The BASH.... looking back again....

A couple of things I did forget to mention about Thursday night. One was the prank that was pulled on me as I arrived at The Pub. Al of course, was in his usual spot and as we walked into The Pub, I saw his arms go up in the air and then heard the warm and welcoming, "Bam-Bam!" As has been the case in every instance I have found the man down in his little corner of heaven, there was a little hottie sitting right next to him. Now I'd learned in the past that this might be a staff member from The Pub, or an attempt at mutual satisfaction of the carnal variety. Since things appeared to, "quiet up" as we drew closer, I was cheering for Al and hoping for the latter! (It's just how I roll) So with brief hello's and how's it goin's out of the way, I shifted away from his, "action" and made room for him to do his thing. They both turn to face me and Al asks, "don't you know who this is?" My mindset was still locked on the "action for Al" campaign and I only casually glanced at the young lady. "It's EVY you Donkey!" said Al. Well, I think the look on my face must have indicated how surprised I was by the way we were introduced. I think once the twenty minutes or so of laughter and hugs finally subsided, I got to explain the situation as I saw it. Much more laughter ensued! Welcome to The BASH Bam-Bam!

There were also two others that made it for a short stint at The Pub on Thursday night; Riggs brought CK in for a drink, (or a dozen!) after picking her up from the airport. There's something pretty special about our boy Riggstad! We're just not sure if it's "short-bus" special, or special of another variety! I kid ! Riggs is not only a good read as a blogger but, I'm very happy and proud to call him my friend. CK and I have gotten together on several occasions and we've had an awful lot of fun. (Hmmmmm.... that has potential to become a blogger rumour! Ah well, at least I would get the best of it! ;) ) Seeing CK and getting "our hug" and my very favorite REMON! is always one of my highlights of any event. Getting to see her pound back 5, (or so ;) ) shots in about 25 minutes was hirarious! Not quite as hirarious as watching her get poured into Riggs Mantruck at the end of the night though. I hear there might have been a "fall down" involved somewhere along the way. But that is all just rumour without the prerequisite pics of course. Although there are some jumbled and miss-matched tales of some type of CK Lapdance™ being performed on the way to drop CK off, the only real proof of anything at all was the very content look Al had on his face, when he walked into The Pub in the morning. He just kept saying the same thing, over and over again. “Bendy! So bendy!” ;)

There’s also the story of “The Cigarette!” I personally choose to leave it at me saving a fine young man’s life and lungs. I’m just glad there was a side benefit for those of you that were there. Oh how I do like making you laugh. But for the record, should you perhaps be a young punk roaming the streets looking for a free cigarette…. I may just not be the guy to ask! There! Done and Done !

So let’s see, where did we leave off yesterday? ….. AH yes! Golf was done.

After Golf we all headed back to The Pub. That was the first time this trip that I had the pleasure of running into my friend and fellow BB, BadBlood. Back in December, we had a grand total of about 1 minute to get our introductions and any discussions out of the way. You see, we met during the minute before the Poker Tourney started. I told myself that that just wouldn’t be happening this time. And I can’t tell you how happy I am that I did. Over the course of the weekend we managed to sit down and shoot the shit several different times and I always came out the better for it. Specially since Blood, Al and I had a moment to ourselves to discuss a little music and some new groups I need to get to know.

Otis and The Rooster were in the house and just before I could make my way over to say a quick hey to them, I noticed that the “Minnesota Mountain” was headed my way. Drizz was also someone I wanted to make sure I got a little time with. As with BadBlood, our time together in Vegas was limited to a quick introduction up in the Sports Book at the I.P. I was very happy to spend a little quality time with him at the Bash. Even though his choice in NFL teams leaves a little to be desired. ;) I’m telling you Drizz! The compliments you were getting on how great you look in that Green and Gold alone, should be enough to sway you over to the dark side my friend! If that’s just not good enough for you, always remember that HOT CHICKS love the Packers too!

I was grabbing a drink when I noticed that some of the boy’s were playing a game of shuffleboard together. Remembering how much I wanted to meet everyone in Vegas but didn’t know who was who, I took brudder Carson and DonKaaa over for some introductions. This is the second bit of advice I would give anyone going to a blogger gathering. It’s important to make some time to talk to those you really, really want to of course, but try and consider those that are going through the process for the first time as well. Taking a moment to make an introduction or two, takes nothing but a random act of kindness. You may just be making the entire trip for someone out there.

The afternoon before Poker was spent catching up with everyone and having a really good time. I made a point of seeking out everyone I could. If they had someone with them that I didn’t recognize, I didn’t wait for an introduction. I knew that this was the time to get to know everyone I could, before the Pub Olympics took over the day on Saturday. I did manage to catch everyone in the room and I’m really glad I did. The familiar faces were great to see again, and the added bonus of meeting several new Bloggers, (to me) along the way, was just great. But now……. It was time to head off to the Poker. Even more importantly than that however, was that I was only minutes away from seeing my darling Peb’s.

For those that didn’t know, Pebbles was down in Atlantic City for the week. She was going to meet up with me at the game and I just couldn’t wait to get there! Thanks to the over whelming generousity of a great friend, Peb’s was picked up at Bally’s and delivered to the game on Friday night. I’ll never be able to properly thank you for that Riggs! You are the best!

Here's a couple of random shots taken throughout the weekend. The first, is me and "The Boy's." Any discussion with The Doc, BadBlood and Otis is well worth your time! If you get the chance, make the effort!

And of course for me, no event would ever be complete without my girls! The Wife & Kat are two of the best huggers I know! And of course my Peb's just rocked my world by joining in on the fun that is, The BASH!

Absoloutely no one believed me, when I asked about all the girls doing random "boob checks" on each other. I actually took a lot of flack about it at first. But now that I have the proof, I expect the next round to be on you guys. Here's Kat and Peb's making sure that everything is "OK" down there for CK. ;)

Here's brudder Carson and DonKaaa setting up shop in Al's office. Laugh all you will, but until you've experienced sitting in that corner and seeing how well it's set up for him to do "business" there, there's just no explaining the "AlCantHang" office experience.

I've got a great idea! Tomorrow, let’s poker!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by….


muhctim said...

Very nice post. If I couldnt be there, at least it is fun to live vicariously through your posts. Keep up the good work, sir!!

Memphis MOJO said...

Thank you for the photos!!