It's the essence of time....

Usually, time is of the essence. But time of late has only been spent worrying, wondering, helping and hoping. That time drags like an anchor attached to the anchor, of a very slow boat to purgatory.

The essence of that time, merely shifts though the use of distraction. Distraction that has been far too few and in between these last several weeks. Short bursts of distraction that help focus the mind away from anything and everything hurting. Short bursts supplied by good friends and caring family. Short bursts that are sometimes so powerful, they allow the grey and black to be peeled back, allowing glimmers of colours to sneak in around the edges of life, as it currently flows along it's dark and morose path of choice.

There'll be a short burst making an appearance tonight in Bedrock.

Yes, the Bedrock home game is on! Sometime this evening, friends will help temporarily heal the blotch of darkness that hangs over the heart of my one true love. Then just perhaps, I will take a moment and enjoy the short burst myself. A short burst made possible by truly caring friends. So don't be surprised my friends if tonight's event is a really, really, REALLY deep stacked game. With the opportunity to see my beautiful Wife smile and laugh like she really and honestly means it, I may just be a little selfish and keep you around for a bit.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Takin' it, one hurdle at a time....

Well... he cleared the first major hurdle on the road to recovery. One of our fears going in to the operation, was focused on the combination of Fred's age, his Diabetes, Heart condition and of course, the problems he's had breathing for the last little while. None of which bode well, for the length of time he'd need to be on the table for the Cancer surgery.

I'm ecstatic to report that Fred not only survived the surgery, but appears to be thrilled that the black Devil has finally been removed from his body as well. Reports late last night indicate, that his spirits are high and he is resting as comfortably in the I.C.U. as is humanly possible, after such an ordeal.

Of course there are several more hurdles to come, as we work him back to wellness. But clearing that first one..... Well I can't begin to explain what a relief it's been to the family. We know that there's lot's of work to do and several long day's and nights ahead of us still for sure. But with the love of family and friends, it's been a process that's brought each of us just a little closer together as we go through it all. As is typical for this family we say.... BRING ON THE NEXT HURDLE. We CAN and WILL do this!

Although Fred really can't grasp the concept of what we all do here in our little Blogosphere, I'll continue to pass on each and every well wish that you all have offered up. What seems to be lacking in comprehension, can always be made up in volume! His wry and yet very sincere smile as I pass on the messages from everyone, truly tells me how much he really appreciates your support. From Peb's and I, we can't possibly thank everyone enough for helping to put that smile on his face. From me personally, I get to see it twice. Once from my Peb's and then from Fred. I'll never be able to tell you properly, what that means to me.

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Good Luck Fred....

Today's the day that two surgeons, a full support staff and a family on the edge, all do their best to kick Cancers ass.

God bless and good luck Fred! You are dearly loved.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Bet the "Bam" HORSE in the 2nd....

Yeah that's right! I did it again. After a totally craptastic TuckFard I, where the best hands I saw all game were a Sooted A-8 and a pair of 3's after the hour of time invested, I won the main event! I (all about the ego!) like the sound of back-to-back HORSE champion!

In the NLHE TuckFard open, I saw exactly 4 flops in the hour I played. The two early ones, were to try and get something going. I won them both with absoloute air. Then as the first hour drew to a close, I ran A-8 into Queen_K's aces. Then with no stack left other than I think 30 chips, I ran 3-3 into Scotty's pocket rockets to finish myself off in style. Hilarious end to the game, as apparently FullTilt was a little worried about poor Scotty's Aces. Tilt made sure they would hold up as the best hand, by bringing the other two out right on the flop. Somehow, quad Aces actually held on against my 3-3 and I was done with the NLHE portion of Tuckfard Monday.

The HORSE game however, was an entirely different story. I uh.... got a few hands here and there. LHE was kinda meh and I really didn't play that many hands. RAZZ was incredibly sick as always. I won a bunch of chips and was staying ahead of the pack for the most part. The few pots I did lose, were ones where I was testing the waters with made 7's and 8's. I used a little pot control, just to keep any loss at a minimum. STUD was very good to me in both starting hand selection and having the deck slap me in the face. I just love it when that happens!

The biggest surprise, (and pot winner) for me last night, was Omatard! That was really, REALLY weird! I don't know if this will make sense to anyone out there, but it was like a light switch just suddenly turned on or something. All of a sudden instead of seeing four cards in front of me, I started seeing hand potentials and calculating risks and draw opportunities. I've said I'm not crazy about it all along, and I still feel basically the same about any split variation of poker. I don't plan on jumping too far up on the Omatard bandwagon, but it was kinda 'funky' being able to play it so well for one night. I guess I should re-explore the game in the near future and see how that goes.

It was great to see everyone out at the games as always. Along with the honourary Tucks, muhctim and cem, it was a blast having Memphis and Scott out for all the fun.

Peb's decided that it's been too long since we'd hosted everyone for a home game, so Friday it is! I'm totally stoked about getting three hot chicks to come over and play with me. ;) Remember ladies..... husbands are definitely optional! Specially with Queen_K agreeing that a another "Girls Gone Wild" episode, just may be in the works!

I was pleased to see that the Tuckfard sight broke the 200 post barrier this past week. Post 201 has a great picture of DonKaaa, Carson, myself and the rest of the gang all getting together for a little fun. You can see it HERE.


Don't forget about cem's Skillz game tonight on FullTilt. I'll be giving it everything I got to make it out to this one! I believe tonights format is STUD H/L with a deepstack. Hmmmmmm........ STUD huh? I've really been looking to try that game again! I remember I had some luck in it one other time.

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Happy Birthday Baby....

Yeah, two posts in one day! But this part is way more important than the goofy pokery stuff below!

My not-so-mini-Peb's turns 18 years old exactly......
Riiiiiiight NOW !!!

Happy Birthday baby girl! I love you with all my heart!


Hopefully see everyone out at the TuckFard fun and games tonight. If you can't find both games for some reason, I am registered as BamBamCan in both already so just do a search for me.

Also for those of you with nothing going on a little later in the night. Don't forget the LPRT game starts at 9:00pm as well. Given the opportunity and if all goes according to plan, (read : I stay sober'ish and am not falling asleep) I'll see you there!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

Barney can still drink and why Iceland ROCKS !!!....

The BASH practice with Barney went........ rather well! It was great to see everyone again. Of course that is, during the times that I could actually see straight! Had a blast and got caught up with everything going on in everyones little corner of Bedrock. All good times and far too much to drink. In other words, the perfect visit!

Played a little poker last night and had a couple of Donkey's stop by the rail. I was in a 90 player MTT and DonKaaa and brudder Carson stopped by and railed me to a 4th. or 5th. place finish. (can't really remember!) I know it's not much, but for me in a NLHE MTT of that size, I was happy with the way I played. I also ran over a couple of HORSE games and came out a winner in both. It was actually nice to run so well in the few games I did play. Makes a kid smile and think, there just may be hope for me after all. But then again, thinking that is probably the worst thing that could possibly happen.

Obviously if I was playing Hold'Em, I had to get the $ from somewhere. Well Saturday morning, I set up "The Office" and got down to business. As is almost always the case, it was pretty easy to get a couple of games going. I ran a STUD game and a RAZZ game side by side. I do not typically run the two together, but I felt it was time for some variety. I'm not 100% sure what the deal actually was, but man! Was I ever on my game! I made a few bucks and had a lot of quality hands get paid off in both. My personal favorite was, hitting my Quads on 6th. street in the STUD game. I'd already made a boat on 5th. and the hand was fairly well disguised. The 6th. street card, certainly looked like an action killer to me. BUT NO ! My opponent just kept applying the heat and hoping I would fold the cards I had showing. He seemed rather bemused and bewildered by the persistence I was showing, as he continually fired into the pot with me just calling along behind him. When it came down to 7th., I did my best to maximize the value of the pot, he did not disappoint! I couldn't break him in a $2/$4 game, but I got everything I could out of him. Thankfully, my Icelandic friend couldn't let go of his nut flush and it was a rather healthy pot! I proceeded to watch him lose two more buy-ins and help fund the "Bam-Bam" stupid games account along the way. None of this is really what makes all this my favorite though. I think it was when I saw that "Mr. Iceland" had joined in on my RAZZ table. Let's just say, it was REALLY good to see him there too!... ;o)

TuckFard games again tonight! 7:00pm NLHE and 8:00pm HORSE games as always. FullTilt's the spot and at $3.50 for the buy-ins to both, you just can't have any more fun for the buck. Hope to see you there! P/W as always is Donkey.

Fred update : After a Doctor's appointment on Friday, his surgery was moved up and will go this Wednesday. He's in great spirits and we are all standing by his side, as he heads in to his 'Oil, Lube and Filter.' Here's hoping all goes well!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....