My sixth sense ....

A sense of direction.
A sense of self.
A sense of accomplishment.
A sense of Community
A sense of humour.

These are all why I initially fired up this little electronic world of Bedrock.
Back on November 5, 2007 my first post here went something like this.

What I'm going to try and do with this place is, get me a little random going on. I will have poker content, no doubt about it. But I will also be trying to get some of the half-assed random crap I've got scribbled down, or saved in word, or wherever else I have started something written and not completed it. That's what I'm hoping to get out of this. I want to get some of these "man I gotta' post about this" posts, completed.

I have to say, there certainly has been a fair amount of random ! Oh and some poker content thrown in here and there. Although on a few occasions my sense of direction has been put to the test, I stayed true to my course and now feel like I am a better kid for it.

Writing has always been a passion of mine and it’s here that I gain that true sense of self. Mindless drivel and fodder to one, may be another’s Stephen King or Richard Bachman. (For those of you that know, Yes I know too! That was the point) In writing, I have always found my spot to be. By that I mean I become me, and quite frankly I am happy and fully content to do so. I find I like me a lot more when I am me.

My greatest sense of accomplishment comes from actively keeping this place up to date with a fresh post. When I originally said I had a lot to write about, I still had a twinge of doubt in the back of my mind that I could keep Bedrock moving along on a daily basis. I am proud to say that my motor-mouth seems to have been able to transfer down to my stubby little fingers.

The support I’ve garnered in just the last two months from all of my invisibles has given me the strongest sense of community I have ever known or experienced. Over whelming is the only way to properly describe the love and support I have been provided by the readers of Bedrock.

It’s never an issue for this kid to determine the material that fills this site. I am surrounded by some of the greatest experiences that life has to offer. With each of those experiences has always come a laugh or two. For laughing is a medicine so powerful and special, that without a sense of humour one would waste away to nothing. There are “whatevers,” “Blahs” and some typical dark and even ‘ranty’ posts out there in this, ‘wait and see what happens time of year.’ Laugh at yourselves kids! As realization hits that there are far worse things to worry about and you go on with your life worth living, laughter will help bleed the evil away from your soul, and your place will be a better place.

Each of my goals for Bedrock are met daily and I could not be any more thrilled than I am about that. But a new sense has entered the picture for sure. As I gaze in astonishment at the latest information made available to me this afternoon. On only day 65 of Bedrock’s existence, 1000 visitors.
I sit here and stare at the screen with a newfound sense of humility. Writer or not, words just can't do justice for what you all mean to me at this moment.

My sincerest thanks and I am truly honoured, each and every time you take the time to drop by …


Fuel55 said...

Regardless of the tears in your eyes you are still a fish ...

The Wife said...

Not that I don't love you, dear, but I visit your site 10 times a day, just in case you have something new - is that one unique visitor? Or 10? 'Cause that could account for 650 of your visits.

Approximately. I'm good at math.


The Wife

RaisingCayne said...

Oooooh... how about a sense of smell? 'Cause Fuel's comment smells like a BUUUURN! :-)

Oh, and "honored" may be a stretch man... your visitors are just schmucks like me & Fuel!? Honored!? Kidding! :-)

I was glad to read the details of the enjoyment you get out of being part of this poker blog brethren. Nice post.

Take care...

BWoP said...

Keep the good stuff coming, Bam Bam!

Instant Tragedy said...

How bout a couple more sense. Otherwise you don't even have a dime. You only have five cents. =)

One moment at a time, one love at a time, one guilty pleasure at a time but friendship ALL the TIME!


TanOrpheus said...

make that 1001!, and I was already reading from google reader too !