So, I have this thing for boobs see....

Last month, Josie put up a silly little quiz about herself and asked for everyone to take a shot at the correct answers. She also said there'd be a prize waiting for the winner. ( total comment whoring if you ask me. :) )

Anywho.... I won.

Now in all fairness since there was a breast size question, I think I had a real edge on the competition. Since we all know, that I certainly know, that you all know, that I know, what everyone should probably already know by now.

I loves me some boobs!

True to her word, the Very 36C Josie has bought me into her game tonight.

I'm already registered so if you want to be really lazy, you can just player search for me and sign up yourself.

I hope to see you all there and remember,

knowing boobs does have it's privileges!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Josie said...

Jeezus, my face is bright red, as I read your post IN WORK....yes it's true, MY Name is Very Josie and I am a comment whore. I've been outed!

Thanks for the plug Bam Bam!

Memphis MOJO said...

See ya there.

KenP said...

You're lucky to be Canadian. I hear there are wall to wall boobs -- mostly downing Molsons.