Well I'll be damned....

I just realised that I have another November milestone to celebrate!

Apparently time really does fly when you're having a little fun. I can't believe it's been a whole year that I've been jotting down my random thoughts here in Bedrock. When I look at a number like 270 posts in that time frame, it boggles the mind a little to be honest. I've always said that there's a lotta' crap stuck between these ears though, so I probably should have done even better I guess.

DAMN !! I've got to stop looking at things! I just found another one! I guess I can also say I've been a Blogger for two years now as well. It appears that Saturday marks the anniversary of my first ever post over at The TuckFard blog. When I re-read that one, it all came back to me like it was only yesterday. I can't friggin' believe it's been TWO YEARS! When I look back at the last two years, I find it truly incredible where this path has taken me.

It's only fitting to start with DonKaaa. One day completely out of the blue, he gives me a shout and say's, "I've found us a poker game." In typical Bam fashion, I didn't even know we were looking for one! At the first of these games promoted by a group calling themselves Red Hot Poker, I found out that the Poker was actually a NLHE MTT event. With my switch set to obviously-super-luck-sackery-yes-I'm-a-Donkey, I had my "skills" all wound up. I ended up making it to the final three. There I sat with not a single clue how I did it. I remember having to make a really tough fold to a guy that had been pretty much running over the table. I was pretty sure that that fold was a bad decision, and that that one single move, prevented me from taking the entire thing down. But then again, that guy was really, really good! That guy was soon also very unbeknown'st to him, about to become brudder Carson.

That takes me to all things TuckFardian. As we chased "better" Poker all around town, trying to drop the call station always going to hit on the River crowd, we all started to grow closer and closer. Then one day Carson seemed to have an epiphany. "Let's create a game in my basement!" And TuckFard Poker was created. For those that have met a few of the TuckFard crew, you'll know what I mean when I say, I'm very fortunate to have been involved with the whole group. Yeah I'm a "hugger" a class clown and a laugher but! Anyone who has anything bad to say about any TuckFard, should know that they'll have to deal with me in another way all together. From the Bar scene, to basement Poker, to special events where we put some serious cash to good use, to our own on-line NLHE and HORSE games on FullTilt, no other way to put it... TuckFards Rock!!!!!

Through the blog's I've also been fortunate enough to have met some extraordinarily wonderful persons. I could sit and type out names I guess but in all honesty, I know that you all know who you are! As I sit and write this, I know exactly who is going to read it and feel good about the times we've had together and that my friends, really makes me feel wonderful.

This time has also been so wonderful with the love of my life, Pebbles. Letting me drag her around wherever the travels of this blog take us. Be it Vegas for a weekend, a beer in Phoenixville PA., a cool cats only "EH-Vegas" game or wherever else a whim and some wind may take us. With the very real probability of us not making it out to Vegas for this years WBPT events, I may just have to come up with a little something on my own to pay my darling Wife back, for always heading in the same direction that I seem to be headed.

What a great ride this past couple of years has been, and I have been so incredibly fortunate to have met each and everyone of you along the way.

So to my new friends just recently getting started, I advise you to make an effort to meet as many of my old friends as you can. I know you will come out way ahead once you do.

To each and every one of you out there, it is with great humility and nothing but the deepest sincerity that I say,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


SirFWALGMan said...

Gratz donkey.

My final out said...

Great post Bam. You are one of the reasons I started this whole blogging thing. Congrats on the milestones.


Hairy Gymnast said...

And long may it last!

DrChako said...



Memphis MOJO said...

Two years, wow, congrats!

Changing the subject, I was driving through south Memphis and saw a street named Pebbles! I'm going to get my camera and take a shot of it in "honor" (or whatever) of the two of you!

BWoP said...

Hooray for Bam and Pebs and TuckFards!!!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely correct... that was a horrible lay down.