Barney can still drink and why Iceland ROCKS !!!....

The BASH practice with Barney went........ rather well! It was great to see everyone again. Of course that is, during the times that I could actually see straight! Had a blast and got caught up with everything going on in everyones little corner of Bedrock. All good times and far too much to drink. In other words, the perfect visit!

Played a little poker last night and had a couple of Donkey's stop by the rail. I was in a 90 player MTT and DonKaaa and brudder Carson stopped by and railed me to a 4th. or 5th. place finish. (can't really remember!) I know it's not much, but for me in a NLHE MTT of that size, I was happy with the way I played. I also ran over a couple of HORSE games and came out a winner in both. It was actually nice to run so well in the few games I did play. Makes a kid smile and think, there just may be hope for me after all. But then again, thinking that is probably the worst thing that could possibly happen.

Obviously if I was playing Hold'Em, I had to get the $ from somewhere. Well Saturday morning, I set up "The Office" and got down to business. As is almost always the case, it was pretty easy to get a couple of games going. I ran a STUD game and a RAZZ game side by side. I do not typically run the two together, but I felt it was time for some variety. I'm not 100% sure what the deal actually was, but man! Was I ever on my game! I made a few bucks and had a lot of quality hands get paid off in both. My personal favorite was, hitting my Quads on 6th. street in the STUD game. I'd already made a boat on 5th. and the hand was fairly well disguised. The 6th. street card, certainly looked like an action killer to me. BUT NO ! My opponent just kept applying the heat and hoping I would fold the cards I had showing. He seemed rather bemused and bewildered by the persistence I was showing, as he continually fired into the pot with me just calling along behind him. When it came down to 7th., I did my best to maximize the value of the pot, he did not disappoint! I couldn't break him in a $2/$4 game, but I got everything I could out of him. Thankfully, my Icelandic friend couldn't let go of his nut flush and it was a rather healthy pot! I proceeded to watch him lose two more buy-ins and help fund the "Bam-Bam" stupid games account along the way. None of this is really what makes all this my favorite though. I think it was when I saw that "Mr. Iceland" had joined in on my RAZZ table. Let's just say, it was REALLY good to see him there too!... ;o)

TuckFard games again tonight! 7:00pm NLHE and 8:00pm HORSE games as always. FullTilt's the spot and at $3.50 for the buy-ins to both, you just can't have any more fun for the buck. Hope to see you there! P/W as always is Donkey.

Fred update : After a Doctor's appointment on Friday, his surgery was moved up and will go this Wednesday. He's in great spirits and we are all standing by his side, as he heads in to his 'Oil, Lube and Filter.' Here's hoping all goes well!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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