Frantic Friday, the SFW editon....

On the way in to work today, the discussion on the local station was about spending Lottery winnings. It wasn't one of those typical, "what would you do with all that money?" type of discussions either. It was all about vehicles. The question was, "What one vehicle would you just have to have, if you had all of that money?"

Peb's and I have had this discussion so many times in the past, I just thought it was hilarious that it was actually being discussed on the radio! I've never been able to actually lock myself in to one, "must have it and only it ride." I would take forever to decide, if I was only allowed one. Peb's on the other hand, is so damn practical. She'd take anything that safely and somewhat stylishly, gets her from point A, to point B.

There was one commenter during the show that got me really thinking about today's topic. He said, "I'm already well off and I love my LT1 'Vette like no other car I've ever had. But I have a buddy that's still driving around in an old rusted out '78 Honda Civic. I'd buy him a new car right away."

The D.J. rightfully asked, "OK then, what would you buy for him?"

He said, "I don't know, whatever he wanted."

I found that to be a bit of a cop out. I mean, a gift should come from the heart and I guess giving someone their choice is cool and all, but I personally think it's way better and means so much more, if you take the time to think and get something that you believe is perfect for the receiver.

So they got me thinking. What vehicle would I buy for a blogger friend, if I could buy the one in the first place. I actually found this process to be fairly easy. So from my heart, here are just a few examples of what I would buy for whom.

For The Doc : If you're going to get one, get the best!

The Wife : Can't clash in the driveway with The Doc's ride and MUST be the perfect accessory for those fabulous red shoes. Got it!

Kat : Light, Nimble, Powerful & Beautiful. Sounds like a perfect match to me!

Al : They say this beauty runs on Alcohol. Again, sounds like a good match!

BadBlood : Serious muscle, 10 speaker 1100 watt sound system AND truly Bad = No Brainer! The custom plates are a nice touch too!

Drizz : Dude, if it HAS to be Purple, it better be Plum Crazy!

Mookie : As the pro-creation champion of the world, a Mini-Van is a must! But I personally think that getting 742 off-spring around town, should have a little style to it.

Iggy : One of the easiest of all of the decisions to be made actually.

Riggstad : I think I've finally found the true definition of, "The Man Truck."

CK : It had to be Classy, Flexible, Little, Yellow and a bit Different. Got it!

TheGoatlady : An eye for an eye, a Goat for a Goat!

And finally,

Waffles : Not really one thing... not really another either. Kinda' "break even" if you know what I mean. But I still think it should be a bit Classic. AHA, Bingo!!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Mookie said...


That beats a minivan any day.

DrChako said...

The Ferrari 250 GTO is the background picture on my laptop. You can buy that for me anyday ('cause The Wife sure as hell won't let me have one)!


Instant Tragedy said...

1964 1/2 Black Ford Mustang with tinted windows and 2008 interior comforts...

Drive in style and comfort.

Sorry, I've been in a world of my own this last month, hopefully I'll be a little more less hidden.


BWoP said...

Awwwwwwwwww! If I pulled up to my parents' house in that car, my dad would have a fit. He loves those kinds of cars. I bet he would try to steal it away from me.

The Wife said...

Nice choice . . . and bless you for buying him a Ferrari so I don't have to.

Drizztdj said...

I want.