No WPBT for me....

There, I said it!
Well actually, I guess I only wrote it huh?

But facts are facts just the same and now I need to face the fact I guess, that I am going to have to miss out on the December gathering.

No Let-it-Ride Olympics for me this year.

No Bloggers, Booze & Balls either.

Damn, that means no Tao of Luck too!

No fun Highlight Reel.

No Run Goot for a full day!

No tale of Peb's running HAWT.

Damn! No cocktail waitress grope-a-thons either!

All that though, I think I can manage to somehow get over. What really hurts me, you may be wondering, is that I'll be missing the friends I've been fortunate enough to have come to know and love over all of our years together. That's what REALLY hurts about not making it this year.

So I have a request.
Allow me to live vicariously through you my friends.
Write ups, trip reports etc... etc...
I'm counting on you!

With that all out of the way, there's only one thing left to say;

C'mon Mastodon Weekend!

No really! Is it here yet?

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


SirFWALGMan said...

I am blocking your IP Address for all writeups. ;). Everyone will miss you Bam!

OhCaptain said...

Sorry you aren't going to make it. I'll have to try for mastadon weekend. Cross your fingers.

lightning36 said...

Rats -- was looking forward to buying you a round in Las Vegas. Looks like I'll have to delay that ...

Josie said...

And you're gonna miss meeting ME. I'm just sayin'.

DrChako said...

Many glasses will be raised in your direction. Expect drunken tweets, IMs, dial-a-shots and general good will.

You will both be missed, brudder.


BWoP said...

This makes me incredibly sad.

Wolfshead said...

No, no write ups for you. Wanna know what's going on you gotta get there.

Seriously sorry you can't make it. I finally get to one and no Bam. Bummer. BTW, the Bammer let me down today. Be good, be safe

23skidoo said...

Bummer Bammer, you'll be missed.

Hope to see you in SC next year.

The Wife said...

Who is going to hug me and tell me I'm beautiful?????

So sad. :(

Katitude said...