24 hours.............

10 random things that got me through the last 24 hours……

1) Having brother Carson send me a quote ;
“Sometimes the appropriate response to reality is to go insane.” Philip K. Dick

So I can learn that Mr. Dick occasionally thought just like me ;
“This, to me, is the ultimately heroic trait of ordinary people; they say no to the tyrant and they calmly take the consequences of this resistance.”
Philip K. Dick

2) Spending my 5th. (or maybe 6th.) 3 minutes and 20 seconds, wondering where Mike & Alex get the time to do stuff like THIS ?

3) Having incredibly good friends that I’ve never met.

4) The thought that I can count down from only about 734 hours, until I get the opportunity to hoist a glass with the three of you at the MGM.

5) Without a shadow of a doubt…. 24 carat Kat. Now that was a read ! ;o)

6) My beautiful wife. :o)

7) A little, too much Scotch. ;o)

8) Exactly the right amount of THIS.

9) Finishing 3rd. in a SNG on Stars with three of the best players I’ve ever played against on-line. We were down to 4 players in 19 hands. We played 182 ! My un-doing was a flopped set against set classic confrontation. Losing to good poker is so much easier on the brain. It was the toughest on-line cash I've ever earned.

10) Some quiet time to reflect. Well OK, it wasn’t that quiet because #8 was blaring in the background. But I did take an hour to myself to just sit and ponder. During that time, I think I came up with some pretty damn good material to put in here in the near future. Stay tuned.

And as always,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….

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