The Bash, a first look back....

One of the things I'm going to assume we'll all be reading a fair bit of over the next few day's, is "There's so much to tell, I just don't know where to begin!"

I know in my case, I could write my experiences at the Bash for two weeks straight. I mean, I really had a blast at the Bash. I knew going into this thing that it was going to be quite a bit different from our Vegas gatherings. The intimate location, the smaller group and the organization done so as to bring us all together a lot more often, all would make for a lot more opportunities to get in trouble have fun. And that’s what happened. A LOT!

The drive down Thursday with my boy’s DonKaaa and Brudder Carson was un-eventful and quick. It was just the three of us doing what we do best, laughing at ourselves and laughing at each other. As ALWAYS whenever the three of us get together, it’s gonna’ be good times. I’ll say it here again boy’s, thanks for making the trip with me. Would’ve been nowhere near the same experience, with out you both.

So this Bam walks into a Pub with two Tuckfards ! That’s how everything got started and it went a little crazy, from that point on. I said to the boy’s, “we’ll have a little warm-up and get some quiet time with Al, before the Bash really hits high gear!” Well, after 7/8 of the MaCallans bottle I’d asked Al to see if he could bring in for The Doc and ½ the keg of Yuengling’s on tap were gone, I was getting pretty close to warmed up. Al of course was in his usual form, and we were setting a pretty steady, safe and comfortable pace. (for the two of us I mean of course)

Doc had brutal travel issues and didn’t manage to get to The Tyler James Pub, before we shut the place down for the night. There was a Spaceman sighting however and let me tell you, that was a great thing! He and the lovely Rachel were not only a very pleasant surprise, but an absoloute delight to get to know a little. There were also three very special participants there on Thursday night, whom I’ve come to have a great deal of respect, admiration and fondness for over my last two trips to the Pub. There’s not a chance in hell they’ll ever read the drivel I put up here in my little piece of the Interweb, but if you’re down in Phoenixville and you don’t stop by The Pub to get to know Teri, Ashley and Mike, you’re missing something pretty damn spectacular! Three of the best there are out there PERIOD! Not only at what they do down at The Pub while on the clock, but great to be around in the social environment as well. All three in one way or another, made this an even more special event for me. If you run across any one of them in your travels, take the time and make the effort to get to know a little about them. Just promise me you’ll tell them that Bam say’s hello.

And so all in all, the “little warm-up,” was a great way to start the Bash!

Friday was one incredible event after another. A non-stop barrage of laughs, drinks and good times. Naturally since I’d closed the Pub the night before, it only made sense to open it up the next day. By Friday morning Ashley had mastered “the look.” The look that said, “yup! He needs a Scotch and a Beer.” Then she took it to the next level! “How many more bottles of MaCallans should we bring in for you and your friend?” I don’t know about you folks, but we definitely don’t see a lot of that kind of service and concern around these parts. I was very pleasantly surprised. We made arrangements to bring in a couple more bottles and since I was apparently on a roll and Dr. Chako would be making it over to The Pub in the very near future, I decided to have a little fun. When shots are ordered at The Pub, they are rather generous compared to the few spots I frequent around here. I’m not sure if it’s the, “you’re with Al” factor or not but I’d like to think it’s a, “you’re OK” thing or, “yeah, you get it!” type of thing as well. But suffice it to say as I looked around the bar as several drinks were being passed around to “Basher’s” and not “Basher’s” alike, we were definitely being taken very good care of. So I took one look at that MaCallans bottle and sized up the remains. There was definitely one of “my” sized drinks, plus about enough for a regular 1 ounce shot left. PERFECT ! I ordered a Scotch and sat back for the fun. (with the help of Al and Ashley!) Al announced, “I told Chako the Canadians were still going golfing, he say’s wait for him!”

As Dr. Chako made his approach from about 50 feet away, I got that feeling that you get when you are meeting someone face-to-face for the very first time, and you just KNOW it’s gonna’ be pretty special. And it was! Manly man-hugs ensued and smiles were aplenty. But that just wasn’t good enough! I needed to get him set up. This man needs a shot of that MaCallans we had brought in, specifically just for him! “Ashley!” I boomed across the bar floor. “Get my friend here a shot of that Macallans please hun.” Well! The look on his face as that bottle ran empty less than halfway up the glass full of ice…… well…. priceless just doesn’t do it any justice. I roared…… Al roared….. and eventually, Dr. Chako roared as well. Moments really have to be lived to truly understand what they mean at the time. I know three of us that wish you could have been there for that one.

There was some time for a little chat and some time for in The Doc’s case, a “little” drink. Then, despite the weak-ass excuse for rain outdoors, The Doc., DonKaaa, Brudder Carson and I went out for Golf game. I have to admit, that this was the first time at The Bash where I got a little greedy. Two per cart could only mean one thing, Chako’s ridin’ with me and we’re partners! The Boy’s and I Golf together all the time and The Doc. will get spread out pretty thin, as The Bash wears on. This was my chance to spend a little quality time with the man, one on one. And honestly Sir….. The pleasure was truly all mine!

We started out so well too, as The Doc. dropped a pretty clutch putt on the very first hole to give us the 1-up lead. I was stoked! I really only had two problems. Firstly, I was honestly more interested in our conversations than anything that was going on in the Golf game. Secondly, the ground was saturated with rainwater. Like spongy saturated! I’m a down-striker in golf, meaning I hit pretty hard down on the ball and take pretty solid divots. If I tried that on Friday, I probably would have broken my wrist with the 40” divots I’d be trying to take. Friday was a “pickers” day. I needed to change up my game. I never really hit any spectacular shots and actually had a little bit of a hard time getting anything going. I was pretty solid off the tee, as there was less of an impact from the ground conditions. But my approach shots were just awful! DonKaaa and Carson crept their way back into a tie. It all came down to the last hole, as we were now all square. The pressure was really on! Tee-shots away…….. slight advantage team DonKaaa/Carson. Approach shots away….. dead even! Last chip to the green…… Team DonKaaa/Carson stuff it in tight and it’s a gimme. I go first and leave it a little too short. Dr. Chako takes dead aim and releases his chip towards the cup…… and it run’s to about 5 feet. We have a tough slider to the left and neither of us can manage to make the shot. We have been defeated. Never had so much fun losing in my life! Thank guy’s! Oh and one other thing to take away from this game! If Dr. Chako happens to be in your foursome anytime soon, you might want to make sure that YOU drive the cart! .. ;)

We’ll finish off Friday tomorrow. There’ just so damn much to write about!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like you had a great time!! I'm looking forward to the rest of your story. How many bloggers showed up?

lightning36 said...

Nice recap, Bam. Looking forward to more ...

Drizztdj said...

Wish I could have finished the skillet.

DrChako said...

I told you my nickname was crash!

I'm formulating a recap post now, but I can't do it justice. It was truly an honor to meet you and the Mrs. You can be on my team any day of the week!


PS. Oh yeah - skillets are good.