I hate a loser....

In this kid's head.... (besides all the confusion and sex) a loser would go out and win an event and never show up again, unless they felt they have an edge. That person, that person is definately not me.

I play to win as best I can. But I also play to be with my I.I.F.'s everytime I get a chance. There's something about my Kuh-myoo-ni-tee, that draws me in and keeps me alive. Walking away from that 'cause I'm tired would be nothing but a joke. If you read here regularily, you already know I don't sleep. So here in lies my dilemma. I can pretend to each and every one of you, (and more importantly Chad, the host) that I am far too tired to play. Just because the shit hit the fan at 5:00am today at work, and I was in there by 6:00 am. with what would normally be a one hour drive, doesn't seem like anything but an excuse to me. What I feel is that, I could just admit that I love the group, the game and the idea of a non-NL race'em series that takes all of poker seriously enough to diversify just a touch and let us play.

This kid chooses the latter. I admit, I'm not at my best. My chips will be a touch easier than normal in this format, so take full advantage. But I swear to you right now, they won't be easy enough that you can run all over this tired and wretched soul, like he was a kid in an $11 NLHE donkement.

I have skills when we don't race'em, and I hate the thought of letting Chad down and not showing after a win. That's just what I'm made of. Right or wrong, it's who this little kid from Bedrock wants to be.

I'll be there and I'll do my best to kick some ass. But don't mistake my delays for a tell tonight. I probably just fell the fuck asleep.

***Update at 5:40 am the next day***
I did not repeat, (surprise !) but I had a good time! As I sit here at work after already having put in an hour and a bit, I wonder what exactly my problem is? I think I'll give Pebbles the biggest hammer I've got.
Maybe then I'll get a little shut-eye.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BWoP said...

Yeahhhhhhhh Bam Bam!

Schaubs said...

Good luck tonight dude. there's no reason you can't have another good showing.

I appreciate your support and I have since added you as well.

I might stop by, still trying to come up with something to post these days, and I haven't played a hand of poker in 2008!

Good luck in your SnG challenge.

Schaubs said...

p.s. - i don't get the name you listed for me there?

bad luck?