If you ask me, I'd do that 28/6.... 24/7....

Yes! I drove 14 hours down and 14 hours back, to spend a little quality time with friends in G-Vegas. With six hours to get together, shoot the shit and sling a few beers and Glenlivet's back as we went, let me tell you something! For this crowd.... I'd drive 28 hrs. round trip ANYTIME I was EVER privileged enough for them to friggin' ask me to do so.

Yeah.... we had about six hours total in us, after the drive down AND knowing we had a 14 hour straight trip back up the next day. We did manage about 5 hours sleep total after all, from the point of departure to the commencing of libation and jubilation at The Westin.

I'll tell you what though.... If I had just 34 hours left on this ole' flying rock, I don't know that I'd want them to be too much different from the 34 hours I just spent, getting in and out of G-Vegas!

You may want or expect an epic Bam-Bam post of debauchery and mayhem gone awry from this trip, but I'm sorry to say kids, it's just not going to happen. Oh we did our thing make no mistake! But this six hours held meaning, that even I don't think I can do the proper justice to at this point in time.

Vegas is HUGE and all of our gatherings out there, always seem to make me look back and reflect on my losses. NOT monetary losses mind you, but the missed opportunities with those that I wanted to get a little personal time with. Take the 2007 Winter gathering as an example extraordinaire! I never got to meet Iggy or Schaubs, and I spent WAY too little time with BadBlood and the beautiful Katidude for certain.

I've said it and I mean it, AL's BASH is THE bomb! Getting a little time to one-on-one with the who's who in our messed up little world! Then throw in the kick-azz party he puts on for us, and you've got the makings of Poker blogger mecca! Long live the BASH!

Having said all that....

Deciding to drive 14 hrs. one-way to G-Vegas for a few drinks and a little conversation with a group of "like-minded" (all apologies offered for the insult right here, right now!) individuals that give a crap that you did so in all sorts of weather, through one Province and seven States! It pays back ten-fold in every element you could ever expect.

Peb's and I had a little two on one time with Al. (get THAT shite out of yer' head's right now, you Donkeys!) We discussed all things important to each other and when all was said and done, I remembered once again why AlCantHang may just be one of the single greatest persons on this God's green Earth. The guy just friggin' gets it! I seriously hope I can figure out a way, to weasel myself into the AlCantHang "Key West" experience! I'd really like to be enjoying a puff off a fine Cuban Cigar, while sitting out back on the deck and wondering what we were going to get ourselves into next my friend. I think I'd have to belly up to the bar for that little challenge indeed.

This weekend, I was finally fortunate enough to meet the "vertically challenged" Ignatious and The Boy Genius. We spent not nearly enough time getting to know a little about each other but, (Bonus code IGGY dammit!) I swear we tried! Actually, I feel incredibly lucky that I finally had the chance to get together with both of these wanna' be Bedrockians. (read : just about as cool as me, so they MAY be OK!) There was our round table chat for just over an hour, attended by Al, Iggy, B.G., Peb's and myself. This is where stories were told and laughter abounded. No hustle and bustle off to the next location. No worries at all in fact, about where or why we had to be at any given time down the road. Just some quality time with each other, spent teaching, listening and learning, about who and why we each are, the way we are today.

Iggy was the real surprise for me, but I hear most everyone says that upon their first meeting with "The Blogfather." No wonder really! He exudes such a powerful presence, despite his small stature! I actually took a great shot of Iggy! In this picture, he's got everyones attention as he makes his way around the bar.

I'm told it may be only the third "offically approved" Iggy Pic on the webernets today. Real feather in the cap material, if you ask me!

Despite our initial G-Vegas visit being cut to right on six hours, there's lot's more to come in the following few days.

Tomorrow I hope to share a couple more pictures and stories, from a few hours at a bar with some really good friends. Maybe we'll cover 3000 mile man-hugs from a brudder, or 150 mile man-hugs, from a friend whose been known to wear a skirt on a few occasions.

Perhaps the next day, we can talk about Dirty Martini's and a Sushi dinner with some pretty exceptional hosts!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


lightning36 said...

I always enjoy reading your blog, Bam. I love your zest for life.

Catch ya at the tables.

Memphis MOJO said...

Great to hear you had an awesome time!

DrChako said...

I think Iggy stepped on my toe.

Man, it was great seeing you!


Wolfshead said...

Sure Thanks. Read where Riggs said he was going to hitch a ride down with you but cancelled due to family affairs but you never told me you were passing this way. :-p.

Seriously, glad you had a good time but watch those 28/6, they can be killers. Done enough of them in my younger days. Hope to meet up with you, Pebs and all the other wackos out there in the near future.

Ignatious said...

oh my, nice photo. glad i didn't get stepped on there.

twas great hanging with you and the mrs -- thanks a ton for making the trek.