Poker 101, just walk away....

Did you ever have one of those runs where no matter what you decide on, the entirely opposite will absoloutely always happen? That's pretty much how I ran all this weekend.

So I was doing pretty good in an event when I was dealt the 6c-7c in mid-position. I threw out a medium sized raise, only to have the button jam and be called by the SB. Natch, I'm totally done with the hand. Only to watch it go on to be the winning straight flush of course.

On the button myself and early in another game, I draw A-3 and don't care to see the flop with it.

In yet another game, it's way too early for me to play an A-9 off-suit to two players willing to get lot's of chips into the center pre-flop. So I fold it.

When a short stack jams them all in the center and it's not enough to get me off a suited Asian-Jew, I found myself knowing how the hand would ultimately play out. You see, I started a little ahead!

I always know what to do when the junk just keeps on finding me. I accept that it's going to happen all day, and I head to the "junk game." RAZZ somehow always makes me feel better! The problem is that on this weekend, even RAZZ decided to kick me in the junk.

Unfortunately for me, this trend continued all weekend long. In the Brit game, I ran my straight into a higher one to put me out second Gigli. I then sat down for a little more RAZZ, only to watch as I was dealt three rolled up hands in a row. For the record, the odds on that are staggering to say the least. That was enough for me. I finally turned on my own little doom switch of poker, and shut the damn thing down.

Tonights TuckFard night for those of you able to make it out.
7:00pm EST for NLHE and at 8:00pm, we'll fire up the HORSE game.
Both are just $3.50 to enter and the P/W for the games on FullTilt is of course donkey.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Memphis MOJO said...

You're saving your good hands for tonight for the Tuckford Open!

SirFWALGMan said...

I was searching Google for the most retarded way to play NLHE and this post came up.