Well?...That was fun.....

Well ........... 39%

That's how many actually responded. Kinda sucks when I can't even get the guy from Madrid, looking for the "biggest donkey" or that guy from Antigua googling "Bam-Bam in Pebbles" to drop a comment!

This is definately going to be a monthly thing now. Mid-Month, every month! Watch for a YOU-YOU right here in Bedrock. Blogger first's? Hmmmmmm....

Lets let the BIG-DOG eat, shall we?

My thanks to Riggs, Fuel and the ZEEMster. My 13th. in the Riverchasers never, ever! felt so good.

Fuel, you can GooooooooooSwimmomGooooooo all you want.
Riggs buddy, BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM might work once in a while too.
But you both have to admit. There's nothing going to take down a good solid
BAM-BAM-BAM !!!!!!


I'd like to thank each and everyone of you that par-tiss-a-pay-ted in the little YOU-YOU thing. Without you, Bedrock would be just someplace else, I could hang this old hat. (and I have plenty of places for that already!)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by.....


Riggstad said...

As sick as it is, I believe I am 100% correct in my assumption that the Antigua guy was searching for Cartoon Porn!!!

I just can't believe that he wouldn't actually respond to the post having already proven that he's such a fan!

Fuel55 said...

Thank god for chops!!!!!!!!!!!