Since I'm totally focussed, I got nothing....


I had a customer call today at about 11:15. This guy is one of the few out there, that I would give my right arm, (metaphorically speaking, of course) to help out no matter what. WHY? Because he's not "people." This guy is a person of the best kind! He's the type that would find an issue with the product I produce, figure out a solution and then, ask me how I can prevent it in the future. He's the type that will call me on a Thursday before EH-Vegas and say, "Hey Bam? isn't this your weekend to run wild with those, (and yes I quote verbatum) "degenerate blogger type, poker folk?"

You've read this far right? Don't you just want to make everything right in this guy's world?

Well, I knew from the second that I answered, "yes" that this would be a fairly lengthy conversation. How lengthy you ask? How about lunch at noon and I just got home recently! You see, "Bud," (name changed to protect the guilty) realized that I've been working way too much for my own good. He knew that a little get-away the day before, would ease the pain and suffering of this kid, and let me slip away into EH-Vegas mode just a little sooner than corporate Canada wanted me to. So a 2 1/2 hour lunch seemed in order for Bud! UP HERE IN BEDROCK !


Anywho.... I don't have a ton to say today, ( and since I'll be as far from sober as humanly possible and hopefully still, semi-upright this weekend ) except,

If you're not looking forward to ..............


You just don't know what you're missing!

I'll do my best to keep up(right) with the man all weekend long in EH-Vegas. But if nothing else, I promise to thank him profusely for putting these games all together, on behalf of all of us that enjoy the ride!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


The Wife said...

Wish I could be with you all!

Anonymous said...

There are two types of beings on this world. There are people and there are Persons. People create all the shit that happens in our day to day life. Persons make that shit tolerable.