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Truckin' - November 2008, Vol. 7, Issue 11

Welcome back another issue of Truckin'.

1. Jupiter Four by Paul McGuire
Cal never had a chance. After one season of winter ball in the Dominican Republic, he walked away from baseball. He was miserable down there. His Spanish was bad. He caught a nasty parasite and his girlfriend constantly begged him to come home.... More

2. A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Conviviality by May B. Yesno
The voice crackles and chatters. The sum and substance of the call is an invite to play with resistors and transistors and bread boards, hot solder and imagination. One of the customers wanted company. His wife was off chasing her particular dreams of sustenance some six hundred miles away across two mountain ranges... More

3. Luna Moth by Betty After Dark
Then you flipped me. On my back. Crawling on top of me. Hovering over me, you pushed my arms above my head. I imagined you had tied me up. You fumbled. We giggled... More

4. The Green Chip by Jonathan Bennetts
In just over twelve months Alex had hit rock bottom and it seemed like he had been there forever. He plummeted headlong into being a hopeless drunk who'd lost everything; his sole reason for living now was to raise five bucks daily for his quart of Orillia Tiger Ruby Red Port wine... More

5. Pizza and the Party by Matt Moon
tried talking and joking with Brittany but she was giving one-or-two-word responses. She was not digging me. She'd rather stare out the backseat window than associate with me. That was very unfortunate. I was really hammered and she had some cute aspects to her. I kept trying to progress the conversation but failed miserably every single time.... More

What a Long Strange Trip It's Been...
From the Editor's Laptop:

Thanks again for wasting your precious time with Truckin'. The November issue features two new writers, Matt Moon and Jonathan Bennetts. We also have two veteran scribes returning in May B. Yesno and Betty After Dark. And yeah, that's a sultry dirty story from Betty! I also added a bit of fiction to the mix for this issue.

Please tell your friends about your favorite Truckin' stories. The writers definitely appreciate your support.

Also, if you know anyone who is interested in being added to the mailing list, well, please shoot me an e-mail.

Thanks to the writers enough for writing for free and exposing their guts, blood, and soul to the universe. Their art and dedication inspires me and I hope it inspires you too.

Be good,

"Never pretend to a love which you do not actually feel, for love is not ours to command." - Alan Watts

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Frantic Friday's.... (NSFW?)

Otis has Mental Massage and BadBlood has Metal Monday's. Not wanting to be a direct thief but not being that creative either, I've decided that I should put up a few Frantic Friday's.

I've decided that for the next few Friday's, I'm going to ask for some help on a few major decisions I need to make. I find Friday to be the best day to get advice from everyone out there, as the prospect of going into the weekend generally has that great vibe about it. I find everyones really got their thinking caps on on Friday's.

So..... here goes!

I'm thinking about switching over to contact lenses. So Peb's ask's if I'm getting regular or coloured ones. I didn't even know there was such a thing as coloured contacts!

So what colour should I get?

My first instinct, was to go with Blue.

But I've always personally had more of a thing for Brown eyes.

I remember Schaubsy mentioning something about Green being his favorite.

But I find myself leaning towards Hazel.

Sorry Drizz! I just can't see myself getting Purple!

Oh and please don't get all jammed up and do what Riggs did and say, "just get three.....

or four pairs Dude!"

I mean, it's not about the money to be honest. I just don't think I need any more than maybe two, do you?

So....... any thoughts?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


When a Donkey speaks and it's you....

Every once in a while I need to make a brutal decision, just so that I can prove to myself once and for all, that I am indeed still an idiot! Last night I did just that.

It started out innocent enough, with just one double or nothing table. I got ahead fast.... Like REALLY fast! In a run worthy of Astin himself, I was dealt pocket Aces two of the first four hands and in both cases, I managed to hit the set against players with big slick. Too sweet for words ! So feeling the rush, I fired up another one.

Running two tables has never been an issue for me, as long as the connection holds up. Well for some bizarre and unexplainable reason last night, my 79 miles of dial-up was purring like a kitten. Six hands into that game and I'm dealt a playable looking pair of red Jacks in the SB. I'm allowed to limp with just one other caller and the three of us see a flop of A-J-J. OMG !!!!! There was a checked around flop and then the turn brought a second club, in the form of an 8. This started the betting war that went back and forth between the three of us and finally, all the chips managed to get into the center. I felt a huge rush of adrenalin as all three stacks were slid my way at the end. I was running hot in both games now, with triple the chips at each table.

If there's one thing I've learned about on-line poker, when you're being bitch-slapped by the RnG, you should really walk away. So in my peanut squash, logic dictates you ride the wave as far as it will take you, when the opposite is occurring. Yup! Let's get a third table fired up Bam! How it was working on the dial-up I have, I have no idea. But it was and the speed was the same as if I only had the one game going. SaaaaWeeeeeeeT !!!

No big monsters early in this one though, but I figured it was still early. I got into a pot with a shorty in Game #1, knowing full well we'd probably be playing for his entire stack post-flop. I was holding big slick this time and saw a flop of A-10-Q. As expected, he jammed it in after my check and I was left with a decision. TPTK and a gutter to a straight. What would he be holding? My brain said A-x and I hope it's not a Queen or 10. I play so brutal in these spots at times, particularly when it's only just on 2-1 for my money. Figuring it was possibly a Donkey play, but I had lots of chips to work with, I made the call. Acey-frickin-duecey!!! Well because the RnG is all over me in love right then, not one single duck hits on the turn or river and I've eliminated another one. The very next hand, two players get at each other and get it all in the center. It's Aces vs. Kings and the rockets hold. So in the first game of double or nothing, I'll take double thank you very much!

Back to two games and feeling pretty comfortable, I realize that the mookie would be starting in just about 15 minutes or so. Hmmmmmmm...... good connection....... was just running three tables really well...... the 79 miles of dial-up is on fire !

Can you sense the idiotic tendencies building in this thought process? I can now, but I sure as hell couldn't see anything wrong with it last night.

So on with this sick and twisted plan I go. While running PokerStars and two tables on my dial-up connection in the middle of nowhere, I fire up FullTilt and register for the mookie. Brilliant I say...... BRILLIANT !!!! MmmmmWAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Then in Game #2 over on Stars, I flop Broadway while on the button and being allowed to limp. After seeing the flop raise from villain #1, I decide to put him to the test. He bites and that game is over as well. So in the second game of double or nothing, I'll take double once more thank you very much!

Now I was a little busy with all that play going on, so I forgot to take a shot for prosperity purposes. but I did think of it once the mookie was about 15 or 20 minutes in. Here's my craptastical 7 yr. old computer in the middle of Heaven on Earth, 79 miles from anything even remotely considered technology, running both sites and both games.

I know, I know ! To you this is a drop in the bucket. But to me, last night started out like some incredible on-line poker Nirvana. I almost felt..... well..... GEEKY.

Now here it comes....... wait for it...........

"I should fire up another double or nothing!"

There are times when a man catches himself talking aloud to no one but himself. I find, (through reflection only unfortunately!) that these are the times he SHOULD NOT listen to what he is saying!

I fire it up, I make a call in the mookie, I make a raise in Game #3, I make another call in the mookie....... wait! Why the hell did I call there? I take down the pot in Game #3 and fold in both the mookie and Game #4. Who's that at my table in the mookie? Hey Fred! Raise in Game #4..... crap ! That was the mookie! Now raise in Game #4 oh crap! I need to jam in game #3, this guy will pay me off! GOLD !!!!

TwoBlackeAces : Hey Bam, sry I got 8 tables on the go here. How are you

Now whether you know me or not, I'm sure you can imagine the look on my face as I ponder playing 8 tables at a time? Hell! I'm making mistakes galore in three, and one of them just started.

I tried, but I'm just not ready to play three games at once and have proper social interaction with the friends that I want to. I made three really good plays in the mookie, but I mixed them in with 4 really, really bad plays. I donked off to Al in a race of live cards vs. Big Slick. My mookie was over.

On the brighter side however, in games #3 and #4 of double or nothing, I'll take double from each of them as well, thank you very much!

Crushed by my donkery in the mookie, I sentenced myself to playing $12 at a $0.25/$0.50 RAZZ table. I set myself one rule, double or nothing. My penance was not long lived however, as I stood up with about $33.60 just 16 or so minutes later.

With all things back to right in my world, it was time to shut it down. Surprisingly, I actually listened to myself when something intelligent was being said. It was about time!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Well I'll be damned....

I just realised that I have another November milestone to celebrate!

Apparently time really does fly when you're having a little fun. I can't believe it's been a whole year that I've been jotting down my random thoughts here in Bedrock. When I look at a number like 270 posts in that time frame, it boggles the mind a little to be honest. I've always said that there's a lotta' crap stuck between these ears though, so I probably should have done even better I guess.

DAMN !! I've got to stop looking at things! I just found another one! I guess I can also say I've been a Blogger for two years now as well. It appears that Saturday marks the anniversary of my first ever post over at The TuckFard blog. When I re-read that one, it all came back to me like it was only yesterday. I can't friggin' believe it's been TWO YEARS! When I look back at the last two years, I find it truly incredible where this path has taken me.

It's only fitting to start with DonKaaa. One day completely out of the blue, he gives me a shout and say's, "I've found us a poker game." In typical Bam fashion, I didn't even know we were looking for one! At the first of these games promoted by a group calling themselves Red Hot Poker, I found out that the Poker was actually a NLHE MTT event. With my switch set to obviously-super-luck-sackery-yes-I'm-a-Donkey, I had my "skills" all wound up. I ended up making it to the final three. There I sat with not a single clue how I did it. I remember having to make a really tough fold to a guy that had been pretty much running over the table. I was pretty sure that that fold was a bad decision, and that that one single move, prevented me from taking the entire thing down. But then again, that guy was really, really good! That guy was soon also very unbeknown'st to him, about to become brudder Carson.

That takes me to all things TuckFardian. As we chased "better" Poker all around town, trying to drop the call station always going to hit on the River crowd, we all started to grow closer and closer. Then one day Carson seemed to have an epiphany. "Let's create a game in my basement!" And TuckFard Poker was created. For those that have met a few of the TuckFard crew, you'll know what I mean when I say, I'm very fortunate to have been involved with the whole group. Yeah I'm a "hugger" a class clown and a laugher but! Anyone who has anything bad to say about any TuckFard, should know that they'll have to deal with me in another way all together. From the Bar scene, to basement Poker, to special events where we put some serious cash to good use, to our own on-line NLHE and HORSE games on FullTilt, no other way to put it... TuckFards Rock!!!!!

Through the blog's I've also been fortunate enough to have met some extraordinarily wonderful persons. I could sit and type out names I guess but in all honesty, I know that you all know who you are! As I sit and write this, I know exactly who is going to read it and feel good about the times we've had together and that my friends, really makes me feel wonderful.

This time has also been so wonderful with the love of my life, Pebbles. Letting me drag her around wherever the travels of this blog take us. Be it Vegas for a weekend, a beer in Phoenixville PA., a cool cats only "EH-Vegas" game or wherever else a whim and some wind may take us. With the very real probability of us not making it out to Vegas for this years WBPT events, I may just have to come up with a little something on my own to pay my darling Wife back, for always heading in the same direction that I seem to be headed.

What a great ride this past couple of years has been, and I have been so incredibly fortunate to have met each and everyone of you along the way.

So to my new friends just recently getting started, I advise you to make an effort to meet as many of my old friends as you can. I know you will come out way ahead once you do.

To each and every one of you out there, it is with great humility and nothing but the deepest sincerity that I say,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Milestone month....

I'm not really sure what it is about the month of November, but it seems to have a very large number of milestones for me personally. Another one came to my attention via an e-mail from a friend yesterday morning. A friend I haven't really kept in touch with for going on 20 or so years. I honestly have no idea how he managed to even find me. But I'm sure glad he did!

Today's milestone?

I know it won't mean that much to anyone else out there, but it's actually quite surreal for me to realize that all of this fun was exactly, half my life ago.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Off and on the grid....

Well..... I pretty much managed to spend the weekend off the grid!

Special congrats to Al and the Poker from the Rail site over at FullTilt! You see, Al held a little game at 6:00pm on Saturday night for anyone that reads his work over there, and to have just shy of 400 players show up is a pretty incredible thing. Nice work Sir! Well deserved indeed. I couldn't make it, due to an incredibly hot date plan with the wife. Not "The Wife," although serious consideration was given to a trip out that way for a Saturday night dinner. (And yes! I am serious.) Occasionally, Peb's and I can be found just about anywhere for a date. This time found us heading out East for some Sushi at a spot we'd found a very long time ago. We've never been disappointed there before and this time, was no exception. It was as always, a delectable and incredible experience.

We also spent some time out in Collingrock during the day Saturday, as we took not-so-mini-Peb's out that way to enter another photography contest. This is the same contest that she'd entered, ( AND WON !!) last year at this time and I'm thinking a repeat performance is quite doable, based on the work that she submitted. Our girl has a killer eye for capturing the essence of a scene and some mad skills when it comes to getting that out in a picture. But then again, what's any proud Daddy gonna' say right? We'll see how she did and I'll let you all know, when all the judging is completed next Saturday. GOOOOOOOOOO BABY GOOOOOOOOO !!!!!

I'd also like to share some news of a new Blogger in our community as well. Some of you may have noticed a new player at some of our regular weekly games. She's been a staple for the last little while at our Monday night TuckFard games, and I know that she's been toying with the idea of becoming a full blown Pokerslut for the last month or so as well. This new blogger also made a splash last week, with a Skillz win AND a Riverchasers win back-to-back. We've been in communication for the last week or so, and I personally think she has some real potential to blog it up with the best of them. I know one thing... I seriously LOVE her sense of humour!

I'd greatly appreciate it if you'd take a second or two to stop by and welcome TheGoatlady to this wild and crazy ride we call blogging.

I did play in one Poker game over the entire weekend. The Brit Bloggerment is a fav of mine on the day's I can make it out. This is Cloud and Acorn's extravaganza, and for those occasional lazy Sunday afternoons around Bedrock, it's always a pleasure to play in. The folks are a blast to hang around and since I read both blogs on a regular basis, it sometimes feels like I've known them longer than I actually have. Al also sweetened the pot a bit this week, as he added an FTOPS seat to the prizepool. Now, not that I really thought I had a chance at that big prize, but it was great to be part of the action. Others that made the virtual journey across the pond were, Al himself, Waffles, smokkee and the ever beautiful Kat. I shared time at the tables with all of them and as always, it was my pleasure. I really couldn't get anything going at all and after making a calculated, (read guess) jam with A-x, I busted out 6th. of the 22 runners that made it out for the fun. In the Turbo / 1500 chip starting stack format, you really need that one hand to get you up in chips. Mine just never came. I stayed steady at about 2400 chips the entire time. It was close though at one point! I had a small bet battle with a player interested in a K-8-J flop, as I held and appropriately bet out with pocket King's pre. At first, I thought this may be the one to build me a stack. But alas, he seemed to lose interest, despite what I thought would look like a very suspicious raise by me. I have to gather that my opponent was just trying to steal that pot away. To bad he didn't actually have a little something there.

TuckFards I and II both run again tonight. I hear that it's a special HOT CHICKS edition tonight, as Peb's will be joining Suzy_Q, Queen_K, RedNeckTuckFard, TheGoatlady and hopefully Kat at the tables. I'll of course be there to run my mouth off at the fingertips! Come join in on the fun at 7:00pm est. for our NLHE game and then play a little HORSE with us at 8:00 as well. Both games are on FullTilt and the P/W for both is always..... donkey! Honestly, it's the best $7:00 you can spend on a Monday night IMHO. Hope to see you all there.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....