I'm gonna' put the shift on....

I made the decision Friday to shift away from the 90 player NLHE MTT's for a while. I studied my stats for finishing position and found myself constantly averaging an 11th. out of the 90. An average of two spots off the cash, HAS to be considered a leak in my bigger MTT play. I then broke down all the numbers and you know what, it's no wonder I had a fishie representing me on Sharkdope. I have been making some really horriffic decisions during the short-handed final two table play. More on that later!

So I just finished #300 of the 90 player MTT's and #400 total, for all SnG's on FullTilt last Friday. Total summary that's important to me? It's cost me $0.70 per game as I stand right now, despite some good results that paid me once in a while. Despite the fact that any final table finish at the $2 and $3 levels is only a little chump change, getting that $4 to $7 for the 9th or 8th place finishes more frequently, can make a HUGE difference in your ROI for your play! I bumped my average finish up to 9th. place and took a look at the data then. WOW ! Maybe it shouldn't be such a surprise to me, but it was! It almost reversed my numbers completely, to where I would've made an average of $0.50 per game played in these things. Just for finishing two places higher on average, in a pretty small amount of games.

So what's stopping me?

Horrific decision #1 - Sit back and wait for the bubble to burst, despite the lack of play from anyone else at the table.

Horrific decision #2 - Pick a spot to steal or re-steal, stop and go or make a big move, without considering the value of my stack to my opponents.

Both of these are so inter-connected for me, when cards aren't coming my way at this critical time. The blinds are huge and the play zips along pretty fast. Waiting will do nothing but bleed the old stack dry, that's for certain. But randomly picking a spot because of what I think is the tight image I've been showing, is what's getting me into even bigger trouble at the tables. My thought process has been all about me and what "I should" look like to the others at the table.

*CLICK* goes the light switch!

Yeah I know! Everyone but me, already knows this! Believe me! I would never in a million years, try to discuss NLHE strategy with any of you, from the teachers perspective. I'm just hashing this thought process out, with my own inner demons. I've discussed it with myself and I've broken down all of the data from finishes, HH's and in particular, situations during and actual holdings, during my final table miss bust out hands.

My problem is simple! I'm really not taking advantage of the information provided to me, by those players at the table. I'm far too busy worrying about what they should be thinking of me. I'm totally being narcissistic, at a time where I should be paying more attention to others and their actions than anything else that goes on.

So Friday I started a little project. I've tried to design a program that is structered to enhance my chances of playing through the bubble, and deeper into the final table. I am going to stick with this stubbornly, until I can show myself that I actually do get what it is that I've been missing! I promise to report back on this, at a future date. Because heaven knows, my little NLHE experiments at the $1, $2 and $3 levels, must keep you all on pins and needles, waiting for he next in a series of, "why the hell does it take him so long to learn crap" reports!


For the record on Friday, I won enough in the four games to change my fishie up to nothing but "tilt" for the first time in at least four months! A second, two fourths and a fifth. Yeah, yeah, yeah.... I know! But come on.... a kid's gotta' start somewhere right?

= = = = = =

The other shift is for The Doc.

Hey brudder....... Have you seen THIS ONE yet?

Are you in line already?

More HERE !

They say it ran the Fiorano test track in 1 minute 17 seconds. UH !!!! That's seven seconds faster than an Enzo ever did it!!!!!

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


lightning36 said...

Table image doesn't seem to mean anything at the lower level buy-in levels. Even if you fold fifty hands in a row, raise and someone will reraise with nada.

The key, of course, is to acquire a huge stack so that you can abuse the bubble. Getting the stack -- that is what I need to work on.

DrChako said...

I know all about the 599 FXX. Are you kidding me?! It's a Ferrari. Whenever something new in Ferrari world comes out, a little implant in my brain goes BING!

That said, I think the thing is big and ugly. And fast. Don't forget fast.

For my money, I'll stick with the 360 (although the 430 is growing on me).


Goatlady said...

Late game play, NOTHING talks like a BIG stack. The players don't pay enough attention to label you as tight... they only think they will get lucky and consume your stack!!! You need to be very aware of the stacks around you - the big guy is always looking to snarf you up, the little guy to get bigger. Great fun late game - good luck in your musings.

Baywolfe said...

Don't leave position out of your equation. Even with a table full of idiots, like take the TuckFard for instance ;-), you still have the most information on the Button and can pick up some pots that way.

I'm trying to fold more UTG or UTG+1 and raise more on the Cutoff or Button. Maybe it works, my jury is still deliberating as well.

Memphis MOJO said...

Sounds like you are taking a serious look at your game, something we all need to do now and then. It's like a car -- you need a tuneup or oil change now and then.