Cursed cursor, Presto #2 and the investment....

I played in Chad’s Skillz game Tuesday night and finally made the mistake that I laugh at everyone else for. I remember saying to brudder Carson, “hit the wrong button by mistake” my ass! When ever I’d read about someone doing it. I could never imagine how someone could actually do it.

Well, it’s official. I am now one of the dumbasses who looked up at the play being made into me and wanted to click on the button to fold. ( ‘cause I gotz mad skillz ! ) I had a hand with a decent chance of hitting something significant so I made a play at building the pot. My only caller was my pal twoblackaces. The flop is shot out at us and hey, it didn’t hit exactly the way I wanted but you know what? Not crappy. I think I’ll fire one more bullet and see how it flies. I was called. Next card was crap to me but looked possibly dangerous. We go check-check. The next card made an interesting board. I took a shot and got shot back at. That’s when it happened. I looked up, made my mind up to fold and had already planned my chat reply to the raise. I clicked and watched in horror as the majority of my stack moved into the middle. It seems the cursor had made it’s way over to “call” somehow while I was sleep-sitting.

Weeeeeeeeeeeee………..Bam-Bam! <----- HUGE floppy ears !

Oh well, at lest the chips went to the player that I took them from last week! It just had to work out that way to keep all things Karma, in their proper order.


From Mondays TuckFard Open, Nutzy sent me the hand that saved jony’s butt and ended up getting him to his second place finish instead of busted out as he should have been.

Presto is gold for old man TuckFard #2

Full Tilt Poker Game #4777036004: TuckFard Open (35598177), Table 1 - 60/120 - No Limit Hold'em - 20:12:27 ET - 2008/01/07
Seat 1: SuzyQ500 (3,055)
Seat 2: DonK_TuckFard (2,453)
Seat 3: Krazyeights (5,700)
Seat 4: katitude (2,000)
Seat 6: White Sockety (1,820)
Seat 7: wptchamp044 (5,737)
Seat 8: nutzfirth (2,275)
Seat 9: jony2pair (960)
jony2pair posts the small blind of 60
SuzyQ500 posts the big blind of 120
The button is in seat #8
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to nutzfirth [6s 6d] ( I can picture the evil grin here…)
DonK_TuckFard folds
Krazyeights raises to 420
katitude calls 420
White Sockety folds
wptchamp044 folds
nutzfirth folds ( wow! A little snug here no?)
jony2pair raises to 960, and is all in
SuzyQ500 folds
Krazyeights raises to 2,760
katitude folds
Krazyeights shows [Ks Kh]
jony2pair shows [5h 5d]
Uncalled bet of 1,800 returned to Krazyeights
*** FLOP *** [4c 5c Jd] ( I’m sure he actually said “gin” )
*** TURN *** [4c 5c Jd] [6c]
*** RIVER *** [4c 5c Jd 6c] [Qs]
Krazyeights shows a pair of Kings
jony2pair shows three of a kind, Fives
jony2pair wins the pot (2,460) with three of a kind, Fives

*** SUMMARY ***

Krazy old man + “Presto” = Krazyeights dominated !

Weeeeeeeeeeeee……..jony2pair! <---- HUGE floppy ears….. but mighty lucky !


Last nights mookie was supposed to be a miss for me so I could try and gets some rest. That didn’t happen the way I wanted either. I ended up registering and playing in the damn thing. I’m glad I did actually. I mean, I sure could use some sleep and all, but it’s always good catching up with a few IIF’s on the virtual felt.

I had one of those race’em nights that was pretty ‘meh.’ I played well for the most part but never really got anything going. I WAS having a lot of fun re-raising all the Buddy Dank raises into my blinds. I mean come on Buddy, raising my BB 6 times in a row? I got the obligatory “I hate you” in the chat box and I can only imagine what was being said on MD/IT (temp. ex BD) radio. My connection was having issues last night so I could not hear if anything was said at all. That's probably a good thing!

Right up until the very end, I treated last night as a training and information session. This was not planned before the event at all. I made my mind up as soon as I was sat at my starting table. Several of those players at my first table read here and they will know what I’m talking about.... right about now. I pushed back. Hell, sometimes, I pushed back hard! I never did see any really decent hands but you know what? It’s not always about your holdings is it? I think it's because I'm not actually sitting with other players or something but I was forgetting an important point that can make my live game so potent and successful. Sometimes you need to set an image early if you can, so the bullies and the gamblers will think a little harder before trying to “chump” you out of a pot. I took a lot of notes last night. I typically jot down a thing or two here and there when I play. Last night, I wrote three pages! The prime example of this, (and the hand that ended up being my last one of the night) was with Mr. Speaker. I can’t describe the feel factor that I had last night but it was there none the less.

“Sometimes, I just want to see their cards.” was a Greg Raymer quote I saw somewhere in the past. Not my favorite person or player by any means, but I’ve always remembered that line. Poker is a game of information. Occasionally, that information is initially expensive, but it can payback over and over again. In that last hand, I only had K high to a board with 10-3-10 showing. But my gut told me that I might actually not be that far behind of Joe because of the way he'd been playing last night. My initial read was he was holding a weak’ish Ace. As the hand progressed, I became more and more convinced that he’d hit nothing but air. Now I know, I didn’t exactly have a monster myself here. But I made my mind up that I was going to find out what two cards he actually had. I was prepared to go out to do so.

As I fully expected him to do, Joe Speaker pushed his entire stack at me. I called despite him having me covered, and was not surprised at all to find out that I was behind his, (you guessed it) weak ace. And so ended my mookie. I said my good nights to all and then ran the hand histories as compared to the notes I’d taken. I watched a little more of the play from some of the players I was interested in and used my notes to decide where they stood in certain hands of note. I could not get 100% of the information I was looking for due to folds etc… But of the hands where I was able to see a showdown between players or a show of cards by one or the other, I was batting .720 and that’s not too shabby.

I will get the hang of this on-line Texas Race’em and I’ll expand and grow my game to be a better player. All I need is a little more information from every game I play. Sometimes that information is going be a little pricey I know. But I see the potential long term rewards, far out weighing the risks involved in the short term.

Weeeeeeeee... Bam-Bam <----- a studious learner (with long floppy ears!)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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