Frantic Friday : The melting snow edition.... (NSFW)

Last night the weather in Bedrock, took a massive change for the better. Temperatures with two digits AND a + symbol in front of them, seem to be making a return to thermometers in the area. Seeing +12 C, (54 F) on my own thermometer this morning, caused me to run giddy through the cave, as I realized that I could dress in something other than a Parka and Mucklucks for the first time in quite a while. Let's face it, Bedrocks been under a minimum of a foot of snow, since about the middle of October! Even for a good Canadian boy in the country, that's an awful lot of Winter!

So on this Frantic Friday we attempt to melt a little of that snow. As we decide what to wear to work, based on the rising temperatures.

I knew it was going to be a warm one today, as I had some real issues trying to get me a little sleep in the heat of the night. The covers felt so heavy and hot, all night.

Despite that lack of sleep, I was enthused about the warming trend and decided that today, I'd have to wear something light and airy!

I wanted something that would let my skin really breathe, rather than suffocate it in all of the Winter garb of the last few months.

Now at first, I found all of this new warmth exhausting,

but I was able to keep my wits about me, and remember that I was still going to have to go in to work! That meant, I had to at least try to look professional.

I needed to appear somewhat dressy and business like but deep down inside, I just wanted to be comfy!

I know, I know! It's not usually a "guy" thing to worry this much about clothes for the day job and Riggs and Recess will tell you, I'm certainly no Fuel!

But it feels like the first day of Spring when the temperatures start to get into double digits, and snow can be seen turning into puddles at the end of the driveway. So I took the time to make the right decision! My first choice ended up being just a touch too casual, according to Peb's,

so I ended up going with old faithful! Nothing makes me any more comfortable, than roaming around in some well broken in Boots!

Now I'm all set!

It was even a great trip down to the Quarry this morning! It seems that this warming trend has made a few of the other commuting morons, sit back, relax and stay home to enjoy the day! Good on them I say! I probably should have done the same myself. But somebody has to do the grunt work around here and if I keep myself busy, the day just may fly by despite itself.

I think I'll have lunch outside and maybe even a couple of breaks out there too! It's actually so nice outside right now, I think I'll treat The Deathmobile™ to a little wash after work.

There's this spot just down the road, where the wash attendants don't leave anything behind at all.

Once they get started doing the job, it's really quite the procedure.

I hope you're all in as good a mood as I am today!

It's just amazing, what a little sun and warm air can do for a kid! I may even stop on the way home and get me a little :

Vanilla Ice Cream.

Oh come on! What were you thinking?

Silly blogger!!!!


My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Instant Tragedy said...

And I won't be leaving the studio for awhile now.

Hope you have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!


Wolfshead said...

Nice way to warm up. Forget about getting any work done here today

Riggstad said...

It's pretty bad when I look forward to fridays because of these posts.

And I don't even READ them!

Wolfshead said...

Don't feel bad Riggs. I have to forward them to a guy at work, he loves them. And it ain't Hank, he don't deserve them

The Wife said...

Lol . . . there are words in this post?

DrewFours said...

Most guys wouldn't notice the car, what with all the 'wardrobe discussion' in the way.

Of course, for Doc and my sakes it's a good thing you put that little speed demon last or we never would have noticed all the OTHER content!

VinNay said...

Hey Bam - since you'll be at Eh, Vegas this friday, instead of posting pics, can you just bring a few of these girls along with you?

I'd really appreciate it.