Frantic Friday, the SFW editon....

On the way in to work today, the discussion on the local station was about spending Lottery winnings. It wasn't one of those typical, "what would you do with all that money?" type of discussions either. It was all about vehicles. The question was, "What one vehicle would you just have to have, if you had all of that money?"

Peb's and I have had this discussion so many times in the past, I just thought it was hilarious that it was actually being discussed on the radio! I've never been able to actually lock myself in to one, "must have it and only it ride." I would take forever to decide, if I was only allowed one. Peb's on the other hand, is so damn practical. She'd take anything that safely and somewhat stylishly, gets her from point A, to point B.

There was one commenter during the show that got me really thinking about today's topic. He said, "I'm already well off and I love my LT1 'Vette like no other car I've ever had. But I have a buddy that's still driving around in an old rusted out '78 Honda Civic. I'd buy him a new car right away."

The D.J. rightfully asked, "OK then, what would you buy for him?"

He said, "I don't know, whatever he wanted."

I found that to be a bit of a cop out. I mean, a gift should come from the heart and I guess giving someone their choice is cool and all, but I personally think it's way better and means so much more, if you take the time to think and get something that you believe is perfect for the receiver.

So they got me thinking. What vehicle would I buy for a blogger friend, if I could buy the one in the first place. I actually found this process to be fairly easy. So from my heart, here are just a few examples of what I would buy for whom.

For The Doc : If you're going to get one, get the best!

The Wife : Can't clash in the driveway with The Doc's ride and MUST be the perfect accessory for those fabulous red shoes. Got it!

Kat : Light, Nimble, Powerful & Beautiful. Sounds like a perfect match to me!

Al : They say this beauty runs on Alcohol. Again, sounds like a good match!

BadBlood : Serious muscle, 10 speaker 1100 watt sound system AND truly Bad = No Brainer! The custom plates are a nice touch too!

Drizz : Dude, if it HAS to be Purple, it better be Plum Crazy!

Mookie : As the pro-creation champion of the world, a Mini-Van is a must! But I personally think that getting 742 off-spring around town, should have a little style to it.

Iggy : One of the easiest of all of the decisions to be made actually.

Riggstad : I think I've finally found the true definition of, "The Man Truck."

CK : It had to be Classy, Flexible, Little, Yellow and a bit Different. Got it!

TheGoatlady : An eye for an eye, a Goat for a Goat!

And finally,

Waffles : Not really one thing... not really another either. Kinda' "break even" if you know what I mean. But I still think it should be a bit Classic. AHA, Bingo!!

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Handy Andy and the Kidney shot....

First off... nice to see so many friends support the event last night. It's efforts like that that make me think, I just might be a descent judge of character after all! I know one thing. I'm a damn lucky man to have met a bunch of you out there! (even if it is only virtually so far in some cases!)

The Bad Beat on Kidney Failure event was a blast last night. It included several good friends, several other Bloggers from within our little community and four FullTilt pro's that chipped in for a great cause. Jennifer Harman, Marco Traniello, Amanda Baker and Andy Bloch.

I'm quite happy to say I sat at the tables with three out of four. I missed Marco while rushing through the crowd, but I had played with him several times in the past. I'll take the time right now to say thanks to all four of them. Let's face it! they don't know any of us from Adam and they certainly don't have to do squadoosh for any single one of us. But just the use of their names in this cause, had to have enticed a few extra players to jump into the game, and that was what this was all about. Getting players to donate to the cause. So therefore, I salute all four FullTilt Pro's for helping out the cause!

Also special thanks to Wolfy and DDionysus for the most excellent railing! That was a great help guys!

As I worked my way through the minefield that is a NLHE MTT, I was constantly amazed by the hands that were being played! Now perhaps with it being a charity event, this should have been expected? I don't know. But even Mr. B will have to admit that he was quite the serious card rack, when it came to gettin' the chips in bad. There were a few hands where I thought the chat box was never going to stop scrolling down! There were lot's of derogatory comments from a few of his, "catch-ups" during the game, but I'm going to tell you something. Andy Bloch was nothing, if not a perfect gentleman the entire hour and a half we sat at the same table. From ignoring a few of the more idiotic comments in the chat, to not missing a single "gg" as any player was knocked out, Mr. B was the perfect example of a spokesperson at their place of employment. I say well done Sir! NH and VGG !

Now if I can only convince him to never take me out of a game again!

Yeah, I busted out in 8th. of the 85 runners, when Andy Bloch wasn't making another goofy 444, 555 or 666 raise with Ace-rag. Earlier on as we moved to final table, I'd raised him 888 as a sort of comedic relief for myself more than anything. I'm not sure it was that well received by the others, but his "lol" in the chat made me feel right at home. So later on as we were down to eight handed, in mid-position I picked up an A-Q. The players behind had not been interested in the blinds that much, and particularly in the BB of Mr. B. Having seen him protect with several, (at least 8x) A-x hands to a raise, I figured my stack needed a few of his chips! I made the raise, it folded around to him and he did as he had done, on every other occasion. He raised it up. WAY too enticing an offer for me, having seen the hands that he had been defending with and only having about 12 or 13 BB's left, I jammed them into the center. I lost a 47% / 53% race with Andy Bloch and you know what? For a donkey that doesn't usually play so well in these NLHE MTT's, I can live with that.

Also huge props to my Boy's NewinNov and Schaubsy for kicking some azz and making it three of us blogger type's at the final table. Man you both played well from the hands I was lucky enough to see. Congrats on the great finish to you both!

There was also a special added bonus during last nights game ! I found my wedding present for Gracie! My table had the pleasure of having Gracie join us for a while, and I was promised she'd seek out Maudie and get a big 'ole Bam hug on the day of the nuptials. I missed my Maudie hug back in December last year, despite the fact that we sat at the same table for a bit. Two birds with one stone, now that's "Sweet-Sweet," even if I do say so myself!

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An important note....

Yeah.... Two post's in one day.

I've had a helluva couple of day's and I'm a little late to the party. But for this kind of party, always better late than never. A friend has asked for our support in helping out a friend in need. One thing I know for certain, it's what the Poker bloggers do.

So, come out and play in the charity game tonight on FullTilt. How can you say no, once you know all the facts.

1) It's for a good cause.
2) You were going to play tonight anyhow.
3) My easy pickens for chips will be in play once again!

You can help out tonight.

Here's the details:

When: 9pm ET on 11/12
Where: Full Tilt - Tournament #67971755
Buy in: $10+$10
NLName: Bad Beat on Kidney Failure
Password: CailtyssRulien

Oh and another thing! You might want to check the entrants list on this one. The last time I checked, no less than four Red letter FullTilt Pro's were entered. It wouldn't surprise me to see a few more than that.

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Monday night's rock....

As is always the case, the Monday night games were a blast. This week was made even more special, with the return of Baywolfe after an extended break due to real life. It was great to have Bay back in the mix. Hopefully, we'll get to see him out as a regular in the Donkery that is our Monday night Poker.

The tables were full of good friends, as both local and those not so local showed up to sling a few chips. MemphisMojo, Muhctim, cem, Baywolfe, brudder Carson, DonKaaa, the ever lovely SuzY_Q and the pleasant surprise of Fred's return to the game, (as BarBill) all made for wonderful and very entertaining evening.

Another special guest made it out to the HORSE game as well. Purple Power himself, Sir. Drizz joined in on the fun. Always great to be lucky enough to hang around Drizz for a bit, even if it is only virtually. Another special addition in that game, was my bud TheGoatlady. As natural selection would have it, the random seating selector managed to squeeze my little fishie butt, right between the two of these sharks. Nice start!! :)

In the early Hold'em game, I started strong and actually played pretty good. (for me! STOP laughing!) I made what I personally think was a pretty tough continuation bet, into a very coordinated board at the time. I'd raised pre, bet the flop and hated to see that turn card. I was up against Fred and he'd passively called me all the way down to that point. I figured that I needed to find out where I was in the hand and assumed I'd get instant feedback with another bet. Once he tanked for longer than 5 or 6 seconds, I was pretty sure that I was making the right decision. He ended up folding an under pair to my Aces.

Fred crippled me, Hmmmmmmmm........ strike that! I crippled myself making a decision to move back at what I figured had to be his weak-ass kicker on an ace. I was only holding pocket Queen's at the time, but I'd played them like Aces the whole hand. When the Ace hit the board and he seemed to begrudgingly come along, I figured I could make him believe I really liked that Ace. No such luck, he was just fine with his 3 for a kicker. I donked off 1/3 of my stack to him. Then I ran just brutally card dead. Instead of the continuous run of folds I would normally make in this position, I decided to take a few stabs with the junk. Brilliant idea! I won exactly one more hand the rest of the night. I basically spewed what little chips I had away, trying to hit something on the flop. 'Cause that's what Donk's like me can be like sometimes.

I was proud to see Fred make the money in only his second appearance. Hopefully the game is a welcome distraction for him. I know he could always use a little of that right now! Special thanks from me to you all, for making him feel so welcome at our tables. Means a lot!

*EDIT* Just so you know, the first thing Fred said to me when he came out of his first chemotherapy treatment yesterday was, "That's a great group you've got there on Monday's. You're a pretty lucky guy!"
I think that say's it all!

HORSE was a typical HORSE game for me. I did win a couple of LHE hands this time though, as it seemed the RnG figured out I'd need a few good hands here and there, in order to screw me royally at a later point. Then natch' comes the Omahahaha. OK I'll be honest, I was petrified to play a hand at first. Think about it! I'm sitting at a table with Carson, DonKaaa and drizz is on my immediate left! Three of the players that I know and should respect for their Omaha talents. I folded for the entire first round of Omaha. (say it with me now..... PUSSY!) Actually I have to be honest here, I figured I could learn a thing or two if I just watched and got a bit of a feel for the way the play was shaping up. That and I basically got some pretty crappy hands. But the RnG did get it's kick in the junk in during the Omaha portion. I was dealt what I would consider a pretty craptastic Omaha starter, only to see it come up Quad's on the flop. SweeeeeeeeeT ! Then to add insult to injury, I think both drizz and DonKaaa were in that hand with flopped boats. That could've been a pretty damn big pot if I was still in there.

I ran well in RAZZ and was getting some pretty good boards to work with. Somehow the bricks managed to keep on missing me and finding my fellow player's instead. I ran up a descent stack through the RAZZ portions. STUD was just insane! Talk about a dream land or Nirvana in Poker! I honestly ran hotter on Monday night than I can remember running for a very, VERY long time! Rolled up starters with the case card apparently still out there somewhere. Four card straight flushes with very live wrap and nut flush draws hitting repeatedly. I actually made Quad's twice, to go with a King high straight flush and one absoloutely perfect steel wheel. What can I say, it was just insane. Only real issue was, the hands were way to obvious to get any real action after they were made. So there were an awful lot of half-pots rather than the monsters I could have made, if the power of my holdings could have been disguised a little better.

I ended up making the money and busting out third in the HORSE game. I see TheGoatlady went on to a well deserved win, and DonKaaa posted his second 2nd. place finish of the night, having also finished in that spot in the first NLHE game. Congrats to both!

As is alway's the case from my perspective, thanks to everyone for making my Monday nights something I start looking forward to, the second that I bust out of the last Monday night game. You're all the best !

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I remember....

On November 11 we wear poppies and gather at war memorials across Canada to pay tribute to those who died in war. At the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, the time the Armistice of World War I was signed in 1918, we observe two minutes of silence to remember.

Despite our generally accepted roll as peacekeepers rather than war mongers, it's hard to forget that over 116,000 Canadians have given their life in a war, so that this world can be a better place for us all.

We still have thousands out there in harms way every single day.

So I remember, every single day.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

John McCrae

I've got nothing else, but my sincerest thanks....

Poker 101, just walk away....

Did you ever have one of those runs where no matter what you decide on, the entirely opposite will absoloutely always happen? That's pretty much how I ran all this weekend.

So I was doing pretty good in an event when I was dealt the 6c-7c in mid-position. I threw out a medium sized raise, only to have the button jam and be called by the SB. Natch, I'm totally done with the hand. Only to watch it go on to be the winning straight flush of course.

On the button myself and early in another game, I draw A-3 and don't care to see the flop with it.

In yet another game, it's way too early for me to play an A-9 off-suit to two players willing to get lot's of chips into the center pre-flop. So I fold it.

When a short stack jams them all in the center and it's not enough to get me off a suited Asian-Jew, I found myself knowing how the hand would ultimately play out. You see, I started a little ahead!

I always know what to do when the junk just keeps on finding me. I accept that it's going to happen all day, and I head to the "junk game." RAZZ somehow always makes me feel better! The problem is that on this weekend, even RAZZ decided to kick me in the junk.

Unfortunately for me, this trend continued all weekend long. In the Brit game, I ran my straight into a higher one to put me out second Gigli. I then sat down for a little more RAZZ, only to watch as I was dealt three rolled up hands in a row. For the record, the odds on that are staggering to say the least. That was enough for me. I finally turned on my own little doom switch of poker, and shut the damn thing down.

Tonights TuckFard night for those of you able to make it out.
7:00pm EST for NLHE and at 8:00pm, we'll fire up the HORSE game.
Both are just $3.50 to enter and the P/W for the games on FullTilt is of course donkey.

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Care to cross the pond anyone....

Time once again for one of my favorite weekend games....

This is Cloud (cloud71) and Acorn's (zagga) game and if you haven't been reading them, you should be!! Despite what the banner says, the game actually starts at 4:00pm EST for those of us on said time schedule. It always a ton of fun and filled with a bunch of good folks.

After having to miss Saturday's with Doctor Pauly yesterday, (due to another pay-off for not-so-mini-Peb's in another photo-contest! WoooOOOoooT!!!) I'm going to try and get back from our visit with Fred in time to make it, "across the pond" for this one.

Hopefully I make it and I can see a bunch of you there!

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