Stop me if you've 'herd' this one....

Two and a quarter years ago or so, I started typing a few thoughts down about Poker, Life and damn near anything else that rattled through the vast expanse of space between these two rather perfectly sized ears. I did it, because someone got me hooked on reading a blog. Well actually that's a lie! He got me hooked on reading at three separate places, but all because of the one blog. The one blog that he introduced me to in the first place by saying, "It's one of the best there is out there."

Up For Poker and the G-Vegas boy's, always had that lost boy's in never-never land appeal about it to me. I mean, they had to be real folk and there was a style attributable to each of the writers that contributed material, but there was also the clandestine Poker games in warehouses and such. Folks getting robbed, (by both sides of the law IMHO!) and games being raided all across the area. And through all that, the writing was always first rate. Stories would draw me in to the web they'd weave, always making me wait so very eagerly for the next update to hit the pages of Up For Poker.

"They have to be real I know, but these lost boy's can really spin a yarn about life." I'd tell all that would listen. "Someday no matter what it takes, I'm going to get my azz down there and find me that never-never land of theirs."

There have been get togethers in Vegas and Phoenixville, where I've been fortunate enough to get to spend a little bit of time with two of those lost boy's from G-Vegas. Each and every time I do, I seem to take away BY FAR the better part of the deal. They get my ramblings and ten-thousand questions from someone that wants to delve a hell of a lot deeper into what goes on in their heads, and I get their answers, some stories and a friendship. A friendship that I'll never let myself take for granted.

From Up For Poker, I found BadBlood and Otis. All totalled, our 'in the flesh face-to-face' meetings, would probably constitute about an eight hour workday with a couple of time and a half hours, for very bad behaviour. Yet, they are friends I would go to battle with. In some way's, more so than friends I have had my entire life! Why? Because that's exactly how they make me feel! Not in so many words, (and I do not expect that!) nore in any action or posturing at the sign of any trouble either. But simply as friends should always do, by acting in a manner one can become very accustomed to. By treating others as they would like to be treated themselves. Now having said that, "treating" can definitely take on several different meanings and so it should. 'Spice' should never be lacking in any relationship either and with these two around, "something" can and will probably always happen as well.

Sometime Saturday night during our six hours of Mastadonia, Otis and BadBlood culled Pebbles and I away from the herd. With deft skill and synergy, they whisked the two of us away to a little spot across the street and up the road just a touch. We were going to have Dinner, and it would be just the four of us. Dinner would be on them, they'd hear nothing of anything different! The four of us would engage in conversation and laughs. We'd sit there and tell each other a little more about who we were and why. We'd let everyone at that table, a little deeper into the realm of the blogger we portray. But even more importantly, we'd show just a touch more about the person behind the blogger and start a process along a path that I'm positive, will only improve with aging.
Once again I have to say, I came out the real winner! I tripled up actually, as I also got to see Peb's doing what she does and being herself in this situation. You just have to love her more and more, knowing that she took the "free pass" and a "night out with the boy's" to an entirely new level on this trip, considering it was our 5th. wedding anniversary as well that night.

The dirty Martini slipped past my lips without a lot of effort. It was a drink I had known I was going to have, since the moment I hit send on the response to the invitation from BadBlood. I just didn't know it was going to be at that table on that night, with both BadBlood and Otis in Downtown G-Vegas. Crazy I know, but you know that feeling you get when you picture how things are all going to come together and if they don't go that way, you get a little disappointed? I pictured hoisting the dirty Martini's at the end of some bar, with ten to twelve yelling and whooping bloggers all hoisting the beverage of their choice along side. It would've been great and something along the lines of drinks I've shared with other friends along the way for certain. But I can tell you this. There was nothing disappointing at all about enjoying that drink with just the three of us there, during our Dinner conversation up the road. In fact I can't wait to do it all over again, but definitely on my tab this time!

Thanks for everything from the sushi to the laughs, the conversation to the drinks and absolutely everything else in between boy's. I can't really begin to tell you how much I appreciate everything you did.

Also during this little run down to G-Vegas, I was once again treated to the finest evidence available in the blogosphere today, that there is one undeniable fact that always remains a constant in our world.

Bloggers marry up!

Meeting Mrs. Blood was so much more than just a pleasant little surprise. It was a treat that I wish could have gone on for so much longer than it did. This meeting was the one real casualty of our six hour trip. But that will be rectified at our next get together, as I'm calling out Mrs. B. and Mrs. O. to join us for our next dinner in G-Vegas.

If you've got it in your heart to help a gal out, Mrs. Blood is also walking for an excellent cause in the near future and is fairly close to reaching her donation goal. Like I said, it's an excellent cause, (I love boobs OK!) and if someone that stops by here would care to help her out just a little, I'd be very appreciative of you support! If you're like me and you love boobs too, you can find Mrs. Bloods page HERE.

There will be more tomorrow.
I'm honestly still a little in awe of how much I was able to soak in, during just six short hours in G-Vegas!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


BadBlood said...

Like I said, you guys are crazy for driving down here, but with that said, I'm glad you did.

Thanks to you and Pebs for the fine time.

Otis said...

Glad you enjoyed yourself, sir.

Dinner was a pleasure.

See you next time.