Lost Pimpage, or Existentialist conversation about Pauly....

In keeping with my reputation of never being within the first two or three hundred to do something, I figured it was just about time to share a little news with everyone out there.

It's finally here!

You can purchase your own copy HERE.

Do NOT try to "borrow" mine.
This is not how it works!

For those of you that drop by here regularly and are not aware, you can follow some of the best World Series of Poker coverage over at Pauly's place as well.

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So, I have this thing for boobs see....

Last month, Josie put up a silly little quiz about herself and asked for everyone to take a shot at the correct answers. She also said there'd be a prize waiting for the winner. ( total comment whoring if you ask me. :) )

Anywho.... I won.

Now in all fairness since there was a breast size question, I think I had a real edge on the competition. Since we all know, that I certainly know, that you all know, that I know, what everyone should probably already know by now.

I loves me some boobs!

True to her word, the Very 36C Josie has bought me into her game tonight.

I'm already registered so if you want to be really lazy, you can just player search for me and sign up yourself.

I hope to see you all there and remember,

knowing boobs does have it's privileges!

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Is it just me....

Is it just me, or is anyone else also seeing far more hands like this boats vs. boat vs. boat of late?

OBV., I wasn't in this hand, but I play a whack of these $2 super-sats. Mostly for the top three paid $5.50 BR building benefits. But lately I've lost with flopped quads twice and several times at least, I've watched my made boat just wash upon the shore, to at least one if not two, bigger boats filling up on the turn or river.

Just wondering.

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My Independence Day....

I know that the 4th. of July holds so many great memories and meanings, for dozens of my American friends out there in our little blogosphere. Well to your boy Bam-Bam, Independence Day takes on a rather ironic meaning.

You see fourteen years ago yesterday, right at twelve noon, I took possession of a little cave I liked to call "The Loveshack." The name came courtesy of Wilma, whom upon first site of the palatial estate told my darling Pebbles, "Peb's, you just gotta' be in love with this kid. I can't believe you're even thinking about living in that shack!"

To this kid, Independence Day will forever be the day my Peb's made a choice to place me at the top of a pretty amazing list. It was the day that quite simply, I became the luckiest man alive. Fourteen years ago to the day, Peb's confirmed her lifelong commitment to me. Of course like many of you out there, we celebrate a wedding anniversary as well. It's just that to me, I'll never forget exactly how I felt that particular Independence Day fourteen years ago yesterday, when Peb's simply looked me in the eyes and answered with "yes."

How good do I run huh?

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