Frantic Friday : We Getting Old? Edition....(NSFW)

I'm afraid I have to keep this Frantic Friday short and sweet kids! I'll make it up to you somehow down the road though, so don't worry.

I golfed with brudder CC last night and after I don't know, maybe 15 years of being best buds, we got into the weirdest conversation. I'm actually starting to think we may be getting old!

Now this is something pretty foreign to us, as we typically talk about really important shit, like

for example!

That is always one thing we can agree on.

With brudder CC's birthday coming up, (and it's the big FIVE-O!) I figured him for the "big birthday" Harley kind of guy. You know, the guy gets a little something to help him get over the hump, as it were.

I was shocked when he told me what he really wanted, was a


That just blew me away. I just can't picture CC on a crotch rocket, but he said that's what he wanted. He said he's always wanted one so he can get a hawt chick and do some

with her.

I actually laughed out loud at that and told him that the hotties don't really like the crotchies at all. He then asked me how do I explain Denise Milani?

A very valid point actually, to which I could only reply

I hate it when he makes a good point!

In what I thought would be the end of the conversation, I told brudder CC that I preferred my

and both, would probably handle better anyway.

So he gets all jammed up and starts talking about how much he loves him some chicks in

and that's the best that black can possibly look.

It took a bit of convincing, but I think I finally won him over to the side of

But all in all, it just seemed so bizarre you know?

Two grown men discussing

has to be some kind of sign of old age no?

We always used to talk about our favourite things, like

or even better still,

with curves, to pass the time.

Now we're sitting around discussing leather vs. lace!


I mean what the hell's next?


For crying out loud!

Well like I said, I have to keep this a little shorter than normal. I'm meeting brudder CC for a little more golf this afternoon, and I'd better get my daily dose of chores done before I head out.

I had to laugh at the note that CC shot me about golf today though. He wants to debate something that I KNOW we are NOT going to see eye to eye on at all.

As most of you already know, I've always been a big believer in

and everything nice.

Brudder CC's far more into the

side of things than me.

But I'll win him over to the

side of this argument for sure!

I've got a plan!

I'm going to drag him down to the local Library after the golf.

Then he'll get to see that Librarians

despite that sweet and innocent appearance.

I'll show him!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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lightning36 said...

Underboobs AND sideboobs included. I bow to the master ...