Dial-a-shots and how many aces in a deck....

First things first. Another one of us has suffered a great loss. I’d appreciate it if you could take a second to stop by HERE and offer your thoughts and prayers.


Saturday poker ended up being Let-it-Ride again, as the poker room was even more morbid feeling than it was on Wednesday night. I just can’t bring myself to sit down in that atmosphere and let it suck out any enjoyment that I was hoping to get out of playing poker. I’ve come to the conclusion that Rama’s poker room, just isn’t the spot for me.

Moving on to Let-it-Ride, we had a good old fashioned +EV day at the table with Peb’s bringing home $105 and me making just a little more at $135. To add to the good day, we started up a new table with 2 other couples and had a great time chatting it up and hooting and hollering about some big wins. The pit boss Judy was a scream and would barely leave our table for fear of missing in on all the fun. Now that’s what I want out of a day at the tables. Add on the fact that Judy comped us our dinner for making it such a good day at work for her, and I have to say that it was just a perfect example of how to have a fun time at a casino.

We thought long and hard about all of our friends getting together in PA. Based on all of the preliminary trip reports I’ve read and the dial-a-shot calls received over the weekend, it sure sounds like we missed one hell of a time. We heard from Kat, Riggs, Donkette and everyone else in the background. Then I got the extra special treat, of actually getting to talk with my blogger crush, minidonk. It was a little loud in the background for both of us, as the TuckFard crew were in pretty good form at “The Carsino” for week #5 of our season long battle, as everyone in PA was seemingly at Donkette's place, having a cocktail or two! It was fantastic to have heard from everybody, and I can’t thank you all enough for getting in touch. It was great to be a little piece of the action when I felt so bad about not being able to make it.

Saturday nights TuckFard game went pretty well over all, as I was very happy with my play. I managed to get maximum chips out of solid hands and made a couple of steals along the way as well. As we broke down to final table, I was getting that, “I’m gonna’ win tonight” feeling of confidence within me. I like that, I like that a lot! I was beginning to think that it was going to be another one of those nights, where I take chips off of everybody in rather small amounts, but never really win any big pots or bust them out of the game. Then Suzy_Q made her move into the pot while I was holding the Asian-Jew. Her raise was not enough to hurt my stack and it had the feel of an “any ace” will do here situation for her. I made the call and found myself to be just slightly ahead of her A-10. I managed to hold on and had finally taken a player out. It wasn’t that easy of a call to be honest, but I was happy to see that I’d made the correct read after working out the possibilities once again. I ended up going out of the game in fourth. Once again as it seems to happen so often, I ran a suited big slick into Pebbles pair of “ones.” This is the third time she’s managed to draw pocket Aces against me and taken me down with them. Carson almost has me convinced to fold no matter what, if Peb’s and I end up in a hand together ever again. (almost!) My girl went on to take the thing down for her second win of the season and a dominating points lead, going into the final week before the championship game. As always, I’m pissed that I went out against her, but I am proud of the way that she’s played this season.

Yesterday was supposed to be “Team TuckFard” poker at the hall for me, but a funny thing happened after our team breakfast. Pulling out of the parking lot on our way to the game, I had such a shooting pain in my gut, I just knew I had to get home. I was worried that it was a touch of food poisoning or something, specially since Pebbles and I ate the exact same thing. I don’t know exactly what it was to be honest, but it hurt like hell for about two hours, and then I felt just fine. I was in no shape to play and sent Pebbles on her way by herself. The team really needed her to play, in particular because of how well she has been playing of late. Of course she didn’t disappoint! Another solid 3rd place from her and all the points that go along with it. I haven’t yet heard from everyone else, but it sounds like we had another fairly low point total from yesterday’s results. Peb’s said that brudder Carson and DonKaaa were both out pretty early. Sounds like we’ll have to pick up our play a notch, if we want to keep our lead on the field and make the trip to Vegas in June.

I’m out of words but even more importantly, out of time for now. I’ll be spending the rest of the week in Montrealrock on a business trip and I need to get some stuff cleaned up around here before I go. Have a great week all and remember to be good to the Easter Bunny!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


Mini Donk said...

Hey Bam is me!!!!!!!!!! Yeah it was nice talking to u and u have to come down next time or some time sooon. I dont really know what I pictured u like I thouigth Taht u were like really really really really really tall witch idk if u are becuase u were sitting in the pic. And with brown hair and like idk .......


Anonymous said...

I know I should comment, but I'm sick and I don't make sense.

See you when you get home. Safe travels.