Frantic Friday: It's no shot of SoCo, BUTT Edition....(NSFW)

Whenever birthday's roll around, I think I usually nail the correct :

down immediately. Well at least for my friends and family.

As an example if it was The Wife's special day of the year, I'm sure it'd be a no-brainer to pick her up some :

Then there's someone like Astin, who we all know as one of the great :

in the land of :

I'd bet that most of you out there would try and grab him something useful in the Kitchen. BIG MISTAKE! Having been there myself, I'd have to refrain from any gadgetry related to cooking! I think he actually has everything.


Actually come to think of it. This is pretty much Astin Birthday time of the year anywho, isn't it? I think I'll take a look at something he could really use. I'll try and see if I can find my buddy just the right :

Oh make no mistake!

It's not that his place needs to be tidied up a whole whack or anything! Remember I did say, "just the right" one didn't I!

Actually, I do know my man's real weakness and I think I'd have to exploit that to get just the right thing for his present.

Lord knows he loves to cook with AND eat :


Well a little birdie also tells me, that some Hippie is getting a little bit older by the minute these days too. Naturally if I was anywhere around the old fart, I'd buy him a celebratory shot of his go-go juice with a water back. Hell, maybe even two!

But since I'm not hanging around the bum, the least I can do I figure is plaster this little corner of the intertubles with a bit of AlCantHang Happy Birthday presence. (see what I did there!)

So anyone that knows our Al surely knows of his weakness, (that he calls a "fondness" by the way!) for those :

Can't say I blame my little buddy either!

Lord knows that the curvy :

have always been able to captivate me as well.

In fact when they combine the curves, the Canadian factor and the fact that they're a sensually thrilling :

just like my girl :

it's damn near enough to drive a kid to distraction!

For those not familiar with this redheaded Canadian sweetheart, a not so subtle gallery featuring her many assets can be found for your pleasure here.

When it comes to Al's taste, I'm pretty sure that the old school :

will be right up our boy's alley. (or have I got that back-ass-wards?)

Whatever! Just in case you're not certain, here's a few other NSFW shots if you so desire, just to make sure and all.

Although not always appearing as a :

but usually more like the innocent red'ish haired cutie seen here,

one of my personal favorites out there, is Ana. As a smoking hawt Strawberry Blonde Ana, can always bring a smile to my face.

Yeah........ uh-huh, I know.

Hopefully these few shots make up for the lack of actual "shots" my friend. Now get back to your favorite hobby of hunting :

that for once in your life young man, ARE NOT :

Not that there's anything wrong with that!

Get out there Al and find that :

Because one things for certain you ain't gonna' find her here and most definitely, you ain't gonna' find her while you're googling :

for your weekly BadBlood butt bonus™ pictures.

Talk about :

I mean, sheeeesh!

Makes my butt clench :

just thinking about it.

Well that's going to have to do for now, at least until we meet up in Vegas and I get to buy those drinks I'd mentioned. Hopefully everyone celebrating a birthday around this time of year, is, will or did have a great one! A couple of my closest friends got together and made a pretty special sign for you all.

Remember everyone :

Yes :

can help offset the differance between when you're being :

and when you're just being a big old cuddly :

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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