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Can someone please make that thingy =======>

go faster?

I don't really know what it is. Maybe the lack of a real Summer with weather befitting the season, or perhaps it's the frost we've awoken to on several ridiculously cold mornings in mid-September. Whatever the case may be, I do recognize that the Fall doldrums have locked onto my soul and just won't let go. They've got me like Drizz clutching his Cap'n Coke, or the way that a PaiGow table can create that hold on Otis and BadBlood.

Yeah, it's really that bad!

Although I surely know that I'll be right back up to snuff come December 10th. and the start of the WPBT gathering, I seriously hope it doesn't take that long to swing back around for me! (By the way for those asking, Bally's was the spot that wanted to take the best crack at getting their money back from me. So that's where you'll find Peb's and I for a couple of hours or so over the WPBT get together this year.)

It sure seems that I've got these doldrums pretty bad and to me, that's a bit depressing. Specially considering that for all of the 1,000,047 years up until this particular morning, this kid didn't even know how to spell doldrums let alone put up with their shit!

= = = = = =

Oh and since this is supposed to occasionally resemble a Poker blog of sorts, blah....blah....blah....won my last two games played, blah.... where good hands actually held on. blah.... and won a game before that, blah.... blah.... when my shorty move with pocket Queens, mysteriously managed to crack both the Cowboy's and Bullets I naturally threw'em all-in-pre against. blah....blah.... actually had a pretty good run of late, blah....blah....blah.... sitting on a six straight win session, with a very hard to believe nine out of the last ten sending cashies in my general direction. All the while providing minuscule support to the old NLHE joke of a bankroll blah....blah.... of course, blah....blah....blah.... that's all happening at just one of the many available donation stations called, blah....blah.... on-line "Poker" blah.... blah....blah. All things are still good in the World of course, over at the house that the Lederer built. blah....blah....blah.... where I continue to run like the Dog that found the full ex-lax package on the floor. blah....blah....blah.... So to me at one of the little pay-as-you-play on-line "Poker" rooms around town, it's all still a joke. blah.... blah.... Oh well, at least there's some damn good stuff to read over there I guess!

blah....blah.... But over at 'the other' room of doom where I hope you are also enjoying some good reads, blah....blah.... it seems like maybe there could be hope for me in NLHE afterall. blah....blah....blah.... I know, I know! blah.... blah.... you just had liquid of some sort, blah....blah....blah.... come rocketing out of your nose.

On the pimpage front, I heard rumours of a new game in town on Friday Nights. Something about a rotating format game, that would be a $1 rebuy along the lines of the now infamous and sorely missed NLHE Donkament. I heard you could check it out HERE. I never actually go there personally though, the guy never writes! ;)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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