That Roosters lucky ....

I lost all of my grandparents at far too young of an age. All for various different reasons, and all before I could get to “really” know them. I have small memories I can hang on to, but as I get ever older myself, I tend to have to work a little harder to pull them out of the grey matter at times.

But I clearly remember that it was “Betty’s” Dad, (my Grandfather) that I remember hearing it from first. It was back in the day when food actually had to be grown and/or raised if you wanted to eat. None of this, ‘import every type of food product known to mankind and fill the stores so local farming isn’t needed anymore’ crap of today. So that’s what my Grandfather did, he grew food and lots of it. He was an everything Farmer. Summer crops, various meat and dairy products and he also ran one of the largest Hothouse operations through the Winter months. As we walked near the front entrance of that same Hothouse after coming in from what I remember as a ‘Tractor ride,’ Grandpa pointed over at something moving along the edge of the glass structure and said, “That Roosters lucky.” We never discussed it any further and I’ll never know what his true meaning behind the statement really was. I was a small child and my Grandpa told me the Rooster was lucky. So I did what every child would do in the same situation. Every time I saw that Rooster after that moment I said, “Hi Lucky.”

A few decades later, Pebbles and I were playing a round of golf in the Dominican Rock-Public and it was there I would hear it again. I had hit a tee shot on a long par 5 that couldn’t have been much better for how I tend to hit the ball. As it made it’s way down to the fairway, I was feeling very good about my chances of getting on the green in two from there. As it made contact with the ground, my ball shot straight out to the left and flew directly towards one of the beautiful properties lining the course. These houses are incredible seasonal villas for the Canadians and Americans that have come to love this area of the Dominican for what it really is, a paradise with some of the friendliest people on Earth as hosts. As my ball careened across the property line dividing the course from the villa, it suddenly shot back out towards the fairway. Almost as fast as it had headed into danger, it headed right back out to safety again. As I made my way up the fairway, I found the culprit that started this whole mess in the first place. I managed to hit a 2” round piece of pipe serving as a sprinkler head, from about 250 yards away. I’d found my ball, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t completely destroy whatever had kicked it back out for me. It was as I approached the property line that I saw it. I thought about my Grandfather for a moment and then “Hi Lucky” I said to the Rooster, as it scratched at the ground. There was a gentleman doing some pool work in the yard. I asked if I had hit anything important and was told no. The ball caught the edge of the concrete around the pool deck and I was very relieved. As I went back to take my next shot, I naturally said, “see you later Lucky” as we crossed paths again. I had hit a decent shot and still managed to get on in two when I heard, “That Roosters lucky.” It was the pool worker. I laughed and smiled and wished him all the best of the day.

At the WBPT Winter gathering, it became more of a fun theme than anything else. But the statement was always the same. “That Roosters lucky.” Just prior to the poker I had saddled up at the Venetian sports book bar with several others. The bartender looked past me and said “Corona?” “Dos Equis” I believe was the reply from just behind me. I turned and said, “that would make you The Rooster then. Hi, I’m Bam-Bam.” We had an all too brief discussion as The Rooster was whisked away by another crowd on some type of naturally degenerate mission. As I looked up at the largest screen in the room, I noticed that in race #2, cockadoodledoo was in the 2 spot at 5:1. Omen? Karma? Luck? I chose all of the above and put $10 on it to win. Now you need to know, I know nothing about and hardly ever bet on horse racing. It hit !
I made my mind up right than and there, “That Roosters lucky,” I actually said out loud. We all know he went on to win the whole enchilada too, but there’s lots out there to tell you way better stories about that than this kid can. I do know that he had to have some luck to take the event down, but everyone who has won anything like this, has had to have a little luck going their way. So I am positive that his skill also played a huge factor in the win and that he is a very deserving champion.

I’ve already told my stories of epic luck-box-ery proportions while having Pauly by my side at the tables. However, I’ve been remiss in mentioning the back-to-back-to-back sets of trips I hit while The Rooster stopped by for our last handshake and farewell. “That Roosters lucky” I said to anyone who’d listen, and I didn’t mean because of ‘his’ big win either. Had the Rooster even accidentally bumped into the table that day, I was ready to bet the farm on the “spin-the-wheel-like-a-Donkey game for sure. I just know it woulda’ hit for me.
‘Cause “That Roosters lucky.”

I’ve always had a thing for Roosters since that first day with my Grandfather. After that weekend in Vegas and all of our communication since, it’s gotten even a little stronger. I think Roosters rule !

I think you might like our Kitchen Joaquin! It’s looked like this for years. But every once in a while when I go into it now, the first thing I think about isn’t my Grandfather or the Golf game in the Dominican. It’s a friend I made and look forward to seeing again.

Here's just a few sample pics for you.

- This is the welcoming committee... To keep all who enter lucky.

- Gotta keep the Scotch lucky right?

- I guess these guy's are keeping Pebbles booze lucky too !

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My sincerest thanks for dropping by ....


Joaquin "The Rooster" Ochoa said...

Bam-Bam...awesome post.

I can't tell you enough about my great-grandmother, grandmother, aunts, mother, sister and their love for Roosters...I wish I had a few photos to send you of their homes in return.

Maybe I will have my sister send me some of her home since she just got a digital camera.

I thought the story of your grandfather was the best part of this post. Serious, when one talks about their kin who have passed they reach somewhere special in their heart and thank you for sharing those special memories.

Un Abrazo,
Joaquin "El Gallo" Ochoa

The Wife said...

Nice post, my friend.

But like you needed to stroke the Rooster's ego anymore.


The Wife

pokertart said...

We have Roosters in our kitchen too (but not by choice!). I don't have anything against roosters, but the previous owner of this house had a penchant for truly horrific wallpaper.

FYI - are my comments on the tuckfard blog not coming through? I left one on the last two posts (yours and carson's) and they haven't appeared...