So you wanna' roll like Bam-Bam huh....

So I sit down in one of my new favorite toy's, a $1.25, 90 player SnG Tourney as a way to kill time. I took it down in 84 minutes. Cards coming out my ass. I play 7-8 spades, flop comes 6-9-10...all spades. I play K-K, flop comes A-K-K. I check my BB with the mighty 10-2, flop 10-10-2.

Later, I final table a 45 player game and bust out in 3rd. by having A-A cracked by K-K. (meh)

I change ID's and head to "the office." I go up about $64 at a STUD table and realize, I should make dinner for Peb's, the poor girl had to work today. If you're not Astin, skip down below right now. (sorry, no pics) I put together a really nice dish of pork and mushroom stuffed giant pasta shells with a great garlic and peppery cheese sauce.
All baked to make Mama proud. YUM !

After a great meal, it came time for some poker I actually cared about. (well, in a fun way) I switch back to Bam-Bam and head over to "Tilt." It's the TuckFard Open @ 7:00 and the TuckFard II H.O.R.S.E. game @ 8:00. They had a good showing with special guest stars including Riggs, Al,, PurrRRrrs, EVY,( who took down the 7:00pm game, by the way, wo00ot! ) Donkette and many more.

In the 7:00 pm game of NLHE, I took down 10 pots total. TEN ! Five of them were with "The Bammer" 'cause I was sick of seeing the stupid thing and I didn't give a shit. There you go folks! 9-3 off leads to world domination. Somehow, I still managed to beat 2/3 of the field. WTF?

Then in the HORSE game, I posted a final table appearance out of 18 runners. ( I think? ) Do not even think of asking me how that happened. It's a bloody mystery to me. An 8th. place finish and here's the Bam-Bam HORSE game definition in a nutshell.

H = 9-3 off
O = 2d-6c-10h-Ks
R = (please see below)
S = 2s-6h-Kd ( yes! All of the other King's would be exposed!)
E = 6h-8c-Qc ( and yes! At least 2 Queen's would be looking back at me going :p )

I have about 36 screen cap's from the two TuckFard games last night, but I scrapped 35 of them. I think this one say's it all. As you can see, I just had to bet it out.

To quote the master himself, yes! I do plan to "Rathole this one 365." When you live it, you get to brag! (heh)

You wanna' roll like me in a blogger event? Strap in, hold on and prepare for it to get a little bumpy. Nothing can truly prepare you for what you are about to receive!

I railed Al all the way to second in the TuckFards II. All it took was a few "BAM-BAM-BAM's" to get him the chips he needed early. Then he ran into the card catching machine from hell. I thought I was good in the earlier events? Papa cracked A-A, K-K and Q-Q-9-9 and all on obvious boards. It was sick!

You wanna' roll like me?

In almost everything in life, I wish you were so lucky. But if you intend to try and copy my fantastic luckboxery in a blogger event on-line, I hope you have a strong stomach! (and even stronger booze!) It's no wonder I don't get any sleep!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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