The band of brudders....

The feelings sometimes get difficult to describe, only because of how fast and strong they come upon me at the time. It's been a running joke for several years now, that I don't have any brothers born into my family. What I do have however are quite a few adopted brudders, I somehow manage to pick up along my random way.

This past Mastadon weekend, I was lucky enough to have run into three of those brudders.

One of those brudders is The Doc. We actually met face-to-face for the first time, back at Al's bash. The Doc was walking up the street about 50 feet or so from The Pub, when that feeling of total recognition came to me. It was as clear to me as if it was my own family member walking towards me. "I know who that is" I blurted out for the entire street to hear. Peb's told me that night, that this one moment will always be etched into her memory. Two grown men, (physically anyways!) had never apparently been happier to see one another in her opinion, and I have to concur from my perspective.

The Doc is like my little brudder. I've worried about him, worried for him and generally tried to watch out for him from afar as best I could. It's not that he needs me doing any of this, it's just that family like bond, that makes me want to have everything in his life go as perfectly for my little brudder as it can. Mess with him, you'll be messing with me too!

Like any big brudder though, I'm also so very proud of him. For long time readers here, I know you'll remember this for certain. For those of you that are fairly new here, you should read THIS and be proud of my little brudder too!

I think Peb's expression says it all in this pic, but if you need her words as well, "There's really not much better," she says, "than being the meat in a good brudder sammich!"

One of my udder brudders from a different mudder made it to Mastadonia too! One of my big brudders. The big brudder that has kept the fun in everything we do together, no matter what! I have a really hard time thinking of anyone I laugh out loud around as much, as I do with this big brudder.

I first met Falstaff in person, back at the blogger gathering in December of '07. He and his lovely wife were there, for most of the Tao of Luck episode. We also got to spend a little time together, back at Al's bash in September.

You should know I'm also really proud of this big brudder too! I can't begin to tell you how happy I was, to be able to tell him in person how cool it is that he is doing this!

The third in the series of brudders that refused to evolve for an entire weekend, was the hippie of the family. There would be far too many links to go through, if I took the time to put down some of the crap that Al and I have gone through together. But as far as brudders go, Al is the man! I'm really proud of him for several reason right now too! The fourth in a series of BBT's he's put together for our little community of rag-tag and mottled poker bloggers, should be enough on it's own I know. But I'm actually more proud of him for this little journey he is currently on. Like my udder brudder Riggs puts it, YOU ARE THE MAN!

So to the brudders that I had the chance to get together with for six hours of this past weekend, I say Cheers one more time. Thanks for being such a special part of my band of brudders!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


DrChako said...

I'm tempted to say something snarky here to cover how I'm really feeling, but I'll just put it out there on the intertubes for all to see - I love you guys like family. 'Nuf said.


The Wife said...

Those are awesome pics . . . the brudder sammich is awesome. Pebs is so lucky.

lightning36 said...

Always good reading your posts from the heart, Bam.

Memphis MOJO said...

Nice post and nice photos too !

Snuffy said...

I that a Green Bay Packers jacket?

Epic Fail!!!