Half assed live blogging the "EH Cup weekend"

This should be easy... the games been over for almost an hour now.

The TuckFards held a pre-pre-pre-pre "EH-Vegas" game tonight and almost no Tuck's showed up. The guest's of honour were PokerTart, Bankwell and Purrrrrrr.
(There is a C.B.G.C picture soon to come! I love my job!)
Representing the Tucks were, NutzFirth, (my favorite pair of T's) TotalTilt, SpikeyMikey, DonKaaaaaaaaaaaa, QueenKaaaaaaaaaa, (our host) Carson, (the hostess with the mostess) Suzy_Q, Pebbles and your's truly. We expected a few more players, but we'd have to do.

There will be better post's about the actual game. I just want to say thanks to my darling Kat, Banky and the ever lovely PokerTart for making the journey North, to have a little fun. With friends like you, I'll never have to worry about anything again, in this lifetime. I can't wait to do this again in "EH-Vegas." I actually think one of us might take the whole thing down.

Cards for me tonight kind of sucked. The best pots I took all night were the worst hands I had. (I can live with that) To finish where I did, was the best result I could have imagined. Congrats to Nutzy, for taking the whole mess down. And a special congrats to our PokerTart for such a great runner up finish. I think I bubbled both the "big" game and the "other" game, but at least I wasn't the "Gigli" right Bankwell? I had to say that. The bugger took me out of the cash game when I was a full 1.3233344455544433% ahead. LOL ! (I looked it up !) It was great for all of you to make the trip. I can't wait until we do it again.

I do have one suggestion though.......... OK...... maybe two.

1) When we call Sir Al for a dial-a-shot, let's actually get him on the line so I don't have to do a three-peat.
2) When Pauly calls to dial-a-shot with us, let's not hand me the phone as I'm gagging on another Grand Marnier. You know, "have another Bam-Bam, it's Pauly for crying out loud."
That will never work for either of us alright!

Other than that, it was a great night. I drink Scotch! Any Glen will do....
OK !!


I do have to say however that I'm just a touch dissapointed....

I had 48 visitors yesterday, about average.
I see only "The Rooster" and "perticellis plunder" said hi to The Doc.

I think we can do a little bit better than that, don't you?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....
(but if you were here, wouldn't that still be better than being in Iraq?)


pokertart said...

We had a great time. I thought the TuckFards would be a great bunch of people, and I was proven 100% right!

Mr. Bankwell said...

Do you not sleep?

It was fun game last night. I'll have to write something when later.

Don'K' said...

Last night was a riot. I had sooo much fun. Bankwell, PokerTart and Katitude fit in perfectly with the Tuck's. Before the game even started, there were lots of poker stories being told and once the game began so did the bantering (healthy bantering that is).

My starting table consisted of TotalTilt, myself, nutzfirth, Katitude, BamBam and Bankwell. We definitely had the most vocal table to say the least ...

Nutzy started off strong taking down a big pot in the first hand against Kat and really never looked back after that. In the first hour or so, nutzy was sitting in the hot seat and getting monster after monster.

Kat made a pretty good comeback after being crippled the first hand and made final table. Poor Bam wasn't getting much in the way of cards but as usual he almost seems to make the most out of what he gets. Bankwell was doing well early until running into some bad luck with good cards. He almost doubled up Kat, shortly after Bam took a pretty good pot from him, he lost a race to TotalTilt whom doubled up and finally his pocket Q's lost all-in to my A-rag when the ace hit.

TotalTilt got crippled when we got into a big pot together. I got lucky to hit trip K's on the river which I probbably wouldn't have seen if she would have bet the turn. Tilt made a good comeback also when she doubled up a few times after that.

The final table looked like this:

Kat, PokerTart, me, Carson, QueenK, TotalTilt, BamBam, nutzfirth and SuzyQ.

This was a very unusual game for me. Normally, I sit fairly quiet under everyones radar, jump in once in awhile, win a pot and disappear again. For this reason, I was tagged with the nickname 'Pike' a few year ago. My chip stack doesn't take alot of big swings. Its usually a fairly gradual up or down progression.

This final table was different. I found firing at almost 50% of the hands and my chip stack showed it. I got lucky in a race with Nutzy who was all-in with J's, I called with my A-Q and hit an A. This left him crippled but it wasn't long after that when he doubled up to get back in it.

The final 3 of PokerTart, Nutzy and myself played for quite sometime with no real change in stacks until I pushed with K's. Both Nutzy and PokerTart called. They checked it all the way down and I was actually quite happy to see a board of Q high and figured 'I got this' but just as I'm about to turn over my cards Nutzy goes "I got the Nutz" and turns over the A high flush. WTG Nutzy, I was waaaay overdue for that.

Nutzy and PokerTart played a great heads up match and I was happy to see the two of them be in the final two as they both played solid all night and deserved to be there. Nutzy pulled it out in the end. Great win Nutzy! and great showing PokerTart.

Thanks to Carson and SuzyQ for hosting once again and a special thanks to PokerTart, Bankwell and Kat for making the trip. I really enjoyed your company ..........

DrChako said...

Being in Iraq ain't so bad, as long as you don't mind no sex, the same grub every day and the occasional mortar round. At least I have blogs posts to help me get through!


katitude said...

Definitely worth the drive....honestly, the most fun of the holiday so far!!!

You guys all rocked, and thank you so much for hearing my plea for live poker...so appreciated!!!!!

yes I know I'm using way too many !!, but that's how I feel!


Anonymous said...

Man that was fun.

There weren't as many Tucks because it was a short list that was invited. Since many of the Tucks don't do the online thing I figured we would stick with the ones that knew who Kat, P-tart and Bankwell were. Of those invited, only Rob wasn't there.