Frantic Friday: It's no shot of SoCo, BUTT Edition....(NSFW)

Whenever birthday's roll around, I think I usually nail the correct :

down immediately. Well at least for my friends and family.

As an example if it was The Wife's special day of the year, I'm sure it'd be a no-brainer to pick her up some :

Then there's someone like Astin, who we all know as one of the great :

in the land of :

I'd bet that most of you out there would try and grab him something useful in the Kitchen. BIG MISTAKE! Having been there myself, I'd have to refrain from any gadgetry related to cooking! I think he actually has everything.


Actually come to think of it. This is pretty much Astin Birthday time of the year anywho, isn't it? I think I'll take a look at something he could really use. I'll try and see if I can find my buddy just the right :

Oh make no mistake!

It's not that his place needs to be tidied up a whole whack or anything! Remember I did say, "just the right" one didn't I!

Actually, I do know my man's real weakness and I think I'd have to exploit that to get just the right thing for his present.

Lord knows he loves to cook with AND eat :


Well a little birdie also tells me, that some Hippie is getting a little bit older by the minute these days too. Naturally if I was anywhere around the old fart, I'd buy him a celebratory shot of his go-go juice with a water back. Hell, maybe even two!

But since I'm not hanging around the bum, the least I can do I figure is plaster this little corner of the intertubles with a bit of AlCantHang Happy Birthday presence. (see what I did there!)

So anyone that knows our Al surely knows of his weakness, (that he calls a "fondness" by the way!) for those :

Can't say I blame my little buddy either!

Lord knows that the curvy :

have always been able to captivate me as well.

In fact when they combine the curves, the Canadian factor and the fact that they're a sensually thrilling :

just like my girl :

it's damn near enough to drive a kid to distraction!

For those not familiar with this redheaded Canadian sweetheart, a not so subtle gallery featuring her many assets can be found for your pleasure here.

When it comes to Al's taste, I'm pretty sure that the old school :

will be right up our boy's alley. (or have I got that back-ass-wards?)

Whatever! Just in case you're not certain, here's a few other NSFW shots if you so desire, just to make sure and all.

Although not always appearing as a :

but usually more like the innocent red'ish haired cutie seen here,

one of my personal favorites out there, is Ana. As a smoking hawt Strawberry Blonde Ana, can always bring a smile to my face.

Yeah........ uh-huh, I know.

Hopefully these few shots make up for the lack of actual "shots" my friend. Now get back to your favorite hobby of hunting :

that for once in your life young man, ARE NOT :

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Get out there Al and find that :

Because one things for certain you ain't gonna' find her here and most definitely, you ain't gonna' find her while you're googling :

for your weekly BadBlood butt bonus™ pictures.

Talk about :

I mean, sheeeesh!

Makes my butt clench :

just thinking about it.

Well that's going to have to do for now, at least until we meet up in Vegas and I get to buy those drinks I'd mentioned. Hopefully everyone celebrating a birthday around this time of year, is, will or did have a great one! A couple of my closest friends got together and made a pretty special sign for you all.

Remember everyone :

Yes :

can help offset the differance between when you're being :

and when you're just being a big old cuddly :

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Live blogging my email....

Against my better judgement I went and listened to and even took the advice of, a friend of mine. I sent myself an e-mail into the future and as I'm very prone to do, I forgot all about it. Sorry kids but at 1,000,047, you'll just have to cut me a little slack for that!

Now... what the hell was I saying?

Oh ya the letter from "the old" me, right!

Apparently I figured that this had to be so priceless that before opening the whole thing, I told myself to live blog it with you. So here goes what will more than likely amount to....... well.... absolutely nothing!

We'll be flipping in and out a little, as for some donkified reason around these parts, people actually expect legit amounts of work to get done throughout the day. Bizarre I know!

12:30pm. Wed. Sept. 23, 2009


To : bam-bam
From : yourself!
Sent : Sept. 16, 2008

Hey Idiot!

Did you remember that you sent this thing? I didn't think so. I'm pretty sure that I actually forgot all about it a mere week or so after clicking send. No matter, just remember that you promised me that you'd live blog it when it did come!

= = = = = = =

Spooky and un-canny how little I've changed in a year! Hell for that matter, in the last 20 or so years to be honest! The memory is quite possibly even worse than first thought too! I can't for the life of me recall why I wanted this live blogged. Oh well.... onwards and downwards!

= = = = = = =

So when I sat down to do this thing that Otis did, all I had was a few random questions I wanted to ask you in a year or so. You probably wouldn't believe how long I struggled to get the right questions and pick the right return date.

Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh........... I know. I knew that would jog the nut in your squash a little. The return date! Sept. 23, 2009, one short week after your daughters 19th. birthday. I gave you the extra time to get through the moment remember?

So how is it?

What's it like having a person that can vote, drink and do damn near anything else she wants to do for a daughter?

= = = = = = =

The recollection of sitting down to write this thing, really started to flow as I re-read that first question. My not-so-mini-peb's had turned 18 the day before I'd sent this. Despite the enormity of the number 18 being associated with my daughter, I sat up that night wondering what another year would bring. A year in which her nation would count on her to make a difference with her vote. A year in which we could very well find ourselves parked at the same bar down the road, but with entirely different people and plans. A year in which quite frankly, (and supposed to be secretly until this!) I'd hoped that time would slow right to a crawl. Like most Father's I guess, I designated the year 19 to adulthood and total self reliance. I mean if the government sees my baby as an adult, how could I or who am I to stop the cog that turns the wheels of life?

The answer is I'm no one!

Well except for the Father of the daughter that will always remain, her Daddy's little girl.

= = = = = =

Did you cry when you answered that?

I knew it! She always could get to you.

Next question. I've been fixated on the lack of 9/11 anything going on this year. It's like everyone has moved on and put it out of their minds. Right now I attribute this to the pain and shock factor involved. It was so terrifying and carried such tremendous pain and sorrow for everyone involved, the faster it can be left behind the better. Did you go to the cemetery again this year? Never mind! Stupid question I know! I hope you said hi for me.

= = = = = =
*LIVE 1:15 pm.

Unfortunately not much has changed this year. The memory of lost friends, loved ones and hundreds of innocent bystanders and rescue workers, seems to have been back-burnered by the vast majority.

And yes that was a pretty stupid question. Of course I said hi for you, in our own unique little way! There weren't as many around the monument this year. I hope it was just my timing. I'd hate to think everyone was too busy to take the time to stop by and say hi as well.

= = = = = =

How are you and Peb's making out? I know you've been worrying ever since she lost her job. Worrying about her mostly. Hoping she'd find something that would make her happy, knowing she'd be watching and worrying over every aspect of life's little budget plans for us. How are you holding up after a year of it buddy?

= = = = = =

Actually, things are not exactly perfect but you want to know something? Things are pretty damn good, compared to what can be seen happening to others. First off, Peb's is on her second job since the ordeal. She comes home happy and smiling and that of course, makes me all warm and fuzzy inside. The books are what they are. Things may never get back to the significant amounts of black that was showing on our budget of 2006. So what?

Yes we watch more carefully now and are conscious of our purchases as we go along, who doesn't? We are not stuck head's in the bank books, like some miserly Ostrich accountants. We just use more common sense and less wimsey as we go.

My glass is and shall always remain, 1/2 full my friend.

= = = = = =

Last one.

I don't think I'm going to Vegas this year and it really sucks. Are you going to make it?

= = = = = =

OH yes my man, I most certainly am!

= = = = = =

Really sorry about the "idiot" thing to start. It's been a rough year and looking forward, it looks like an awful long road to hoe as well. You know, Fred's had some issues and I'm really worried about him. And Wilma and Peb's of course! It's going to be one hell of a test of this families abilities to cope, as we all go through this together. But in my heart of hearts I know that that's exactly what is going to happen. This families bond is the single most miraculous thing I have ever experienced in my life. Here's hoping Fred is still around to get a little chuckle out of something stupid you say or do today!

Take care of you, 'cause I care about you.


= = = = = =
*LIVE 1:40 pm.

It was a challenging year for certain. I don't think I'd go all the way to tuff though. Support from family and friends makes everything easier than it should be and trust me when I tell you, I really do run like a god in the friends and family department.

Fred is and will continue to battle the ugly "C" word. Three more "somethings" have been found on his Liver and so now, we start the process all over again. For the fourth time. Once again with no shadow of a doubt, I expect this family will come out of it 100% in tact and stronger than we were going in.

That's just how they've taught me to roll.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Which switch is which....

Up late/early seemed to run a little rampant last evening, as I quite pleasently ran into CK in the chat this morning. Which was very, VERY am. for her out West. She was juiced up about a Poker session last night and had the mile a minute mind machine, throwing thoughts around in her head. I could sympathize, although in an "I'd already gotten a little sleep last night" way of course.

The mental machine ran well into the night for me as well, after I ran into a situation I'm not quite sure I ever want to go through again. First things first however, I do love me some HORSE! So the game was NOT the issue. I sat down to two games like I've been trying to do more of and settled in to what I thought was going to be some easy additions to the bankroll. Two 16 player events, paying out the top four in each. I've been cashing in these steadily and honestly, I'd seen no reason to worry about doing it again in either of these. It's not arrogance..... it's confidence! (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

In every single one of these games there are the same basic cast of characters. The rocks, the LAG's, the clueless, the sharks and.... almost always the one NLHE junky, looking for a fix to his funk. You wind your way through the field, careful to avoid the mines along the way. Weeding out the dead wood and culling the weak at every opportunity. Simple really. I mentioned to CK however that last night I was thrown a huge curve ball.

In one of the games with a screen shot of a table open sat the rocks, the sharks and almost every blue chip HORSIE I had any respectable amount of notes on. In the other open screen for the second game, there sat the LAG's, clueless and at least four hold'em junkies that I had quite a fair bit of information about.

The two games were diametrically opposed.

Facts about both games:

One orbit at the table we'll call #2, saw a minimum of three limpers and a raise/re-raise in every single hand. Then the hands went to the river 71% of the time at least. One orbit at what we'll call the solid table #1, saw exactly one flop. The action was over after the turn.

One orbit at table #1 was equal to 2.25 orbits at table #2

The first player was out at table #2 in a mere two hands.
The first player was out at table #1 in a mere hour.

Bust down to final table at table #2, occurred in 47.5 minutes.
I made final table at table #1, about an hour and 10 minutes later than that.

Hands in the lead that came out losers at table #2 = SEVEN.
Hands in the lead that came out losers at table #1 = One.

Hands played at table #2 = Twenty Eight.
Hands played at table #1 = Twelve.

Hands won at table #2 = Eighteen
Hands won at table #1 = Eleven

Average pot size won at table #2 = 2600 chips.
Average pot size won at table #1 = 2100 chips.

I bubbled the money at table #2 when during O/8, I couldn't get there with 12 outs twice and a huge pot in the middle. I know I could have picked a better spot for sure, but the lure of playing for the win right there and then, was obviously way too much for me at the time. With that play leaving me drastically short on chips, I was forced to jam the next "best looking" hand I got dealt. That Ad-Ac-2d-4c, obviously was no match for the 7h-8s-8d-8h. Even with the Ace of hearts coming for me, right out the door. all the other hearts in the deck couldn't quite get out of there fast enough, and IGHN.

I cashed for a third place finish in the other game, getting two very solid hands paid off by the eventual fifth and sixth place finishers. In each case they were in the same spot as me in the earlier game. Not quite as draw heavy as I was mind you, but in deep enough to change the flow of the game for them, should they have won those hands. In my bust out hand in RAZZ, my A-3 buried and door card 4 improved to A-3-4-6. I was up against a 5-9 showing. With three to come I made my move and got the call I wanted. When I saw he held A-3-5-9 at the flip, I have to admit I'd felt pretty good about the play. When I hit the 5 on sixth I was positively giddy. Then the stack of chips was pushed his way and the congratulations message popped up on my monitor. Yes in case you're wondering at home, I did say WTF? out loud. His 6th. street deuce and 7th. street 4, kicked my lilly, (NOT Little) white azz off the table. At least he gave me a GG in the chat!

But that's just the rundown. The actual facts of these two games was far more important. It was feckin' exhausting! I was more mentally spent from switching my mindset and actually paying attention between the two completely contrasting styles of play, than most anything actual work can do to my head. Drooling at the opportunity to take the stack off a newbie on one hand, then struggling to let go of descent holdings at the other table, despite the fact that I knew I had to be beat. Winding the range of hands to play up to damn near ATC, (or three or four) at the one table, all the while zoning in on only the perfectly disguised hands of death, over at the rock.

Hours of "enjoyment" turned my brain into mush by the end of the night. Where eventually I lay awake playing the vast majority of the hands I did play, over and over and over again.

Normally I have what I call, "a switch." I don't sleep that long or that often but when I do need to, I have mostly always known when it's time to throw the switch. I try to just collapse, shut down and close the eyes with the switch. All things should eventually go quiet. Not after those two games however. No tossing, no turning. Just two eyes and a brain refusing to not only throw that damn switch, but to even remotely acknowledge it's existence!

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Just for the fun of it....

Can someone please make that thingy =======>

go faster?

I don't really know what it is. Maybe the lack of a real Summer with weather befitting the season, or perhaps it's the frost we've awoken to on several ridiculously cold mornings in mid-September. Whatever the case may be, I do recognize that the Fall doldrums have locked onto my soul and just won't let go. They've got me like Drizz clutching his Cap'n Coke, or the way that a PaiGow table can create that hold on Otis and BadBlood.

Yeah, it's really that bad!

Although I surely know that I'll be right back up to snuff come December 10th. and the start of the WPBT gathering, I seriously hope it doesn't take that long to swing back around for me! (By the way for those asking, Bally's was the spot that wanted to take the best crack at getting their money back from me. So that's where you'll find Peb's and I for a couple of hours or so over the WPBT get together this year.)

It sure seems that I've got these doldrums pretty bad and to me, that's a bit depressing. Specially considering that for all of the 1,000,047 years up until this particular morning, this kid didn't even know how to spell doldrums let alone put up with their shit!

= = = = = =

Oh and since this is supposed to occasionally resemble a Poker blog of sorts, blah....blah....blah....won my last two games played, blah.... where good hands actually held on. blah.... and won a game before that, blah.... blah.... when my shorty move with pocket Queens, mysteriously managed to crack both the Cowboy's and Bullets I naturally threw'em all-in-pre against. blah....blah.... actually had a pretty good run of late, blah....blah....blah.... sitting on a six straight win session, with a very hard to believe nine out of the last ten sending cashies in my general direction. All the while providing minuscule support to the old NLHE joke of a bankroll blah....blah.... of course, blah....blah....blah.... that's all happening at just one of the many available donation stations called, blah....blah.... on-line "Poker" blah.... blah....blah. All things are still good in the World of course, over at the house that the Lederer built. blah....blah....blah.... where I continue to run like the Dog that found the full ex-lax package on the floor. blah....blah....blah.... So to me at one of the little pay-as-you-play on-line "Poker" rooms around town, it's all still a joke. blah.... blah.... Oh well, at least there's some damn good stuff to read over there I guess!

blah....blah.... But over at 'the other' room of doom where I hope you are also enjoying some good reads, blah....blah.... it seems like maybe there could be hope for me in NLHE afterall. blah....blah....blah.... I know, I know! blah.... blah.... you just had liquid of some sort, blah....blah....blah.... come rocketing out of your nose.

On the pimpage front, I heard rumours of a new game in town on Friday Nights. Something about a rotating format game, that would be a $1 rebuy along the lines of the now infamous and sorely missed NLHE Donkament. I heard you could check it out HERE. I never actually go there personally though, the guy never writes! ;)

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