one real exception was Carson. I was holding the "sooted Carson" in his BB and I just had to have fun with that. He actually called. I hit my top card and decided to have some more fun by betting into what I thought would be his fold to me. Nope! He called. The turn threw 3 Diamonds on the board and I've seen this show before. I checked my pair and watched as Carson reached for chips. At that point, it didn't matter what he was holding. I'd had my fun and was done with the hand. I showed him my cards and we had a good laugh.

For the most part I would reach, and I could see cards flying into the muck before my chips made it into the pot. TotalTilt made a raise into a pot with me and I doubled what she'd bet after a short amount of thought. She tanked, gazed around the room, and then let me have her original raise. It was just enough to bring me back to a starting stack. I was being basically blinded away. My blinds were heavily bet into and any bet I made the rest of the way, only won me the blinds. It was really, a slow and painful death in the game. After TotalTilt pushed in her remaining $2600 with a hand that I read as a small pair from 2's to 6's, I looked down at the K-J of diamonds and decided to race my way to chips. I know it's a kind of "checkers or wreckers" mentality, but I was correct on my read. She held 6-6 and I was one of the few that can say, I saw them coming. I didn't improve and so I think I finished 9th., maybe 10th. Another pathetic showing on the season!

Then today I was representing "Team Tuckfard."

It was an aggressive table I'd drawn and I really liked my chances to take it down. Funny enough, I could not get a caller or raiser when I really wanted or needed one. If two players, (not me!) were in a pot, the average pot was about 10-15x the BB. If I called, everyone but the BB would fold. If I reached for chips, I could see cards heading into the muck before I'd said or done anything. I decided to reverse absoloutely everything about my attitude and body language. With this, I managed to take down a very small pot with T2P that made me a boat on the river. I was then amazed to find out that she only called while holding top two pair with top kicker. In this league, that is unprecedented by a mile. Typically with the players I've been sitting at the tables with in these games, I would have been able to see at least a 2 - 3x pot bet into my made nuts.

I ended up getting a little frustrated by the size of the pots I'd win, and very disappointed that I could not participate in some of the larger pots that were going on between the others. As I got down to 3-handed, I started to open up the range of hands I would play just a touch more than normal. I figured that if they wouldn't play me, I'd steal some more blinds until they did. This worked pretty well to be honest. With blinds at the 9,000/18,000 level, they were well worth stealing. I took the blinds in one full orbit. It still didn't build my stack up enough though, as these two had been the ones in all the huge pots earlier on. Between them, they'd taken out the other 6 players at the table. I was the runt in the chip stack department and I knew that whatever hand I played, it was going to be for my entire stack. I needed to double up, and with the blinds about to hit me again, I needed to do so soon. The bigger of the two stacks finally threw chips into the pot on my BB. I honestly didn't give a crap what my two cards were, I was so bored and frustrated at the lack of play when I was involved, I would have pushed with 2-3 off-suit. It isn't a good place to be, but it was the place I was in. I looked down at my cards and saw a Queen. "I'm all-in," I said. It took 5 minutes for him to call......
WITH POCKET KINGS ! And to make matters worse, he felt the need to justify his call by saying, "I don't see how I can fold this! Nice hand."

We flipped up and I told him, "I don't mind this at all. It's the second hand someone has played with me in 3 hours of play today. At least I get to feel what it's like to play the game." Of course I didn't improve and lost the race. But it was exhilarating to actually play a hand of poker.

YES! It was that bad at the live games this weekend!

Pebbles also represented and had her A-8 run into pocket 8's on a board of 10-J-3. The guy showed, (what I thought) was just the right amount of weakness to get Peb's to make a play. She did and made it huge! She went way over the top and had committed herself to the hand. It took forever for him to call. He announced that he "really didn't want a caller" and that he "should probably fold." As often happens in this league, he felt the need to say "nice hand" and throw the money in when he felt he was beat. No help for Peb's and she also went home in 3rd. I know Carson had a rough day and so did Nutzy while subbing for another team. TotalTilt looked very comfortable and happy as we left the hall to get home. She was down to 5-handed and I had a gut feel that she'd be improving her position in the pecking order soon. She just had "that look." So with a kiss on her head and a "good skill" for luck, we left her to duke it out for the win. We have, (HAD ?) a huge lead in the series. This shaped up to be our worst week yet. I think the worst we can do point-wise, was about 2 or 3 points below average. Still not bad considering I know that many of the players on teams chasing us, were gone quite a long time before myself and Pebbles. hopefully an average week was had by all. The first prize is a free trip out to Vegas for the W.S.O.P. I like free! I see value in it.

On-line, I set three goals.

1) To take down a 90 player MTT. Mission accomplished in the first try.
2) To take down a 45 player MTT. Mission accomplished on the second try. (other = 7th)
3) To make enough to pay for my games this week. TuckFards, TuckFards II H.O.R.S.E., The Skillz game, The mookie and the Riverchasers. I'm only 3/4 of the way there.

So with that said, I better get back to the office !

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