Merry Christmas one and all....

Just a quick note to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Either is appropriate I believe, *depending of course on what side of your bagel you happen to butter.

It's time to lock in some family time for us here at the cave and who knows? I may even start to like it a little.

My most sincere wishes for nothing but the best for each of you and for your entire family. Be safe, be smart and most of all, please don't drink and drive!

Merry Christmas Blogasphere!

(* stolen from a good friend who just happens to be Jewish. Not sure why, since I have no clue what the hell it really means. But hopefully there are those that know, it's directed their way with love)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Grading Bedrock....

As the end of another year approaches, I've taken a bit of time to look back at this place to see where I've let it take me. Dozens of the truly talented folk out there, are probably starting to look at their writing and make judgement on improvements made or not. Fortunately for me, I don't have that worry. As I'm about as far from an actual writer as I think it gets. So without the stress and strain involved in the actual details of the craft, I simply look back and reflect on the entertainment value I offer up here for you the reader. So there won't be any grade given here for English, Poetry or Journalism. No, we'll go with what we know!

Creative Writing = B

Just over 17,000 unique visitors took the time to stop by in the last year. Not quite doubling the numbers from the year before that. Good or bad stats I'm not sure, but the increase does make me believe that people are dropping by for something. I'd like to attribute this rise in readership, to the entertainment value that can be found on these pages. Laugh with me or at me I guess, at least I'm trying to provide a worthwhile service for our community. With that said, this brings us to the next category to grade.

Blogging = B+

During some intimate one on one time at The WPBT with a few of the folks that I truly admire and can't wait to read every single day, the conversations lead to why we started this and what we were hoping to get out of our blogs. As you can imagine, the answers were as diverse and eclectic as our group itself. But my answer has always been the same, I was turned on to reading the Tao of Poker by a friend. Then through Pauly, I found several other quality blogs to make my daily visits. I think like most, I started reading and reading and that soon lead to participation. Again like most I assume, it all started with something that made me want to comment. Then the comments came more frequently, as the material written seemed to draw me into it's world deeper and deeper. As one thing almost always wants to do, it lead to another, (writing in a combined effort with some friends) and then another. (Bedrock was formed)

The goal became so much more than simple participation, it turned into a sense of belonging. But during those same conversations just a short week ago in Vegas, the measurement of belonging came into question. How does one actually know if they belong?

For my take on things, I give you my top 5 referrers for 2009.

The Tao of Poker
The Black Widow of Poker
The Phonebook of Poker
The Break even of Poker
The Doctor of Poker

With very honourable mention going to both The Hippie of Poker and The Reporter of Poker.

Having the top 7 referrers for this site be the first 7 blogs that I linked here upon it's development, helps to give this kid just a small sense of belonging. I thank each of you so very much for that and also the much, much more you've helped and entertained me with, along the way.

Math = B-

I'm still not exactly taking the world of NLHE by storm. There is a light at the end of the tunnel however as even as recent as last night, I made gains to improve my play and my bankroll. Small gains of course, (it is me we're talking about OK) but gains none the less. I had another cash with a fourth place in a 90 player MTT last night and finishing in the top 12 of The WPBT at Caesars last week, did give me a little confidence boost that I was looking for. Add those results to a couple of wins live and several final tables at the bar Poker being played around these parts and who knows? Maybe there is hope for me yet.

Geography = A

I think I've pretty much cruised through this course of the program but naturally, there's always room for improvement. Trips South for a drink, further South for another drink and a couple of extra hours in the Red Rubble Rocket for six hours of pure and utter enjoyment, seemed to become the norm in 2009. The plus isn't on the A for one reason and one reason alone. Having to step back from EH-Vegas in the Spring, was the only thing missing from an otherwise perfect track record of travel. I'd like to say that not participating was one of the hardest decisions I think I've ever had to make but in actual fact, I know it was totally the right thing to do.

That all leaves us with the last grade of the year that was Bedrock.

Social Studies = B+

Because this mark is so critical to my total happiness, I see some serious room for improvement going forward. Yes, I did meet more of you this past year than in any year prior. But that's not good enough! Yes, I had several opportunities to reunite with those I'd met in the past but dammit! It's still not good enough. I'm hoping to make 2010 so much better in this area so if you're planning to be in my neighbourhood anytime in the coming year, you'd better damn well let me know!

For me, 2009 was passed with some enjoyable memories and a long list of needs improvement items going forward into 2010. A list I truly look forward to getting started on.

As always my friends,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


In the groove....

Actually, it's a lot more like a gap!

The space and time between our Winter gathering and the upcoming Christmas celebrations, seems to be going rather blah for me.

The wind down from the WPBT is never easy for me. I miss friends immediately after entering the sliding doorways at the airport. I then spend a full week dissolving all the 'data,' stored in the mini-computer between these ears. I smile, I laugh and I stay awake at night, going over some of the times not fit for print here. (or anywhere else, if we all have an agreement)

Once settled on the fact that it really is all over, I'm supposed to get all wound up about the impending holiday.

But for the first time ever, I'm not.

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. I'm just not as wound up about it as I usually get at this time of the year. Not sure why either. Hopefully this mood or whatever it is during this gap between the two special events, runs it's course before the morning of the 25th.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....