Creating proper distraction....

It's been very, VERY dark around these parts of late. Not at all like the kid you've come to know and love!

What I really needed was to have a few good friends create a proper distraction, something to take my mind away from it all if you will.

Have I ever mentioned that this kid runs pretty good when it comes to the friends department? No! Well trust me, I DO!

The plan was pretty simple actually. A couple of friends would drop in after a ride.

As you can see friend #1 is here and oh look,

pal #2 showed up, to make it official. We now have a couple of friends at the cave. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!

Being the neanderthal that I am, I suggested we play a little game we like to call, "kill and eat" around these parts.

I'll spare you city folk the "kill" portion of the game because well, you ARE city folk after all right? Hopefully you can manage to get through the clean part of it.

Mmmmmm........ clean Pig!

Oh and remember those wild Turkey's that run around the cave here? One of them made it onto the 'barbie" as well!

That sure was going to be a delicious dinner! But hey! We still have a little time to kill here. What oh what else could we possibly do, to create a little distraction for our Bammer?

We have a few extra piggies running around, why not see if we can get them to help out a bit? HEY! What are they building over there?

Good little piggies!

A rather funny thing also happened along the way. The "couple" of friends seems to have turned into dozens. Um.... make that, dozens AND dozens! Did you know that I run like a god in the friends department? Well trust me, I do!

So now that the piggies have a place to play, what should we do about it? How about this? We'll identify each little piggy,

then we'll throw some paper in a hat with each ID code for every piggy.

Then we'll get the kids to draw a piece of paper out of the hat,

and if they can catch that little piggy,

NO, NO Chris! Not THAT little piggy! The other one!

Atta' boy!

We'll give them a special prize!

But what about the big kids? We <3 piggies too you know!

COOL! It's the big kids turn now.

Hey wait a minute, HE's not a piggy!

Oh I see.

There was a little confusion in the identifying process!

Oh well, minor mistakes like that will happen I guess.

And that dear reader is how we here in Bedrock, create a proper distraction when we need to get our minds off of a very sad little situation.

Did I mention the thing about running pretty good in the friends department? Oh, I did huh.


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

You run good. Great post.


Josie said...

I feel bad for the piggies!

Wolfshead said...

Hey, I may not be some Canuck living in the Great North Woods in survival mode but I've hunted for over 30 some years til the arthritis took me down. City folks yourself.

BamBam said...


Just so you know, no actual piggies were harmed in any way during the entire day. Well.... except of course for the 200 pounder we kinda' ate.


jjok said...

winner winner, turkeypig dinner.