It might be possible..... that now, I've seen it all....

At an advanced age, (as noted by Pauly himself.. thank you very much!) I've seen a lot of things in this world of poker. I've played in one format or another and at several different levels of buy-in for a little over 30 years. I'm certainly no Johnny Hughes, Dr. Pauly or Ignatious. I am merely, exactly what I am. I am a player of some sorts, that has come and gone within the poker community in one form or another, for three decades.

Having said I've seen a few things, seems a bit contrite compared to some of the stories that are offered up here in our invisible realm of poker blogdem. A truly great read, is always only a "click" away. Today however, well today I think I can say that I have officially seen it all in the game we love to hate, or that loves to hate us.

There will be better posts about the "Team TuckFard" results in our local challenge for an ultimate trip to Vegas for the WSOP. Pebbles and I both finished fourth at our tables. (We have some serious card dead issues and keep running moves into the Nutz with complete and utter Dis-regard) My favorite pair 'O' T's went on for a dominating win, and Carson improved his record with another runner up finish. Points wise, we're in a dominating situation as a team. DonKaaaaa had an off day when his nutz kept on getting busted by crap. My man Nutzy came off his "EH Cup Weekend" win last night and subbed in for another team. His solid third place finish shows why he's atop the individual leader board standings. And yes, you read that right! We loaned out our top points getter to another team. That's just how "real" TuckFards roll kids.

Back to the seen it all part though. In 3 orbits of the table that I had drawn for today's challenge, I was privy to the ultimate in displays of card rackedness that most likely, will never be repeated in my lifetime. As I said, this happened in just under 3 orbits of a 9 player table.

The format : starting stacks of $150,000 and the blinds are at $1000 / $2000.

In these 3 orbits of the table, the "card rack" had a little over $650,000 in chips sitting in her stack. Here is just a small sample of how she got there.

Hand 1 : Her pocket 3's hit quad's on the flop.
Hand 2 : Her 4-5o in a limped BB, managed to turn into a boat on the flop.
Hand 3 : Her pocket 10's that were up against pocket A's and Pocket K's, quaded up while a boat showed on the board.
Hand 1,000,000 : Her pocket 7's were once again delivered into Quad'em, against two made straights.

This player hit quads three times in less than an hour. Seven, (count'em!) seven Full Houses in that same hour. At least trips on every hand she played and oh yeah! she played every hand for the first 63 minutes. People continually paid her off, (not yours truly!) on every single hand. She did not take advantage of that fact and simply called, and called and called, over and over again with her made nutz. Had she understood anything at all about the game, the two of us would have been heads up in about an hour. Instead she just kept flipping up her cards at the end and saying, "sorry."

Having been un-believeably card dead for a running three months now, this was hard to bear witness to. But in some typically morbid poker deviant way, it was fun to watch as well. She may not have known much about the game, ("I think this is the 5th. time I've played holding-them poker" the exact quote!!) it was fun watching the donkey's and the solid players at my table hit uber-tilt in 30 minutes or less. It made for an entertaining but bizarre first hour.

But this is not the hard part of our pokery-goodness story here everyone. There's a downside too! If you can grasp the concept of one player increasing their starting stack by over 4x in the first hour of a game made for a little play and action, try and wrap your head around this! At the end of exactly one more orbit of the table, she had a mere $41,000 in chips sitting in her stack in front of her. This 63 minute card rack phenomenon came to a crashing end and her pocket A's were cracked not once, but three times in one orbit! The better her cards were in the hole, the more she lost in the hand. Then despite the fact that she still had 4 BB's laying there in her stack, she felt "desperate" and "needed to do something to make it up." What's a girl to do? Why not push it all in with the 3 and 5 of spades? She gets FOUR callers and takes it down with the straight flush. (NAT !) This was a good pot and built her stack back up a bit. The problem is, "it just isn't enough yet" after having such a big lead at the start. Another push and two more callers. Why they would not have known she had the monster 7-9 sooooooooooted and felt the need to call with mere pocket K's and some measly pocket Q's was beyond me. I can't quite comprehend how they must have felt when the three 9's came on the flop. My gut hurt and I had not played a hand with her as of yet. Just to add an exclamation point, the turn provided a 7 and the river brought another. Has anyone out there ever seen anyone hit quad's and trips to back it up, in the same hand???

I think I can now say, I have seen it all. Unless it's me in that position, I certainly hope so.

My sincerest thanks for dropping by ....


Anonymous said...

I heart donkey's.

This week was another good showing for Team TuckFard. We didnt' set any records but we were once again in the top 3 for the week.

The second place team gained 3 points on us... I think I deflated them a little when I told them "if you can keep that pace up for the next 14 weeks you'll take the lead... by 1". Being a jerk is what I do best... it's a gift.

RaisingCayne said...

Wow. Wild. I think she must've been using a 'super user account' and had access to the RNG... she knew what flops were coming!

Oh, wait... in a LIVE game!? Now I'm just at a loss..

katitude said...

All I can think of is that she was channeling Astin's luckboxery.

Irongirl01 said...

Wow. Beginners Luck perhaps to suck her in deep!!

Happy New Year BamBam and Pebbles

pokertart said...

Happy New Year Bam! Please give Pebbles a hug from me (and take one for yourself too).

Wishing you a very healthy, wealthy, and happy 2008!

Mr. Bankwell said...

Happy New Year.

Remember "Get There"....you just have to look down, see two cards and think "Yes I can Get There."