Not leaving home.... Just putting on an addition

I am a TuckFard............

and I will be one for as long as the rest of them can keep putting up with my crap.

For the last few months, I've been dying to put some stuff together and get it out there to all of the invisibles. TuckFards just isn't the place. So I decided that I needed to make 'that place' exist.

And well................here it is.

My image of a blog when I was first asked to participate in one, was that it would be an extension of sorts to IM and e-mail. I figured it was just another way to get or keep in touch with those involved in an activity. What can I say, I was seriously un-informed and totally un-prepared for what has happened since.

I never imagined that I would soon have invisible friends that would become so important to me, that I occasionally check out their sites twice a day. (just in case something changes.) I could not have predicted how much a comment to a piece I've put together, can make or break my entire day. I certainly did not see any of this coming at the start of all things TuckFard.

It's been a blast.

In just one short year with TuckFard's, I posted about 40 or so times. Those post's have ranged from simple ABC poker rants to well, let's just say some really silly stuff about poker and bacon. What I'm going to try and do with this place is, get me a little random going on. I will have poker content, no doubt about it. But I will also be trying to get some of the half-assed random crap I've got scribbled down, or saved in word, or wherever else I have started something written and not completed it. That's what I'm hoping to get out of this. I want to get some of these "man I gotta' post about this" posts, completed and posted.

This is where I get to say things like I'm sorry to T-Mike.(and everyone else for that matter) My blow-up Saturday was in strict violation of everything that is Bam-Bamion. I'm the one that always waits for the blow up of someone else, and Saturday was no different. I was tense and and it showed. I let it get to me and that also showed. I always echoed the sentiments of Carson and Nutzy when we discussed why they started TuckFards in the first place. The idea was simple, "let's get the fuck away from all that bad poker that we had to endure whenever we went to the local bars for a game. If we get beat by good poker, so be it. We were beat." I will not defend my out burst on Saturday. I will just say that call was a huge surprise and that I certainly was not ready for it. House rule #3 at the Carsino is clear and concise. People make bad plays with bad cards. A little razzing is expected, but no one should berate another player for making a play with any cards. It is their right to play as they see fit. Well I let terrible poker get to me. It's only because I never would have expected it on a league night. I certainly didn't expect the jubilation after the surprise loss either. I should have seen that as a huge compliment. It should make you feel good about your play, when so many are happy that you are out. I know that, and that's how I should have handled it. I've had a talk with myself, I'll be better prepared for the likes of this in the future. As for Saturday, I am sorry. I'll make up for it somehow.

This place is also where I'll reflect on and look forward to, the ever changing plans and activities of my Bam-Bam personna. As an example of this, just one short year and wow how things have changed mightily! Pebbles and I left the bar scene and were taken in by the TuckFard ring leaders, Carson and Nutzy. I've played in three seasons and have the pleasure of holding the distinction as the first WSOTFP champion. With TotalTilt taking down season II and my lovely Pebbles rockin' out our Season III. During that time, I've seen some stellar poker play and some serious improvements in everyones game. Definately the result of leaving the "all-in donkey" events around town. My game included. I have noted and tracked all of my successes and failures to try and show myself that I really am improving too. Sometimes though I just have to wonder! When I look at a night like Saturday, how the hell can I be the same player that so poorly judged the strength of one hand I was in against Carson in the NLHE event, and yet still be the winner, (% chopped with DonK) of the H.O.R.S.E. event later. It makes the mind boggle!

Another big change is my on-line game. I'm playing now more than ever. The living in the Bedrock boonies thing has gotten old, as far as on-line play goes though. First off, I can't keep a decent connection, and the over all speed just kills the pace of play for everyone out there I'm sure. Pebbles told me to make some arrangements that will fix that right up. Once the speed issues are resolved, I'll be joining events like the Mookie and the Riverchasers. I'll still be playing in my favorite SNG's but, in these two events played regularily every week, some of my new invisible friends play quite regularily and it'll be great to chat with them. I'm pretty pumped up about that.

I am also really looking forward to December in Vegas. The thought of meeting face to face with so many people that I have only been able to E-Chat with for this last year, is just so cool. Come on December 7th !!! I'll be looking for AL, PokerTart and Banky, Kattitude with her HunnyBunny and of course Otis and BadBlood. Falstaff, Drizz and Mrs. Chako will certainly be hoisting some form of alcoholic beverage with us too, as the drinking get's underway in the MGM on Friday night. I just can't wait.

I have always been in admiration of Mrs. Chako's use of "Respectfully Submitted" to close out her post's. I think it's a true touch of class, not to mention manners befitting a good Canadian farm girl. I wanted to come up with something of my own andto my surprise, it didn't take me too long at all.

I just wanted to say something that comes from the heart.

My sincerest thanks for stopping by.......


Mr. Bankwell said...

Moving out on your own....I hope Barney is ok with it. ;)

NutzFirth said...

As long as I'm around your outbursts will only be minor!


The Wife said...

Well, its a Wisconsin farm girl, but you're such a sweetheart, I'll forgive.

See you in Vegas - is the wife coming? And nice looking blog. Go see my comments to Drizz's Viking drivel.

The Wife

BadBlood said...

Just stopping by... :)