I beg you Gary Bettman....


As a Brewers fan I was quite naturally concerned about the damage that Allan could do to the game of Baseball. As it always is with Beer, the greed was WAY stronger than "The Bud."

Baseball now lives on in parks that are empty.
With players AND owners wondering, "what went wrong?"

For once it wasn't simply "The Bud" that ruined the party. In fact despite that it pains me to admit it, Selig just may save Baseball from its cash whores. The guy might actually somehow manage to make the game of interest to the real fan once again.

But then there's Gary.

I submit quite simply dear Gary the short, NO miniscule! List of players exempt from The Hockey Hall of Fame today, should your UN-FUCKING-BELIEVABLE, did I mention idiotic? Rules about physical contact in Hockey apply.

1) John Stewart
2) Gordie Howe
3) Robert Gordon "Bobby" Orr
4) Joseph Richard Sr.
5) Robert Hull

All weak links in the Hall of course, I understand.

Perhaps in your supreme advisor roll of the last decade or so, I should go with a few players of more recent vintage?

Say these five?

6) Jethro
7) Ron Stevens?
8) Rod Langway
9) Allan MacInnis
10) Cameron Neely

The rules of Hockey before you Gary;

Smash the Hell out of the guy:

a) with your shoulders up
b) your elbows down (sorry Gordie!)
c) NEVER leave your feet
d) at all cost it's best to avoid the head and of course, hitting from behind.
e) SCREW RULE d), if the idiot is stupid enough to present himself in such a manor that makes it possible.
f) Head's up as you play AT ALL TIMES!

60 minutes
28 penalties
19 power plays
11 5 on 3's



Get the fuck out of OUR game ASSHOLE.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....