2010 Resolved....

Like the year itself was for me, this is going to be a little all over the place I'm afraid.

The Blog....

Just 148 posts ALL YEAR!
What an obvious waste of my talent for drivel.
Still managed to squeak over the 50,000 visitors mark though. So I guess there are still a few of you out there, hoping for a bit more of my regular, yet ever useless minutiae.

Very special thanks go out to Otis, Pauly, Al and of course, my Brudder Chako. All far and away my strongest referrers for the year.

Online Poker....

Good lord! Where to begin?
I'll be damned if I have yet to figure out what it's going to take, to break out of this NLHE break even player funk. I mean, seriously?

Here's a perfect one-two punch for you, to sum up the entire year of NLHE.

Hand #41 = All-in on the turn.

Then in Hand #42, I somehow survive the all-in pre-flop.

Yeah, break even baby!

Peb's crushed me on our moolah-made side bet.
(NLHE only)

So embarrassing.

Thankfully though, I still have the STUD guy. My play has been spot on pretty much, allowing me to withdraw a few required funds here and there. You know, for all the frilly and nice stuff one wants to buy his beloved wife on a whim.

Online Blogger games were pretty much a bust for me. I did manage to score one semi-major win back in the BBT5, (did I ever mention THANKS AL!) when I somehow luck sacked my way into the tournament of champions. But all in all, I donated far more often than I cashed in our little shindigs.

Live Poker....

As my favourite show of all time likes to say, "and now for something completely different!"

Live Poker is quite obviously rigged and even more apparently, totally in my favour. That should be good for total card-deadedness for the remainder of my life huh? After running so deep in the 2009 WPBT in what I want to call quite possibly, our deepest field of entrants ever, I really felt good about my play at the live tables. Then to back that up, I started the year off with a bang.

Then in a combination of live Poker and Bloggers at The Mastodon Weekend, I crossed a couple of my must to-do's off the old Bammer-Do list as well.

Then finishing up the year around these parts, I managed to survive the final table.


I'll put it bluntly, things suck!When it came to busting a nut to get a paycheque, I was only able to get in three months total all year. Just brutal! There's just nothing out there in my field of expertise and despite brudder Riggs enthusiasm about going out on my own and doing some consulting, it takes customers that can actually PAY to make it all work out. I've done my homework and the math, I'll lose my shirt right now.

I'm actually looking at a career change, just not sure what direction though.


One was taken FAR too early, while I literally held it in my hands.

While sitting around a table with twenty of my twenty-three possible family members in attendance for Christmas Eve Dinner, life as it always does for me, came down to one thing my Peb's had to say. While all of us were expressing our wants and desires for under the tree the next day, she simply said;

"Thankfully, I get one more Christmas with my Dad. Who could want anything more than that?"

Eyes were wiped dry with tissue.
Glasses were raised in toast.
Thoughts turned to Fred and his courage and strength.

Indeed, who could want any more from life than that?

All the best in 2011 my friends and as always,

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Josie said...

Wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous new year!


DrChako said...

Happy New Year, my friend. Here's to a prosperous 2011 filled with more together time.


Memphis MOJO said...

50,000 visitors


BLAARGH! said...

HNY Bammer!

lightning36 said...

Best wishes for a great 2011, Bammer -- less challenges and more easy money!

The Wife said...

You're the best, love - a wonderful 2011 is ahead, fueled by your perfect optimism.