It was only a little sng but you know what? It ain’t easy getting 1230 chips in a pot at the $15/$30 level when you’re holding that hand. I was holding the Ad-Kd in the BB and there were 4 limpers. I figured I’d check to disguise my hand strength. I don’t normally do this. I don’t even really know why I did it this time.(weird!)
The flop hit me to the nuts and I was amazed that the button actually made a bet. There was a fold, my smooth call and another caller behind. At this point, I’m praying for any other diamond to hit. I think I got a better card. The Ac came to make the board read 10d-Qd-Jd-Ac. This brought a check to me and I also checked. It was checked from behind as well and the river card was the Ks. Button pushed and I pushed right back. As soon as I did it I thought “stupid idiot! Why take the player behind out, why not leave him the opportunity to call along with you?” Apparently, it didn’t matter. He was coming anyhow. They both ended up playing the board as the button held Ah-Kc and my after player had flopped a set of 10’s. I was lucky that they’d both hit great hands on the flop.
I don't know if I could have played this any better or not. That has me worried. I think I should know that. I was also pretty lucky that I didn’t scare away the extra cash at the end. I think I need to work on my play when I hold a brain-dead hand. As I look back, I did some good and bad things here. If I’m ever going to improve any further, I’ll need to work on it some more.
Or then again.... did these three hands just play themselves and i'm being far too critical?
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