$4 doesn't go very far these day's....

Just as we were leaving Fred & Wilma's, I threw my $1.10 in for The Numblowme rebuy. It meant I'd be able to play, but I'd miss at least the first half hour. All the way home I caught myself chuckling. "I'll be way behind in chips. I'll have to play pretty loose!" Bwah-ha-ha !!!! I crack me up!

Despite missing half an hour to collect, (read: lose!) chips, I ended up with something like 12,000'ish at the break. Not nearly enough to really "play" with considering the size of some of the stacks I was up against. Like 457,000'ish !!

Oh and during that half hour, I pushed with anything. With the exception of a drink break and a "pit stop" I pushed every single hand. Now that was far from the case with many others, but I guess strategy poker in a $0.10 rebuy is some "peoples" thing. In that time, my stack went from $1000 to $19,000, back down to $2000, and just about every denomination in between. What a hoot! Oh and my hats off to mookie and muhctim at my table, both of whom I saw in every single hand with me no matter the cards. That really helped me enjoy the spirit of the game. Even though I didn't get the entire hour with you, I have no doubt in my mind that you kept it up the entire time. Cheers !

I ended up in 59th. position out of the 99 runners that showed up for the fun, when this hand just naturally had to happen. As you can see, it kinda played itself. As the cagey Rooster likes to say, "it's a game of kickers!"

I was obviously the crappy TuckFard once again, as I see brudder Carson and Queen_K, (Par_Tee_Ni) both cashed in the thing. Awesome!

Poor Y again! (RedNeckTuckFard) Third bubble of the week for the lovely lass and I don't care what anyone says, that's just not right. And rounding out the five Tucks that represented last night, DonKaaa busted out in the 12th. position. Great run to you all gang!

As for my results on Carson's lines for the event, I only missed total # of rebuys and the chips in play at break. But I really didn't expect 99 runners for the game. My numbers were based on a wild guess of 85.

It was a scream for the short time and $4.20 I was there for Numb.
I for one, would like to say thanks for putting it on for us.

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Brudder Carson has set some lines on this thing over HERE.

Not knowing if I can actually make the game, I thought I'd at least get in on the over/under of his lines. So here's my take on things.

Most rebuys by a single person: 125 = I'll take the under.

Total tournament rebuys: 4200 = I'll take the under.

Players with more than a starting stack after the rebuy: 20 = I'll take the over.

Players that quit before the break: 1 = I'll take the over.

Chips in play after the rebuy period: 4,260,000 = I'll take the under.

Waffles chip stack at the end of the rebuy: 2001 = I'll take the over.

Now hopefully, we'll finish up all our tasks in time for me to make it out.

= = = = = =

We got the latest news on Fred and to be honest, we're still trying to find as much positive in it as we can. The plan right now is to administer Chemotherapy for the next six months. Naturally, this is making for some pretty busy times. But the thought of no additional surgery being required right now though, is really helping us look on the brighter side of things.

I know I can never really get across how much I genuinely appreciate the support of all of you out there. In some pretty dreary, troublesome and down right draining times for us, Peb's and I have honestly found some of our happier distractions through all of this, thanks in no small part to you!

It is with my sincerest and most heartfelt appreciation of your friendship and support that I offer you, the Bam-Bam credo. It quite literally turned my life around.

Start each day by letting the ones you truly love, know that you do!
Bam-Bam (circa 1995)

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Choose wisely young Bam....

I had a myriad of choices for my evenings entertainment last night. I personally think, I ended up choosing wisely. See what you think.

Option #1 - I had tickets for last nights Leafs vs. Mighty Ducks game.
Option #2 - Waffles was going to play in the Skillz game. (PLO)
Option #3 - 199 complete strangers were heading down to a local bar.

What would you choose?

Here's what I went with :

Option #1 - The Leafs tickets were 17 rows from the ice, not quite center ice but about at the blueline. Pretty damn close to the best seats in the house, as far as watching a Hockey game goes. Well, I have a 10 yr. old Nephew who's never been to see a Leafs game live, but watches every single game no matter what. The Brother-in-law is a die-hard Leafs fan and has been working his butt off for sometime now, all in the name of his family. No-brainer here IMHO, I sent this Father and Son combination down to the game.

Option #2 - Another opportunity to try and get some of my NLHE $ back from Waffles in a non-HE game huh? Geez that sounds like fun and you know what, I actually like my chances in the four card bingo game. Oh damn! It's O8 ! I hate the split games so much, I have to really give this some serious thought. But then.....

Option #3 - While listening to the local radio to see if the snow, (YES SNOW !) was ever going to stop, I hear about one of the local bars having a bit of a get together. There would be some alcohol, some dancing, some laughter and oh yeah, these guys too.

And yes! They played "the" love song.

Sorry I missed the Skillz game cem!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


First, Second and.... a kitchensink?....

TuckFard Poker was a blast as always last night. We had 13 runners in The NLHE TuckFard Open, and then 12 players came out for the HORSE game an hour later.

In the NLHE game all of the regular TuckFards were out including, brudder Carson, DonKaaa, Suzy_Q, Queen_K and of course, the always tough RedNeckTuckFard. We also saw a special guest appearance by Jony2Pair which is always a pleasure! Steady regulars that showed up for the game included honourary Tuck muhctim and oh so close to honourary, MemphisMojo. The beautiful Katitude brightened up or little table, as did a new friend from Belgium, Heroneus. There were also a couple of the Sunday team league players in the mix, with ShockerKitten and DodgeCityBandit helping to make it a fun and enjoyable start to the night.

Queen_K went out Gigli in our first game. She and Jony2Pair got all their chips in the middle in a battle of kickers. In the end, Jony's K was a little too much for her J. Thus leading to a very rare and unusual early exit, for her HAWTness!

I ran hot 'n' cold through the first game, making most of my chips off of blatant steal attempts made at my blinds or bets. Several times there were one or even two, interested in pumping up the pot and apparently being satisfied with taking it down right then. Large re-raises back at them with A-A twice, seemed just enough to let them know I felt like playing. These two hands alone, got me into double-stack territory. Now I was able to pick and choose hands according to situations and strategy. After seeing A-A twice in about the first 15 hands, I figured it would be a pretty long wait until I saw anything too special again. And it was!

Some small and medium pots were picked up along the way to getting down to four handed, but not really anything significant. I had to make 2 calls with very borderline holdings, both while in a blind and shorties jamming their chips into the pot. I typed in "sick call coming" because I had to figure I wasn't that much of a dog, but I had to be the dog. There just wasn't enough chips involved, to get me off of the hand. I won the first race against Jony2Pair when amazingly enough, I was actually ahead pre-flop. The second race was more like a slaughter! But again, no real impact to my stack so, I felt the need to take a stab. I also had Carson on the ropes with all his chips in pre, but my K-K was no match for the gazillion Aces that hit the board for his Asian-Jew. For some reason, these ones just seem to come naturally now and roll off me like water off a Duck. Do you think that means I'm getting better at this game, or just more cynical?

Poor Redneck was bubble-girl in game #1, as the "card-fairy" just completely ignored her until the very end. Then when she did pick up a few of her stronger hands, naturally she didn't have enough chips to scare anyone off. There were suck-outs, several of them actually, and she was done. Oddly enough, in her last hand my K-K managed to survive her Asian-Jew in some kind of redemption move for earlier on. It was just the wrong player to do it to. Carson was next, as he either went completely card dead, or was waiting to pick a spot. Memphis treated him like a ragdoll at times, but did double Carson up once. Again he played no hands for quite some time. Brudder Carson eventually moved in with K-8 I think, but he didn't have enough chips to push Memphis off of any hand after already committing so many chips. The call was made and if I remember correctly, Memphis held J-J to take Carson down. Then Memphis just kept it coming against me heads up too! He did have a 2-1 chip lead I think, so my work was cut out for me. After I popped the pot an additional $800 with Q-Q, Memphis made it $2500 to go. I sensed the opportunity to get some more information from him and figured I could see where I really stand, if I made it $4200. He flat called. Fine, at least now I know I'm up against any Ace! Well I'll be damned if an Ace doesn't just pop right out there on the flop. So typical and after his bet, all I can do is fold and type DAMN!

It was actually some pretty damn fine Poker to be honest! (just don't tell him I said so! ;) ) I really had nothing for Memphis at the end. Head's up, I got away with a couple of steals and didn't get a call when I really could have turned it around. Finally, I become the one with not enough chips to scare him off, and my J-J push means nothing to his stack. I think he flopped a Queen right off the bat, so it was all over but the drinking. So in game #1, I go home the first loser! VGG Memphis Sir, always a pleasure!

Game #2 of course, is HORSE. Something a little closer to home and my heart than NLHE. Most of the regulars made it out once again, but we were also joined by another of the honourary Tucks, cem. I honestly have no Idea how cem Gigli'd the HORSE game, I was a little too busy watching Memphis run over me in the Hold'Em. Sorry I missed you cem, but if all goes well, hopefully I'll see you at your Skillz game tonight. PLO8 right? Should be insane! We were also joined by an up and coming Tuckfard favorite, TheGoatLady. Talk about someone that fits right in to the TuckFard genre! Yikes, it's downright scary to think what damage we could do together in a home game! The Liver shudders and, the mind boggles!

I got off to a pretty good lead in the HORSE game. I had about 4 hands played total in the first 20 or so, and they were monsters that got paid off too! That helps get you through some of the dry spells. Then in Razz, I took a calculated risk against what could've been a made 5 with my made 6, it was a lucky guess and it paid off! The very next hand, I make my wheel on 6th, (improving from another made 6!) and get paid off HUGE when the situation is reversed. My opponent had a made 7 and made the same gamble I did earlier. It was a pretty lucky run to go on there!

Poor 'ole Redneck just had to bubble in this one too! I know that feeling, and I never wish it on her again! I know HORSE has some elements that are new to you Y, but I hope that you know that I love to see you keep coming out! You are definately our most improved player IMHO!

It came down to myself against two new players in our games. Unfortunately for them, they caught me as we switched over to Razz and then STUD. I was able to build some large pots and take them down fairly easily, each time I held a monster hand. Head's up came down to a no-brainer call of about 400 chips, on top of my 2000 in the BB. Funny enough, I was ahead once again and stayed there. So I finish 2nd. in the 1st. game, and 1st. in the 2nd. WooooOOOooooT me!

Also want to give a quick shout out to The Doc. It was great to have you stop by for a visit last night. Sorry I couldn't talk a bit more, I was kinda' busy giving Memphis all my chips in one game, while trying to gather everyone elses at the time! ;)

= = = = =

And now for a question to all the "geeks" out there. Anyone have any idea what the deal is with the kitchensink thingy going around? I got it popping up continuously at home. I can't administrate my blog, get into G-mail or do almost anything at all in google mode.


My minds a crazy thing....

I took a weekend off Poker and instead had a blast at the Golf course. Yesterday was the last official function at, “The Bear,” and what a riot it was! There was only one thing missing though, no DonKaaa ! BOOOOOOOOO !!!!!!! (you were seriously missed !) Oh and the weather was un-real for this time of year in Bedrock! I mean it was October 19th. for cryin' out loud and I was in shorts and sandals! Just wild!

This event is always one of my absoloute favorites, despite it being one of the tougher games for me to win. It’s The Men’s Shootout where 19 Golfers start on the first tee, and one player is eliminated every hole thereafter. The worst score on the hole is sent packing until ultimately, there's only one player left standing. In the event of a tie for worst score, a Shootout is held between everyone in that tied position. It could be a chip off, a putt off or any other shot of skill that nets a closest to the pin winner.

What makes this so difficult is that it’s all based on handicap. When you have to pretty much give the entire field a stroke a hole, and some of them TWO !!!! You’d better bring your ‘A’ game for sure. I certainly brought mine……… for 8 ¾ holes! One bad break got into my head and then I let it mess me up. I hit a great tee-shot on the Par 5 ninth hole, giving myself a perfect chance to go for the green in two. At least that’s how it looked from the tee. When I got to my ball, I’d found that I missed the fairway by about 4”. Well, it’s October 19th. in Northern Bedrock, to say the rough was a little long would be a huge understatement. To make matters worse, the vast majority of the grass surrounding my ball was behind it. I had no shot. Like, I’ll be extremely lucky to make contact with the ball at all no shot! Man I was pissed!

I did my best and gave it the ole’ Sergio slash and I managed to move the ball about 60 yds. forward and out into the fairway. At first I was ecstatic… that was until I realized I’d just put the pond that protects the front portion of the green directly in play. Quick check for the pin and of course, it’s dead front and center! With no one in any trouble at all and having to still give strokes on it as well, I had to go pin seeking to move on. So seek I did! I threw the ball up into the air on a near perfect line. If anything, I was just a little off to the left. In the air, I loved it and asked that ball to, “Be the right one baby!”

My ball landed about a foot onto the green and bounced forward about another foot as well. Then it really bit hard and started spinning back. ALL THE WAY BACK ! I’d just sucked it back into the pond and pretty much thought I’d taken myself out of the game. As I waited to see what kind of shot I’d have to make after my drop, two others had some real trouble themselves. One I was playing straight up, the other I had to give a stroke to. My disappointment turned back into focus and my initial thought was, “I need to sink this chip.” I honestly thought I did it too! My Bogey putt ended up being a 2” tap in from just behind the hole. I lipped the chip out. The good news was, both of the other players in trouble tied my score. I was in a three-way shootout. The shot picked was a downhill lie, across the pond to the smallest portion of green to work with. A tough shot for sure. The Leprechaun drew first to act and to no ones surprise, he stuck it about 5’ from the stick. Next to act was ‘T’ and he did exactly what I thought he would, he dunked it in the pond.

Since all I had to do was get on and stay on the green now, I picked a slightly wider portion to work with. Great idea, bad execution. Suffice it to say, I put a second ball into the water. Rather than perform the same shot to determine a winner, we were moved to a putt from the opposite end of the green. A putt of about 80’ with severe break from Left to Right. This time, I’d drawn the honours and would be going first. I nestled that putt to about 4’ below the hole. The rest was now out of my hands. ‘T’ did what he had to and as his ball came to rest about a foot closer to the hole than mine, all I could do was shake his hand and wish him good luck the rest of the way.

With Donkaaa not making it out for the game, that also meant no Queen_K. That bummed Peb’s out huge, as the two of them have always run this event together. Peb’s now had to fly it solo and I just want to say right here and now, what a great job you did my love! She kept us all in line, was totally fair and un-biased in selecting who was first to act on every green and always choose the Shootout location wisely. Each and every one of them was tough, but still fair.

I was playing so well and really striping the ball at will for both distance and line, I really thought I was un-touchable. I let one bad decision after a pretty bad break get into my head. And unfortunately that’s all it takes to get you out of the game.

= = = = = = = =

TuckFard Poker tonight everyone ! Wheeeeeeeeeeee !

7:00pm est. on FullTilt is The TuckFard Open NLHE game.

The HORSE game runs at 8:00pm and the P/W for both as always, is donkey.

Hope to see you there. :)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....