Mid-week *grins, without the *ducks...

Last night after work, Pebbles, Carson, Suzy_Q and I, all made the short trek up to Casino Rama to meet up with Kat. Plans were to have a few drinks, a little dinner and what ever else happened to come along that seemed like fun. Doing this through the week doesn’t allow for much time with the beautiful Katitude, but I figure any amount of time spent with her, is far better than none at all.

Peb’s and I arrived a little earlier than expected and headed over to the poker room. The plan was, to track down Kat and grab a seat at a table for a little while. Well, we found Kat easy enough but as for sitting down, it was just NOT happening. There were seats available if we wanted one, but the aura or vibe in that room was positively vile. How bad you ask? I didn’t even set foot in there again. Don’t get me wrong here! I really don’t talk like this all the time. But I swear I could feel the gloom and misery hit me like a ton of bricks, as soon as I crossed over into that room. I’ve never really been too fond of Rama’s Poker room to begin with for various other reasons, but it had all the charm of a hospital morgue last night and I wanted no part of it at all. We let Kat know we were there and then wandered around the outer reaches of the “Poker morgue” for a bit.

We met up with everyone at the Sports Bar a bit later and grabbed something to eat and a drink or two. As expected, the laughs were non-stop. Yeah we were there to get our gamble on, but the conversations always the best part of any get together for me.

After dinner, Kat was heading back to her table to continue building her stack back up. She was down a bit, but definitely had the look of determination that clearly showed that “The Tude” was back in Katitude. We wished her luck, told her good skill and Peb’s and I headed over to the tables where Let-it-Ride became our game of choice. After about 40 minutes or so of playing at a $10 table, we realized we had a few black $100’s to cash in. That was a clear enough signal for me. We coloured up and cashed out for the night. It wasn’t a huge profit, but a profit just the same.

It wasn’t a typical trip to Rama for Peb’s and I by any means. We’ll normally be there for 10 to 12 hours, trying to grind out a decent wage for the hours served. But to make a few bucks on a night where we got to share some great times with some good friends, made this one of our favorite little trips up the road. Things only improved as we ran into Suzy_Q holding two tickets that were spat out by one of the “Quarter-Eaters” she had plopped herself down at. Good night indeed, as she had managed to beat one of those damn slot machines for a nice little 3-digit profit as well. All that was left to do was head off to say our goodbyes to dear Kat. The smile on her face, immediately told me what I wanted to know. She had clearly become ‘un-stuck’ and was at a better place in the game than she had been before dinner. “I felted this guy…..TWICE!” she said with a grin, “and took a good pot off of another in there too.” To quote one of those little Gibb fella’s, “It’s only words!” But words that made me smile, and words that made me laugh. And as it always should be here in Bam-Bam land, all was right in the world again. Hugs and cash for every one! It might have been shorter than desired, but what a great mid-week treat.

There was also the bonus of being "Thwapped" at the appropriate moment. I got the *grins part down perfect. Next time someone please remind me to *duck. ;o)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


katitude said...

Thank you so much for dinner babes! I'm so glad I had a chance to connect with you all :-)

BWoP said...


Sounds like a good night for all.

I <3 Let It Ride!

aniguy said...

There was also the bonus of being "Thwapped" at the appropriate moment. I got the *grins part down perfect. Next time someone please remind me to *duck. ;o)

Does this particular "Thwapping"involve eye-candy?

pokertart said...

I wish I'd know about this mid-week trip! We might have been able to get up there ourselves. Next time, keep us in the loop!