Handy Andy and the Kidney shot....

First off... nice to see so many friends support the event last night. It's efforts like that that make me think, I just might be a descent judge of character after all! I know one thing. I'm a damn lucky man to have met a bunch of you out there! (even if it is only virtually so far in some cases!)

The Bad Beat on Kidney Failure event was a blast last night. It included several good friends, several other Bloggers from within our little community and four FullTilt pro's that chipped in for a great cause. Jennifer Harman, Marco Traniello, Amanda Baker and Andy Bloch.

I'm quite happy to say I sat at the tables with three out of four. I missed Marco while rushing through the crowd, but I had played with him several times in the past. I'll take the time right now to say thanks to all four of them. Let's face it! they don't know any of us from Adam and they certainly don't have to do squadoosh for any single one of us. But just the use of their names in this cause, had to have enticed a few extra players to jump into the game, and that was what this was all about. Getting players to donate to the cause. So therefore, I salute all four FullTilt Pro's for helping out the cause!

Also special thanks to Wolfy and DDionysus for the most excellent railing! That was a great help guys!

As I worked my way through the minefield that is a NLHE MTT, I was constantly amazed by the hands that were being played! Now perhaps with it being a charity event, this should have been expected? I don't know. But even Mr. B will have to admit that he was quite the serious card rack, when it came to gettin' the chips in bad. There were a few hands where I thought the chat box was never going to stop scrolling down! There were lot's of derogatory comments from a few of his, "catch-ups" during the game, but I'm going to tell you something. Andy Bloch was nothing, if not a perfect gentleman the entire hour and a half we sat at the same table. From ignoring a few of the more idiotic comments in the chat, to not missing a single "gg" as any player was knocked out, Mr. B was the perfect example of a spokesperson at their place of employment. I say well done Sir! NH and VGG !

Now if I can only convince him to never take me out of a game again!

Yeah, I busted out in 8th. of the 85 runners, when Andy Bloch wasn't making another goofy 444, 555 or 666 raise with Ace-rag. Earlier on as we moved to final table, I'd raised him 888 as a sort of comedic relief for myself more than anything. I'm not sure it was that well received by the others, but his "lol" in the chat made me feel right at home. So later on as we were down to eight handed, in mid-position I picked up an A-Q. The players behind had not been interested in the blinds that much, and particularly in the BB of Mr. B. Having seen him protect with several, (at least 8x) A-x hands to a raise, I figured my stack needed a few of his chips! I made the raise, it folded around to him and he did as he had done, on every other occasion. He raised it up. WAY too enticing an offer for me, having seen the hands that he had been defending with and only having about 12 or 13 BB's left, I jammed them into the center. I lost a 47% / 53% race with Andy Bloch and you know what? For a donkey that doesn't usually play so well in these NLHE MTT's, I can live with that.

Also huge props to my Boy's NewinNov and Schaubsy for kicking some azz and making it three of us blogger type's at the final table. Man you both played well from the hands I was lucky enough to see. Congrats on the great finish to you both!

There was also a special added bonus during last nights game ! I found my wedding present for Gracie! My table had the pleasure of having Gracie join us for a while, and I was promised she'd seek out Maudie and get a big 'ole Bam hug on the day of the nuptials. I missed my Maudie hug back in December last year, despite the fact that we sat at the same table for a bit. Two birds with one stone, now that's "Sweet-Sweet," even if I do say so myself!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Wolfshead said...

Good game sir. And Bloch was a frikkin rack last night.

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice job. 8th in that field is pretty darn good!

Champ said...

Good game. Any took me out too with 66 vs AK PrF.

It was a blast playing against him.