A Blogger first..... (I think?)

Everyone that knows me, (or anything about me) knows that I am the Anti-MeMe guy. It's not that I'm afraid of putting myself out there for everyone to see. I am who I am, and I can tell you that I am far from afraid to have someone criticize, hate, ridicule, like, lust or love me for the things that I say and do. I frankly write what I write here, to get things out in the open and have fun with where it takes me.

I honestly just don't get the whole MeMe thing. I don't post here to tell you about me. I know it happens by default but IMHO, that's what's supposed to happen. Why else would I throw my thoughts out for judgement in a public forum on purpose?

So I offer up what I think is at least a poker blogger first.

Welcome to the first, (that I know of) YOU-YOU !

The object of the game is simple.

We're looking for your Blogger PORN STAR screen name. Simply follow the only three rules that apply.

1) If you've made it this far.... You MUST play !
2) Your first name is the very first pet's name you can remember. (your's, someone elses it doesn't matter. As long as it's the first one you can ever remember hearing)
3) Your second name is the first street name you can remember living on.

I will update as often as possible. Just drop your official YOU-YOU Porn Star stage name in the comments.

Have fun with this and tell your freinds to drop by and do the same. I'd so much rather learn about YOU-YOU, than discuss anything at all about MeMe.

So without further adou, here are the official Blogger Porn Stars....

Bam-Bam = Muffin Service
Pebbles = Duffy Casandra
Katitude = Petunia Highland
Baaad Puppy = George Putnam
The lovely Mrs. Baaad Puppy = Puppy River.
JJOK = Teddy Walden
JJOK's Q's = Abby West
The Wife = Queenie Starks
Tan = Jinga Manor
Yummy-Mommy = Lady Marblehead
Schaubs = Rocky Daniels
DRIZZ = Snoop 69th.
Nutzy = Missy Cook or Buffy Cook
My man "Presto" = Sammy East
Not-so-MINI-Peb's = Cleo Crawford ( no more reading here! lol )
Waffles = Charlie Eggmont
Brudder Carson = Fred PleasantView
A Man called Doc = Frisky Swenson
The one that will be RaisingCayne = Daisy Skookumchuck
I can't wait to hold her in my arms IG = Pepe Fabiano
I will have a Scotch with Riggs = Train Gulph
Aye, and the Riggs lasses? = Maddy Wellington's
The most Rapid of Porn Stars = Bernie Yulan
TwoBlackAces,(going for bonus points Obv) = Bam-Bam Corona
The F-Train = Ugly Ruby (best pet name EVER ! Hand's down so far)
The Switch-Hitting Mr. B = Brandy Beverley
Jonny 2 Pair = McTavish Ballantyne
Mr. 6x himself surflexus = Happy Cherokee
The guy I stay up too late Wednesday night for = Goldy Bagdad
An 'almost' daily snakster = Sam Stanbridge
Some poker playin' cook = Duke Hampshire
The Banner & The Banter = Birthday Northwestern
23Skidoo the Ritzy, (and flexible!) = Harriet Gable Gate Turn
My FAV lil'diff'yellow-a-blogger = Fluffy Seventh
Da' ZEEMster = Irving Evergreen
A sleepy Joanada = Jasmine Marlyn
BLAARGH = Heather Highland

My sincerest thanks for dropping by..... AND PARTICIPATING !!!!!!!!!!!!


dino_burger said...

I've done this before, but not on the web -- dino_burger = George Putnam, Mrs. Dino = Puppy River.

jjok said...

I would be Teddy Walden

The girls would be Abby West....all of them

The Wife said...

Mine happens to be Queenie Starks! How weird.

TanOrpheus said...

mine's Jinga Manor :)

pokertart said...

Mine is Lady Marblehead.

Muffin Service LOL

Drizztdj said...

Luckily I have a great street name for this.

Snoop 69th.

NutzFirth said...

looks like it would be Missy Cook or Buffy Cook.

I'm such a slut.

Schaubs said...

Rocky Daniels

Fuel55 said...

Sammy East.

SirFWALGMan said...

Charlie Eggmont

Anonymous said...

Fred Pleasant View

RaisingCayne said...

Daisy Skookumchuck

Irongirl01 said...

Pepe Fabiano......

He was a french poodle and we lived on a street where the houses were built by an Italian :)

Riggstad said...

Train Gulph

Riggstad said...

and the three girls would all be Maddy Wellington

Otis said...

Bernie Yulan

Fred said...

Bam-Bam - Corona

F-Train said...

Ugly Ruby (yes, our cat's name was ugly)

Mr. Bankwell said...

So I must be a transvestite Porn Star because I would be:

Brandy Beverley

NutzFirth said...

jonny2pair = McTavish Ballantyne

surflexus said...

surflexus = Happy Cherokee

snakster said...

snakster= Sam Stanbridge

mookie said...

Goldy Bagdad

Astin said...

Fine, I'll play.

Duke Hampshire


23skidoo said...

Here ya go:

Harriett Gable Gate Turn


Buddy Dank said...

Errr this doesn't help the rumors in anyway what so ever!

Birthday Northwestern

BWoP said...

Fluffy Seventh

(I wonder if Fluffy First through Sixth are on Waffles' hot list?)

Zeem said...

Irving Evergreen

Joanada said...

up for one more?

Jasmine Marlyn

Looking forward to meeting you next week!!!

BLAARGH! said...

lol - never saw this post bam, but since you're linking to it today....

blaargh = Heather Highland