Waffles Wednesday....YOU CAN OPEN IT AT WORK.!....

So despite being called out for my inability to write by Waffles, I feel I owe him some kind of apology for my, "need to put naked chick pictures on your blog."

I'm not sure exactly why I feel this need, but I'll chalk it up to his recent 40th. Birthday. That must have been pretty traumatic for him. I mean it can't be easy having your actual numerical age, start catching up to about half of your apparent physical age! I can't imagine what that must feel like! That's why I've always tried to stay a kid. Poor Waffles! I wish I could teach him the secret to staying young. I tried to work with him during our quality time together back in Vegas, but the silly bugger got smashed out of his gourd. Alcohaulin' ass can be a dangerous combination for newbies, when Al and I are around. Looking back, we probably should've adjusted the intake plan a bit for the poor little bugger.

So Waffles was worried about all of the pics on my Frantic Fridays. He says he reads this "rag" at work in the morning. I could understand how some of my pics could definitely be considered NSFW. Which by the way for any of you that may have been stuck in a game of WoW, wanking with your mage for the last couple of decades or so, happens to mean Not Safe For Work.

So what I tried to do with a little bit of way out there thinking was, apply the NSFW tag directly to each title. My little way of offering up a warning of sorts. You see Frantic Fridays may not be considered writing in some circles I guess, but they make me happy! The last time I checked, that was what this little corner of the intertubles was supposed to be all about. So sometimes I write crap about Poker, and sometimes I don't. Sometimes I worry about pissing someone off, and sometimes I don't.

Now I actually happen to know for a fact, that Waffles does indeed like the shape of a woman. Anyone who knows enough to drool that much over the very bendy CK, just has to actually get it. So he gets bonus points for excellent selection and so, I won't be the guy that goes running my mouth off calling him all ghey and crap. In this one thing alone, I'll give him his due!

So what can I do for the birthday of a WoW'oholic that likes women, but can't hold his booze? Someone that takes the time to point out to me that they "don't read that rag," but always manages to find flaw in everything I do.

I think I came up with the perfect solution! See what you think.

Today is Waffles Wednesday....

My dear friend Waffles just had a big birthday! The calender says he turned 40. That's a pretty big number if you think about it. But on Waffles, 40 looks pretty good, despite the fact that 40 only seems about half right, once you actually get to meet him. I kid!

I'm a HUGE Waffles fan. So I wanted to make him a very special present for his birthday. We all know about some of Waffles favorite things, so I thought I'd mash them all up together and create a page of women that my friend Waffles can not only really enjoy, but he can safely open the file this morning at work.

So without further adieu I give you the only WoW that actually matter today. The Women of Waffles !!

Make no mistake, Waffles likes'em young and curvy!

They do however, need to know how to take care of a man!

They should also have a kinky side. Someone that's not afraid to get jiggy with something or someone, that just might be from a different species all together.

Now the real women of his dreams, would try and carry herself with that little edge of fantasy.

She also has to be capable of protecting the little guy. Sometimes he can get himself into a whole heap of trouble, simply by opening his mouth. Sometimes there are those out there, that just don't get the Waffles experience. So we should find him someone strong :

but still sexy!

But I think that's hard to do for him, in as much as he totally prefers to add a touch of sleeze to that particular look. Just not "naked."

So with all of this criteria taken into consideration, I finally managed to find Waffles the perfect woman! It was not easy and I took great pride in leaving no 'stone' unturned for my friend.


I found her !

So here she is.............

The perfect woman !!


Too bad she's already taken!

Oh relax Waffles! I really did find the perfect girl for you.

Just remember to always eat your veggies! I hear her name is Broccoli.

Happy Birthday shit head. :p

My sincerest thanks for dropping by....


Gadzooks64 said...

"Happy Birthday shit head. :p"

Well said, sir, well said!

KenP said...

You failed to note that if he can end up at double his current age he will have reached his poker IQ. Quite the milestone.

Wolfshead said...

Nice job. You ain't the only one your Friday posts make happy, keep them up. Can't help it if some people work in stuffy workplaces.

SirFWALGMan said...

So your saying the secret of staying young is banging Pebbles? Damn man your so selfish keeping her to yourself.

I definitely need She Ra to protect me or maybe the tiger lady from Thundercats. Last Blogger gathering I went to I started shit with some jar head marines. Was a howl.

StB said...

My beef about your frantic fridays is forgetting to check it out at home. Some day I will remember and then I get to catch up on what was missed. Lucky me!

Instant Tragedy said...



"Happy Birthday Shit Head"

I can't stop laughing.

Hahahahah , yes at you waffles.


Drizztdj said...

For NSFW Waffle's pics along this train of thought...

Google: Darf Elf Hentai

Should get a few pics of questionable sanity.

I'll admit to being a MMORPG-geek as well as full discloser.

The Poker Enthusiast said...

I would rather take the chance at work and see your other pictures.