2011 < 2012....

2011 brought about much change for Bedrock.

-New Home
-New Employer
-New Life
-New Adventure
-New(er) Outlook on Life
-Less Friend Time
-Less Writing (insert grain of salt here)
-Less damn near anything in fact

Well.... except work.

You see the changes of 2011 brought out the real work monster within me, one not seen for nigh on two decades. I've always been a "worker" and honestly, it's something I take a great deal of pride in. Although the business cards read Management and to many I share the day-to-day drudge with there's an "upper" in there somewhere, when you take the time to shake my extended hand you'll know, I do not do very well with the whole 'riding a desk' thingy. My strategy for success has always been the same you see and for the most part, the reaction has proven to be quite favourable over all. I believe it's because they know when I say, "Together, we can get things done." fellow workers know that I'll get down and dirty to help the team out.

Changing a culture of 25+ years has not gone without a few hiccups of course, but they were to be expected and honestly, they were anticipated and dealt with accordingly. If there's one thing my Asian mentors truly managed to educate me successfully in it's this;

While a wise person will embrace it, PEOPLE WILL ALWAYS RESIST CHANGE!

Although I can't really say too much right now about anything, Peb's and I are getting ready to do a whole lot more embracing in 2012. For you see the both of us quite proudly, are persons. Some of you know small bits and pieces of our future and to me, that's because I trust you, l̶i̶k̶e love you or in general, just find you to be of the person persuasion yourself.

For us 2012 will bring with it more challenge, more change, more adventure and quite naturally, more work. But with all that comes the one thing that only truly hard work can offer, much more opportunity and as a person, I'm really looking forward to it all! So despite a lack of time to drop in here and bastardize the English language for you my dear reader, 2011 has actually been a terrific year in total for Bedrock. Despite actually having to pick the whole town up to relocate it!

To Peb's and I 2012 represents more change and with that of course, will once again come more work. So who knows when I'll get the time to share the details with you back here? Certainly not this kid! I'll just promise you that I will, each and every time an opportunity presents itself. In the meantime kids I wish each and every one of you a happy, healthy and most prosperous new year and remember, when given the opportunity to show your inner person take it! That way you can always ensure that you're letting the people around you; only see your better side!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....