It's not all luck....

*** EDIT*** Our Man VinNay has a friend that could use a little help. Check out the whole story HERE. Click the link while you're there. I think you'll want to help out. It's just what we do!

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Wanna make me cry? Take the time to give me something that really took a lot of thought, is very creative and isn't something that comes right off the shelf!

In other words, channel your inner Peb's!

Check this out!

A one of a kind, hand made travel mug.

Ok, ok..... so travel mugs don't get you all that wound up! They don't me normally either. But what a loving, caring and thoughtful Wife I have in Peb's. Just another reason why, I truly am the luckiest kid in all of Bedrock!!!

Now if we can just get the cave back to some type of normalcy!

I sent a text to Riggs yesterday:

"What happens when it's 54 degrees for 24 hours straight, and you had 4 feet of snow on the ground?"

Well I'll tell you.

The religious start looking for animals paired up.
The optimists sit around doing nothing.
The pessimists run around shouting about impending doom.
The Hydro Company fails to provide adequate power to about a 1/4 million homes in your region. (of which, you are of course one)
The Bam-Bam....... Well he starts bailing water by hand, out of the sump.

With all that melting snow, rain and nearly tropical temps. outside, my initial goal was to reduce the flood damage by as much as possible! So one bucket at a time, we trudged bucket, after bucket, after bucket. We made no headway, but didn't lose that much either.

Thankfully, the closest neighbour had his generator up and running and was kind enough to allow us an outlet. Three hundred feet or so of extension cord later and voila! We were in the sump pump business again! What a blessing! But that was all we had mind you!

22 1/2 hrs. of no water, no heat and no lights.

Now I just have to get started on gathering all my new firewood. Seems the vast majority of trees over the age of 15 in our neck of the woods, were ill prepared for the 60 - 100mph winds that blew in with this little system we experienced.

Ah the blessings of country living indeed! :)

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....

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VinNay said...

Thanks for the link and donation Bam. As always, you are a true gentleman. It is very much appreciated.

All the best to you, Pebs, and your families and I hope for a healthy 2009 for Fred. If there is ever anything I can do to help, just et me know.