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As always on a Friday night here in Bedrock, you'll find Peb's and I over at Kat's place for a little "therapy." Last night was no different. The issue we always have when it comes to having so much fun, is who plays? There's only one 'puter in the cave and the 79 miles of dial up can be challenging enough for it. Since I played in The TuckFard Open, The Skillz game, The Mookie and the Riverchasers this week, it was a no brainer letting Pebbles take control of the click-a-ma-thing-a-ma-bob while I entertained myself in the girly chat.

As it turned out, it was a pretty good decision too! Her starting table included Hoyazo, Mookie, TanOrpheus, IslandBum, PushMonkey and Muhctim. Tough crowd! The other TuckFards were all bunched up at a table together that consisted of Butchhoward,Dino_burger, DonKaaa, Katitude, NumBono, Brudder Carson, Nutzy and Schaubs. All in all, it was great that I was on chat duty. These are some of my favorite kids to gab it up with and sometimes, just read along with their banter. An entertaining crowd at a fun event and my baby at my side, what else could this kid ask for? Oh yeah, the Scotch!

Peb's sucked out huge in the very first hand when her big-slick managed to survive against "The Bammer." She then won a coinflip with 8-4 up against 8-3 off-suit. It was her night early for sure. She went on a little card dead run for a bit and then decided it was time to raise with ATC as any good Donkamenter would. Problem was, no one would play. She pushed 3 times in a row from out of position and no one called. Weird! As we approached the first break, she pushed once more with "The 'sooted' Carson." She finally got her caller and as expected, "The Carson" was as good as presto. She flopped the top end of the straight and was well on her way to a decent stack. It was break time and she was third on the leader board.

The second hour was an up and down experience for Peb's. The stack didn't dip too low or climb too high. It was actually kind of "meh." This must have been what was bringing Pebbles closer and closer to the bed that was calling her name. She was done. Handing me the mouse with a kiss and a g'nite, I was now responsible for her finish on the night. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee............

Second break brought us to the final table. The table was made up of Carson, Hoyazo, Islandbum, Nutzy, Mookie, DonKaaa, Butchhoward, Schaubs and I. Four Tucks entered, four Tucks at final table. TuckFards Rule !

We also had my ulti-railer Instant Tragedy stop by for some fun. Uber-glad he was there. One of the nicest "persons" I met in Vegas last December. We stay in touch through comments and chat, but it was very cool having IT there last night.

Hoy pwns Carson! There is just no other way to put it. When Cars is in with the best of it, Hoy crushes. When Cars is in a race, Hoy wins. I can't tell you how many times we've had the discussion about the Hoy vs. Carson epic battles. Last night... well last night was just sick. Carson could not even win one hand if he and Hoy were doing battle. Schaubs, Mookie and DonKaaa were out and the six of us settled in for some good clean fun. I was on a roll of crippling blows. I couldn't make the kill, but I was taking chips seemingly at will for a while there. Carson and I swapped two A S S pots and that was about it. But Hoy! That was a different story. It was like he was gunning for Cars. If Carson went in, so did Hoy. With them both in a pot, the outcome always seemed to go Hoy's way. Over, and over, and over again. Carson was out in 6th.

I put a huge dent in IslandBum's stack and then Butchhoward went in for the kill. Down to 4. Nutzy took one off the chin with I think it was a hammer raise, if I remember correctly, and we had the money bubble-boy out in 4th. soon after. Three handed with Hoy to your left is an interesting experience. I was comfortable, but I knew I needed to pay attention. Then I had a decision to make.

Fuel? FUEL !!!! What should I do? Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! PRESTO !
I got no caller and in the end, I ended up getting Peb's to a third place finish and had a blast doing it. Hoy took it down, (for his second win in as many nights, with a Riverchasers win Thursday!) and Butch was the runner up. It was a great night kids! Sharing the game I love with the love of my life.....

Well that was pretty +EV.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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Anonymous said...

Congrats to Hoy.

and I mean that. Although he seems to just flat out have my number it was good to see him put my chips to good use.

Hoy was very good about the various comments that I made about him as well. They were all in fun, he's an excellent player.

Well played Pebbs and Bam, Tucks cash in another Donkament!!!!!